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Dec 22, 2017

She Prints Her Clothes!

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Danit is the coolest!

9 months of hard work and a below average grade at school didn’t stop her from taking the world by storm with her 3D clothing line!

Follow her story at: Danit Peleg!

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Dec 22, 2017

Tissue Nano-Transfection

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Dec 22, 2017

In vivo Therapeutic Reprogramming in Regenerative Medicine

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Dec 22, 2017

Electronically-smooth ‘3D graphene’: A bright future for trisodium bismuthide

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Researchers have found that the topological material trisodium bismuthide (Na3Bi) can be manufactured to be as ‘electronically smooth’ as the highest-quality graphene-based alternative, while maintaining graphene’s high electron mobility.

Na3Bi is a Topological Dirac Semimetal (TDS), considered a 3D equivalent of in that it shows the same extraordinarily high electron mobility.

In graphene, as in a TDS, electrons move at constant velocity, independent of their energy.

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Dec 22, 2017

DARPA Subterranean Challenge

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Underground settings are becoming increasingly relevant to global security and safety. Rising populations and urbanization are requiring military and civilian first responders to perform their duties below ground in human-made tunnels, underground urban spaces, and natural cave networks. Recognizing that innovative, enhanced technologies could accelerate development of critical lifesaving capabilities, DARPA today announced its newest Grand Challenge: the DARPA Subterranean Challenge, or SubT for short.

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Dec 22, 2017

New lensless camera creates detailed 3D images without scanning

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Researchers have developed an easy-to-build camera that produces 3D images from a single 2D image without any lenses. In an initial application of the technology, the researchers plan to use the new camera, which they call DiffuserCam, to watch microscopic neuron activity in living mice without a microscope. Ultimately, it could prove useful for a wide range of applications involving 3D capture.

The camera is compact and inexpensive to construct because it consists of only a diffuser — essentially a bumpy piece of plastic — placed on top of an image sensor. Although the hardware is simple, the software it uses to reconstruct high resolution 3D is very complex.

“The DiffuserCam can, in a single shot, capture 3D information in a large volume with high resolution,” said the research team leader Laura Waller, University of California, Berkeley. “We think the camera could be useful for self-driving cars, where the 3D information can offer a sense of scale, or it could be used with machine learning algorithms to perform face detection, track people or automatically classify objects.”

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Dec 22, 2017

The Las Vegas Resort Using Microwaves to Keep Guns Out of its Casino

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The technology uses a discreet microwave radar system to scan people for guns, knives, and bombs—without forcing them to walk through metal detectors.

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Dec 22, 2017

SPEX Instrument Maiden Flight Aboard NASA ER-2

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Climate Change Research: our team came up with this concept — This team tested an instrument that gathers key data about aerosols—small, solid or liquid particles suspended in the Earth’s atmosphere—to better to assess their effects on weather, climate and air quality.

We recently put an instrument to the test that gathers key data about aerosols—small, solid or liquid particles suspended in the Earth’s atmosphere—to better to assess their effects on weather, climate and air quality. See what happened:

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Dec 22, 2017

First Image of Elon Musk’s Tesla Roadster getting ready to go to Mars on a SpaceX rocket

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There have been a lot of doubts and confusion around Elon Musk’s claim that the first payload of SpaceX’s new Falcon Heavy will be his own original Tesla Roadster.

But now it looks more real than ever as we get to see the first image of the electric vehicle being turned into a payload.

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Dec 21, 2017

Bioquark Inc. — Beyond Confidence — Biotechnology and Human Health

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