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Mar 10, 2016

ARPA-E Funding Personal Climate Control Systems with Robots, Foot Coolers, and More

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Government’s other big NextGen Program “Advanced Research Projects Agency-EnergyAdvanced Research Projects Agency-Energy” (ARPA) is funding a personal climate change solution with robots, foot coolers, etc. There is one fact; US Government does love their acronyms.

Why heat or cool a whole building when you could heat or cool individual people instead?

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Mar 10, 2016

A brief look at what the man who put the @ in email started

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Another example of technology outliving it’s creator — email.

A brief history of electronic messages, from the Queen’s first email to the triumph of spam to the launch of Gmail to mobile email.

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Mar 10, 2016

Electroceuticals: The Future of Medicine

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More news from DARPA’s Electrical Rx efforts along with GSK’s own advancement.

In the future, doctors won’t treat diseases with drugs. Instead, they’ll use tiny implantable devices that communicate with our body’s electrical language.

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Mar 10, 2016

Giant step forward taken in generating optical qubits

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More large steps forward in Quantum technology with the latest chip with optical qubits.

The optical chip overcomes a number of obstacles in the development of quantum computers. A research team has demonstrated that on-chip quantum frequency combs can be used to simultaneously generate multiphoton entangled quantum bit states. It is the first chip capable of simultaneously generating multi-photon qubit states and two-photon entangled states on hundreds of frequency modes. The chip is scalable, compact, and compatible with existing technologies.

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Mar 10, 2016

Gravitational Waves Will Show The Quantum Nature Of Reality

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Now that LIGO has finally seen gravitational waves, we know that ripples in the fabric of space are real. But is gravity fundamentally a quantum force? Gravitational waves can teach us, but it’s won’t be LIGO that does it!

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Mar 10, 2016

IARPA awards $18.7 million contract to Allen Institute to reconstruct neuronal connections

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Allen Institute working with Baylor on reconstructing neuronal connections.

The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA) has awarded an $18.7 million contract to the Allen Institute for Brain Science, as part of a larger project with Baylor College of Medicine and Princeton University, to create the largest ever roadmap to understand how the function of networks in the brain’s cortex relates to the underlying connections of its individual neurons.

The project is part of the Machine Intelligence from Cortical Networks (MICrONS) program, which seeks to revolutionize machine learning by reverse-engineering the algorithms of the brain.

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Mar 10, 2016

Navy Wants to Rush Lockheed Martin’s $2.6 Billion Missile to the Front

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The bigger question to this article is “WHY?” Is there an upcoming conflict or war waiting in the wings? And if so, with who?

So what’s the holdup?

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Mar 10, 2016

Artificial intelligence you can wear on your shirt

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MyMe is a clip-on wellness and personal assistant device that receives, decodes and categorizes video and audio input (without making you look silly).

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Mar 10, 2016

Machine learning underpins data-driven AI: Una-May O’Reilly

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Another data scientist with pragmatic thinking which is badly needed today. Keeping it real with Una-May O’Reilly.

Mumbai: Una-May O’Reilly, principal research scientist at Anyscale Learning For All (ALFA) group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, has expertise in scalable machine learning, evolutionary algorithms, and frameworks for large-scale, automated knowledge mining, prediction and analytics. O’Reilly is one of the keynote speakers at the two-day EmTech India 2016 event, to be held in New Delhi on 18 March.

In an email interview, she spoke, among other things, about how machine learning underpins data-driven artificial intelligence (AI), giving the ability to predict complex events from predictive cues within streams of data. Edited excerpts:

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Mar 10, 2016

Why You Want Your Drone to Have Emotions

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I like this article; why? Because if I plan to make any investment into a robot that is my personal assistant, or housekeeper, or caregiver, etc. I want to ensure that they fit my own needs as a person. Many of us have taken some sort of a personality profile for work; interview for jobs where you were reviewed to be a “fit” culturaly, etc. as well as met people 1st before you hired them. So, why should be any different from the so called “humnoid robots?” And, this should be intriguing for some of us where only 6% of your gender thinks and processes information like you do.

Emotional behaviors can make your drone seem like it’s an adventurer, anti-social, or maybe just exhausted.

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