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Mar 6, 2016

I’m creating telepathy technology to get brains talking

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Brain-to-brain communication is becoming a reality, says Andrea Stocco, who sees a future where minds meet to share ideas.

You are working on brain-to-brain communication. Can one person’s thoughts ever truly be experienced by another person?

Each brain is different. And while differences in anatomy are relatively easy to account for, differences in function are difficult to characterise. And then we have differences in experience – my idea of flying could be completely unlike your idea of flying, for example. When you think about flying, a bunch of associated experiences come into your mind, competing for your attention. We somehow need to strip away the individual differences to grasp the basic, shared factors.

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Mar 6, 2016

The Human Face Of Big Data

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The reach of #BigData: Connecting the world for more collaboration. With Jay Walker from TEDMED.

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Mar 6, 2016

Can You Download Knowledge Into Your Brain With Electricity?

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A cognitive neuroscientist and his team at HRL Laboratories in Malibu, California, seem to have achieved the impossible.

According to a press release, the team “measured the brain activity patterns of six commercial and military pilots, and then transmitted these patterns into novice subjects as they learned to pilot an airplane in a realistic flight simulator.”

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Mar 6, 2016

Monkeys Controlling Wheelchairs With Only Their Minds

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Researchers at Duke have developed a wireless brain interface that allows monkeys to control a robotic wheelchair using only their minds.

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Mar 6, 2016

Welcome to the future

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More Videos by Steven Jo.

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Mar 6, 2016

Scientists trying to clone extinct Ice Age cave lions using DNA from 12,000 year old remains

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The project is a joint venture by Russian and South Korean scientists at the Joint Foundation of Molecular Paleontology at North East Russia University in the city of Yakutsk. They will use one of the cubs for the cloning process whilst the other will be kept in a museum.

Remains of two lion cubs were found in Russia’s north-eastern Sakha Republic in August 2015.

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Mar 6, 2016

Chinese start-up on track to deliver artificial intelligence-on-a-chip

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He pointed out that Horizon Robotics will finish designing its first AI chip for smart home appliances by June and make it commercially available by early 2017.

Mainland Chinese start-up Horizon Robotics, founded by the former head of online search giant Baidu’s Institute of Deep Learning, claims it is on pace to bring chips with built-in artificial intelligence (AI) technology to market.

“General processors are too slow for AI functions. A dedicated chip will dramatically increase the speed of these functions,” Yu Kai, the founder and chief executive of Horizon Robotics told the South China Morning Post.

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Mar 6, 2016

Why Silence Is So Good For Your Brain

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In a loud and distracting world, finding pockets of stillness can benefit your brain and body. Here are four science-backed reasons why.

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Mar 6, 2016

The gap between SSD and hard disk prices is shrinking rapidly

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The price of SSDs is continuing to drop, and they’re becoming an ever-more tempting proposition compared to traditional spinning disks, according to a new report.

DRAMeXchange, which is a division of analyst firm TrendForce, produces a quarterly report detailing the prices PC vendors pay for SSDs, and it showed that both MLC-based and TLC-based SSDs dropped considerably in price.

MLC-based drives dropped by around 10 to 12%, and TLC-based SSD prices sank by 7 to 12% in the first quarter of 2016.

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Mar 6, 2016

Dopamine Headphones

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Prepare to feel music like you never have before…

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