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Sep 15, 2015

Could we live forever? BBC News

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The Victoria Derbyshire programme’s Benjamin Zand goes on the search for immortality and meets the people who think we could live forever. This film is part of BBC’s ‘Intelligent Machines Week’.

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Sep 15, 2015

Augmented reality expert explains how AR will help humanity

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We’ve been hearing and seeing plenty about augmented reality these days — from Microsoft’s HoloLens to the mysterious Google-backed startup Magic Leap — but aside from the gee-whiz factor, its benefits can sometimes feel almost as illusory as virtual images. Gaia Dempsey, managing director of DAQRI, which makes an AR-enabled smart hard hat, offers up a strong case for why augmented reality is more than just hype. In a new video for the upcoming Future of Storytelling Summit (which also produced the stunning video of animation legend Glen Keane drawing in VR), Dempsey explains how AR could fundamentally change the way we learn and experience the world. For example, it’s one thing to be told how the mechanics of a clock works in text or video, it’s an entirely different experience to be able to manipulate a moving set of clock gears in three dimensions.

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Sep 15, 2015

This transparent solar-powered battery looks like a futuristic Tony Stark invention

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Remember Iron Man’s transparent smartphones They might become reality sooner than you think thanks to an unusual new type of battery that’s not only transparent, but it can also charge via solar power. The technology could also be used for other products in the future, such as smart office and home windows that would be able to let the sun’s light pass through them, but also recharge and store energy.

DON’T MISS: LG’s incredible new mini projector can beam a 100-inch screen from about a foot away

Developed by a team of researchers at the Kogakuin Univeristy, the lithium ion battery is not entirely transparent, as it contains the same chemical compounds that make any battery work. Furthermore, when exposed to sunlight, the battery becomes slightly tinted, transmitting 30% less light – but it’s still transparent. When fully discharged, the light transmittance rises to approximately 60 percent, TechXplore reports.

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Sep 15, 2015

Is Quantum Space-Time a Scale-Free Network Like Facebook?

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Researchers from Queen Mary University of London and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology have developed a model that applies ideas from the theory of complex networks, such as the brain or the Internet, to the fundamental quantum geometry of space-time.

The research is published in Scientific Reports with the title “Complex Quantum Network Manifolds in Dimension d > 2 are Scale-Free.” The research paper is freely available online.

“We hope that by applying our understanding of complex networks to one of the fundamental questions in physics we might be able to help explain how discrete quantum spaces emerge,” said author Ginestra Bianconi.

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Sep 15, 2015

How to Turn a Hobby Into a Career — Without Regrets

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Hobbies can run up a big bill and take up a lot of time. So why not turn your hobby into a profitable business? Plenty of reasons.

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Sep 15, 2015

Vijayanagara — The City Of Devas — ‘The Shining Ones’ — Place Where Mythology And History Coexist —

Posted by in category: futurism – It is time to visit remarkable Vijayanagara, one of the most beautiful ancient places and one of the kingdoms of the Shining Ones.

Vijayanagara is probably the most mysterious city in India, the lost land of a thousand gods, holy texts and marvellous temples.

Hampi, originally called Vijayanagara, (“City of Victory”, in Sanskrit) was once the flourishing and beautiful capital of the Vijayanagar Empire.

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Sep 15, 2015

Samsung’s first foldable smartphone could launch this January

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After showcasing its bendible technology for the last few years, Samsung’s first foldable smartphone could finally launch in January 2016.

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Sep 15, 2015

Facebook wants to put virtual reality on your phone

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Facebook FB is working on a stand-alone app that would support 360-degree—or “spherical”—video, allowing users to alter their viewing perspective with the mere tilt of their phones.

The app is still in early development, and would be available for both Apple AAPL and Android operating systems if it proves to be a go, sources close to the project told The Wall Street Journal.

Typically compiled from multiple cameras, the video format allows users to change their viewing perspective by tilting their phones, the Journal reported.

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Sep 15, 2015

Boeing rolls out R2-D2-themed 787 Dreamliner

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If there’s one thing R2-D2 knows, it’s flying. The astromech droid has provided air support for both Anakin and Luke Skywalker who know a few things about piloting.

However, the blue and white robot’s next flight will be on Earth thanks to the newly themed Boeing 787 Dreamliner made to look like the lovable Star Wars staple. Here’s hoping that the flights are more comfortable than some of R2’s space dog fights or dodgy landings on Dagobah.

Starting on October 18, Japanese carrier ANA will fly the newly minted plane between Tokyo and Vancouver before extending the service to include Munich, Paris, Seattle, Sydney and beyond. The 215-seater plane isn’t just Star Wars-y on the outside, though. In addition to featuring all six Star Wars films on the seat back screens, the cups, headsets, and napkins will also carry the theme on inside.

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Sep 15, 2015

Sex robots should be banned because they will harm humanity, say campaigners

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The Campaign Against Sex Robots

Companies should be stopped from developing sex robots with artificial intelligence for fear of harming humanity, according to campaigners.

Many engineers are looking to add artificial intelligence to sex toys and dolls in an attempt to make them more like humans, and therefore more attractive to customers. But such moves are unethical and will harm humanity, according to a new campaign.

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