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Jun 13, 2024

New snake species with “great aggression” revealed by scientists

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The discovery process involved extensive fieldwork and the use of advanced technology. Researchers utilized high-resolution aerial photographs and an optimized artificial intelligence model to accurately map the habitat and health of trees across the region, indirectly leading to the identification of the new viper species. This method allowed the researchers to cover a vast area with unprecedented precision, enhancing their understanding of the ecosystem and its inhabitants.

One of the most intriguing aspects of the Ovophis jenkinsi is its behavior. Unlike many snakes that prefer to flee when threatened, this viper exhibits aggressive defensive tactics.

“It is usually slow-moving but shows great aggression when disturbed,” the researchers wrote. “When threatened, these snakes inflate their bodies to make themselves appear larger and strike quickly.”

Jun 13, 2024

What’s So Special About Attention? (Neural Networks)

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Find out why the multihead attention layer is showing up in all kinds of machine learning architectures. What does it do that other layers can’t?

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Jun 13, 2024

Tesla shareholders: What Elon Musk is doing is like CEO of Coca-Cola CEO starting a rival soda company and sending ingredients to it

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The lawsuit is one of the most direct challenges to Musk’s decision to start xAI, and it comes on the heels of his threat to develop AI outside of Tesla unless he is awarded more voting control over the company.

The suit was also filed just a few hours before Tesla is scheduled to host its annual…

Tesla shareholders are suing CEO Elon Musk and the company’s board over the creation of xAI, a new artificial intelligence company, as reported by TechCrunch.

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Jun 13, 2024

Flow claims it can 100x any CPU’s power with its companion chip and some elbow grease

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A Finnish startup called Flow Computing is making one of the wildest claims ever heard in silicon engineering: by adding its proprietary companion chip, any CPU can instantly double its performance, increasing to as much as 100x with software tweaks.

If it works, it could help the industry keep up with the insatiable compute demand of AI makers.

Flow is a spinout of VTT, a Finland state-backed research organization that’s a bit like a national lab. The chip technology it’s commercializing, which it has branded the Parallel Processing Unit, is the result of research performed at that lab (though VTT is an investor, the IP is owned by Flow).

Jun 13, 2024

‘Dyson spheres’ were theorized as a way to detect alien life. Scientists say they’ve found potential evidence

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O.o!!!! Woah even the news is talking about Dyson spheres now o.o

By Jacopo Prisco, CNN

(CNN) — What would be the ultimate solution to the energy problems of an advanced civilization? Renowned British American physicist Freeman Dyson theorized it would be a shell made up of mirrors or solar panels that completely surrounds a star — harnessing all the energy it produces.

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Jun 13, 2024

World’s 1st pediatric robotic brain surgery performed on Oklahoma girl

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Karleigh Fry pioneers robotic neurosurgery:

An 8-year-old girl from Oklahoma has become the world’s first pediatric patient to undergo robotic deep brain stimulation (DBS).

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Jun 13, 2024

Aging atlas reveals cell-type-specific effects of pro-longevity strategies

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This comprehensive resource offers new insights into how different types of cell and tissue change with age in C. elegans and unveils the distinctive anti-aging effects of various pro-longevity strategies in a cell-type-specific manner.

Jun 13, 2024

New method integrates quantum dots with metasurfaces for enhanced luminescence

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A study published in Nano Letters demonstrates the use of quantum dots to create metasurfaces, enabling two objects to exist in the same space.

Jun 13, 2024

Einstein Telescope could launch a new era in astronomy

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It’s still just a plan, but a new telescope could soon be measuring gravitational waves. Gravitational waves are something like the sound waves of the universe. They are created, for example, when black holes or neutron stars collide.

The future gravitational wave detector, the Einstein Telescope, will use the latest laser technology to better understand these waves and, thus, our universe. One possible location for the construction of this is the border triangle of Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Jun 13, 2024

Pair plasmas found in deep space can now be generated in the lab

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Black holes and neutron stars are among the densest known objects in the universe. Within and around these extreme astrophysical environments exist plasmas, the fourth fundamental state of matter alongside solids, liquids, and gases. Specifically, the plasmas at these extreme conditions are known as relativistic electron-positron pair plasmas because they comprise a collection of electrons and positrons—all flying around at nearly the speed of light.

While such plasmas are ubiquitous in deep space conditions, producing them in a laboratory setting has proved challenging.

Now, for the first time, an international team of scientists, including researchers from the University of Rochester’s Laboratory for Laser Energetics (LLE), has experimentally generated high-density relativistic electron-positron pair– beams by producing two to three orders of magnitude more pairs than previously reported. The team’s findings appear in Nature Communications.

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