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May 14, 2017

Futuristic Warfare

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Tracked Combat Vehicles

Multi-Utility Tactical Transport (MUTT)

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May 14, 2017

Okinawa, Japan

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Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, Japan

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May 14, 2017

Scientists Have Set a Limit For Quantum Entanglement — And It’s Really Freaking Powerful

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For the first time, scientists have subjected quantum entanglement to extreme levels of acceleration, and there’s nothing fragile about this “spooky action at a distance” - it’s way more robust than we thought.

In recent experiments, entangled particles held firm even while being accelerated to 30g — 30 times Earth’s acceleration — and the results could have a big impact on our search for a unified theory of modern physics.

“These experiments shall help [us] unify the theories of quantum mechanics and relativity,” says one of the team, Rupert Ursin, from the University of Vienna, Austria.

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May 14, 2017

NYU Accidentally Leaked a Top-Secret Code-Breaking Supercomputer to The Entire Internet

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Confidential details of a top-secret encryption-breaking supercomputer were left completely exposed on an unsecured computer server belonging to New York University (NYU), according to a new report.

While it’s not uncommon for even critical-level infrastructure to suffer potentially catastrophic security breaches, what makes this event different is that there was seemingly no foul-play or attempts to hack into NYU’s systems.

Instead, it looks like somebody may have just forgotten to secure their classified data properly, exposing hundreds of pages of information on a covert code-breaking machine co-administered by the Department of Defence, IBM, and NYU.

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May 14, 2017

This Israeli startup has a battery that can charge an electric car in 5 minutes

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FlashBattery promises to make charging your car a quick and easy affair.

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May 14, 2017

Vivid Vision raises $2.2 million to build VR tools to treat ‘lazy eye’

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Startup Vivid Vision said today it has raised $2.2 million in a seed round to build VR tools that could be used to treat eye problems known as “lazy eye.”

San Francisco-based Vivid Vision raised the money from SoftTech VC’s Jeff Clavier, as well as The Venture Reality Fund (The VR Fund), CRCM Ventures, SOS Ventures, Anorak Ventures, and Liquid 2 Ventures, a seed-stage venture capital firm cofounded by Hall of Fame NFL quarterback Joe Montana.

The company’s VR treatment for binocular vision disorders is now available at more than 90 clinics across the world. More than 10 percent of Americans suffer from one or more binocular vision disorders, such as amblyopia, strabismus, or convergence insufficiency. These disorders, commonly known as “lazy eye” and “crossed eyes,” can cause issues with driving and playing sports, and can even limit career choices.

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May 14, 2017

An American hedge fund is advertising for a £124k job that offers to freeze employees bodies’ when they die

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Hedge fund Numerai looks after its employees even “after their legal death.”

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May 14, 2017

This spray can turn any surface into a touchscreen

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May 14, 2017

Humans Can Now “Print” Genetic Code and Engineer Life

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Scientists’ ability to create organisms through synthetic biology is getting easier and cheaper fueling the start of a new era in biology. Synthetic biology has already lead to some innovations such as lab-grown meat, advancement in medicine, and even helping to bring back extinct species.

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May 14, 2017

A New “Tube Transport” System Could Get You From New York to Beijing in 2 Hours

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Instead of just being regional, why not go international? That’s the idea behind ET3’s tube transportation concept, which it calls the “mag-lev limo.” It would be capable of traveling from New York to Beijing in 2 hours.

Transportation of the future is being developed today: autonomous electric vehicles, flying cars, and the futuristic pods that make up the Hyperloop are just a few notable examples. There’s another idea vying to be the next generation of public transportation, and while it might look something like the Hyperloop, this tube transport company’s CEO Daryl Oster explains why it’s different:

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