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Apr 19, 2018

PERFECT Official Trailer (2018) Abbie Cornish Sci-Fi Movie HD

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A young man with a violent past enters a mysterious clinic where the patients wildly transform their bodies and minds using genetic engineering.

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Apr 19, 2018

The US Military Will Award $10 million to the Company That Can Launch Satellites on Short Notice

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I guess the anti satellite missiles and lasers are a real threat now.

The Air Force is desperate to replace larger satellites that are vulnerable to attack, and fast.

US military leaders are bullish about small satellites as tools to spy on adversaries and provide secure communications, but there’s just one problem: There isn’t a good way to get them into space, on demand.

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Apr 19, 2018

Flexible Ultrasound Patch Could Make it Easier to Inspect Damage in Odd-Shaped Structures

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Flexible devices are definitely coming of age.

Flexible devices are coming of age and this flexible ultrasound patch could just prove to be extremely useful for damage inspection at odd places.

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Apr 19, 2018

The First Black Hole Close-Up

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An Earth-sized telescope will capture the unseeable.

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Apr 19, 2018

This amateur mathematician just made an enormous “lucky” breakthrough in solving the 60-year-old Hadwiger-Nelson problem

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The breakthrough is the first time the problem’s answer has been narrowed down since last century.


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Apr 19, 2018

Health Pod Gives You a Check Up Without a Doctor

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This health pod could replace your yearly check up.

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Apr 19, 2018

UK satellite makes HD movies of Earth

Posted by in categories: entertainment, space travel

The Carbonite-2 spacecraft can resolve moving cars, lorries, boats and planes from a height of 505km.

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Apr 19, 2018

Bolt Threads Debuts New ‘Leather’ Made From Mushroom Roots

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The materials innovation startup known for its synthetic spider sillk is rolling out a second bio-material, a leather made from mycelium that can be grown in a small space with a much lower environmental impact than raising cattle.

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Apr 19, 2018

Robotic Treatment For Patients With Spinal Cord Injuries

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Robots are going to make life a lot easier for amputees and people with spinal cord injuries. Take HAL from CYBERDYNE for instance: it is robotic assistive limb that improves patients’ ability to walk. HAL uses sensors to detect signals from the patient’s body to assist with desired movement.

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Apr 19, 2018

Google AI can pick out voices in a crowd

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Humans are usually good at isolating a single voice in a crowd, but computers? Not so much — just ask anyone trying to talk to a smart speaker at a house party. Google may have a surprisingly straightforward solution, however. Its researchers have developed a deep learning system that can pick out specific voices by looking at people’s faces when they’re speaking. The team trained its neural network model to recognize individual people speaking by themselves, and then created virtual “parties” (complete with background noise) to teach the AI how to isolate multiple voices into distinct audio tracks.

The results, as you can see below, are uncanny. Even when people are clearly trying to compete with each other (such as comedians Jon Dore and Rory Scovel in the Team Coco clip above), the AI can generate a clean audio track for one person just by focusing on their face. That’s true even if the person partially obscures their face with hand gestures or a microphone.

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