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Sep 13, 2015

Why The Future Of Technology Is All Too Human

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The concept of artificial intelligence got it’s start at a conference at Dartmouth in 1956. Optimism ran high and it was believed that machines would be able to do the work of humans within 20 years. Alas, it was not to be. By the 1970’s, funding dried up and technology entered the period now known as the AI winter.

Slowly, however, progress was made. Computers became increasingly able to do human tasks, such as character recognition, making recommendations on Amazon and organizing itineraries on travel sites. We didn’t see the algorithms at work, but they were there, computing on our behalf.

So the answer to our technological dilemma is, in fact, all too human. While the past favored those who could retain and process information efficiently, the future belongs to those who can imagine a better world and work with others to make it happen.

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Sep 13, 2015

Ancient virus discovered in melting Arctic ice

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This particular giant virus won’t kill you, but climate change means that something deadly could one day emerge.

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Sep 13, 2015

A Dying Young Woman’s Hope in Cryonics and a Future

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Cancer claimed Kim Suozzi at age 23, but she chose to have her brain preserved with the dream that neuroscience might one day revive her mind.

By AMY HARMON SEPT. 12, 2015.

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Sep 13, 2015

The House just passed a bill about space mining. The future is here.

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And it gives a huge boost for the FAA. Here’s why.

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Sep 13, 2015

Physicist discovers that the reason we all live in cities is… 1.15

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There is a mathematical pattern that connects all cities across the world, transcending political and geographical boundaries, according to British scientist Geoffrey West.

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Sep 12, 2015

Automakers Will Make Automatic Braking Systems Standard in New Cars

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DETROIT — Federal regulators said on Friday that 10 automakers had agreed to install automatic braking systems, which use sensors to detect potential collisions, as standard equipment in new vehicles.

But the automakers have not set a timetable for the introduction of the systems, and regulators may still seek government rules that would require the equipment as a standard feature in all cars and trucks — just as airbags were mandated a generation ago.

Anthony Foxx, the transportation secretary, said in a prepared statement that emergency braking technology could reduce traffic deaths and injuries.

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Sep 12, 2015

Listen To The Solar System Sing With This Fantastic Simulation

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This is a seriously cool visualization of the solar system. What if you turned the planets into a sort of music box? That’s the point of Solarbeat, which turns the movement of the planets into music.

Solarbeat actually launched five years ago in 2010, but the designer Luke Twyman decided to revamp the website recently in light of the New Horizons and Dawn missions.

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Sep 12, 2015

This hand-held molecular scanner will tell you what any object is made of

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And send the results to your smartphone.

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Sep 12, 2015

This mind-controlled prosthetic robot arm lets you actually feel what it touches

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The US government said today (Sept. 11) that it’s successfully made a Luke Skywalker-like prosthetic arm that allows the wearer to actually feel things.

At a conference in July, the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) presented the achievements it’d had to date in building a robot arm that can be controlled by a human brain. A little over two months later, the agency has announced at another conference that it’s managed to update the technology to give the wearer the feeling of actually being able to sense things with the arm.

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Sep 12, 2015

The making of a working Star Wars BB-8 droid

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The making of a working Star Wars BB-8 droid.

You can now buy Star Wars’ adorable BB-8 droid and let it patrol your home.

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