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Mar 31, 2018

Interplanetary CubeSats Are Go!

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NASA’s latest Mars probe has a couple of very special hitchhikers.

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Mar 31, 2018

No-limits China sets its sights on AI top spot

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O n the outskirts of Beijing, a policeman peers over his glasses at a driver stopped at a motorway checkpoint. As he looks at the man’s face, a tiny camera in one of the lenses of his glasses records his features and checks them with a national database.

The artificial intelligence-powered glasses are what Chinese citizens refer to as “black tech”, because they spot delinquents on the country’s “blacklist”. Other examples include robots for crowd control, drones that hover over the country’s borders, and intelligent systems to track behaviour online. Some reports claim the government has installed scanners that can forcibly read information from smartphones.

In the last two weeks, Facebook has been mired in a privacy storm in the UK and US over potential misuse of personal data. But such an event might baffle many in China, where the country’s surveillance culture eclipses anything Facebook has done.

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Mar 31, 2018

Whisper From the First Stars Sets Off Loud Dark Matter Debate

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A surprise discovery announced a month ago suggested that the early universe looked very different than previously believed. Initial theories that the discrepancy was due to dark matter have come under fire.

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Mar 31, 2018

Your WhatsApp buddies might be spying on you with this invasive new app (Update)

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If you rely on WhatsApp to message friends and family, it’s important to know that the service lets your contacts know about when you’re available to chat, and whether you’ve read their texts.

That’s not all: Lifehacker has spotted Chatwatch, a new iOS app that uses WhatsApp’s public online/offline status feature to tell users how often their friends check the app, and estimate when they go to bed each day; it can even correlate data on two contacts you choose to guess if they’ve been talking to each other.

Yeah, there’s no need to give anyone that sort of ammo. I prefer to maintain a low profile on messaging services so I can chat and respond on my own terms, so it’s rather alarming to know that my contacts can keep tabs on me this way.

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Mar 31, 2018

Bioquark Inc. — Natural Awakenings Magazine — Ira Pastor

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Mar 31, 2018

It’s Official: A British Man Has Contracted The First Case of Untreatable ‘Super-Gonorrhea’

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It’s not a great feeling to know that you scared your doctors. Unfortunately for a man in the UK, he recently did so: he displayed a case of gonorrhea that so dramatically resisted treatment that it chilled his physicians.

That’s partially because gonorrhea isn’t the best thing to leave untreated. But another reason: this case is a harbinger of a looming crisis.

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Mar 31, 2018

This Ultra-Thin Material Can Stop Bullets

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Researchers use the world’s strongest material to create a film that can harden like a diamond upon impact.

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Mar 31, 2018

Bioquark Inc. — Hispanic MPR Podcast — Ira Pastor

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Mar 31, 2018

The Paradox of Universal Basic Income

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I was on a panel at a recent conference when the moderator asked audience and panel members what they thought of UBI. The overwhelming consensus of the 500 or so people in the room appeared to be “we’re skeptical, but should experiment.” UBI sounds like a good or not-so-good idea to different constituents because we have so little understanding of either how we would do it, or how people would react. None of us really knows what we’re talking about when it comes to UBI, akin to being in a drunken bar argument before there were smartphones and Wikipedia. But there are a few basic principles and pieces of research that can help.

Liberals and conservatives alike love—and fear—the idea of giving free money to everyone. But we have to try it anyway.

Author: Joi Ito BY

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Mar 31, 2018

Will Smith tries to make out with Sophia the robot, and it does not go well

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Will Smith tries to put the moves on Sophia the robot.

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