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Apr 22, 2024

NVIDIA To Collaborate With Japan On Their Cutting-Edge ABCI-Q Quantum Supercomputer

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NVIDIA is all set to aid Japan in building the nation’s hybrid quantum supercomputer, fueled by the immense power of its HPC & AI GPUs.

Japan To Rapidly Progressing In Quantum and AI Computing Segments Through Large-Scale Developments With The Help of NVIDIA’s AI & HPC Infrastructure

Nikkei Asia reports that the National Institute of Advanced Industrial and Technology (AIST), Japan, is building a quantum supercomputer to excel in this particular segment for prospects. The new project is called ABCI-Q & will be entirely powered by NVIDIA’s accelerated & quantum computing platforms, hinting towards high-performance and efficiency results out of the system. The Japanese supercomputer will be built in collaboration with Fujitsu as well.

Apr 22, 2024

Discovery of How to Limit Asthma Attack Damage could Stop Disease

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Scientists at King’s College London have discovered a new cause for asthma that sparks hope for treatment that could prevent the life-threatening disease.

Most current asthma treatments stem from the idea that it is an inflammatory disease. Yet, the life-threatening feature of asthma is the attack or the constriction of airways, making breathing difficult. The new study, published in Science, shows for the first time that many features of an asthma attack—inflammation, mucus secretion, and damage to the airway barrier that prevents infections—result from this mechanical constriction in a mouse model.

The findings suggest that blocking a process that normally causes epithelial cell death could prevent the damage, inflammation, and mucus that result from an asthma attack.

Apr 22, 2024

Cancer Breakthrough Found to Boost Immune Cells Without Harmful Side-Effects By Directing Protein Cytokines

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I found this on NewsBreak:

Apr 22, 2024

If photons have mass, could they explain dark matter?

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Our Universe requires dark matter in order to make sense of things, astrophysically. Could massive photons do the trick?

Apr 22, 2024

America used to have its own lions. Where did they go?

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Gigantic lions prowled North America for tens of thousands of years before going extinct. Where did they go?

Apr 22, 2024

Paper page — AutoCrawler: A Progressive Understanding Web Agent for Web Crawler Generation

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A progressive understanding web agent for web crawler generation.

Web automation is a significant technique that accomplishes complicated web tasks by automating common web actions, enhancing operational efficiency, and reducing the need for…

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Apr 22, 2024

Scientists Working to Explain “Superstructures” on Ocean Floor

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Scientists may have figured out how a massive “superstructure” of igneous rock lurking below the surface of the Pacific Ocean was formed.

Apr 22, 2024

Gravity Wave Signals are being Analyzed to Detect Gravitational Memory Effect

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An Ongoing Meta-analysis of Gravitational Wave Signals may soon Prove that Space Remembers: permanent memory imprints in spacetime may soon be detected, which will be a validation of Nassim Haramein and our research team’s prediction that space has the property of memory, in which we described how the informational imprint of memory in space is what holographically generates time—that is to say that 4D spacetime is a hologram of a 3D voxel information network—as well as ordering properties underlying dynamics of organized matter. The gravitational wave memory effect is a prediction of general relativity, and physicists have devised a test of this interesting spacememory effect via a meta-analysis of gravitational wave detector data. The presence of memory effects in gravitational wave signals not only provides the chance to test an important aspect of general relativity, but also represents a potentially non-negligible contribution to the waveform for certain gravitational wave events. As well, memory properties of space will have far-reaching implications, from probing theories of quantum gravity and unified physics to potential applications in telecommunications technologies.

Apr 22, 2024

Tesla leaks new Model 3 Performance ‘Ludicrous’ details

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Tesla has leaked some details about its elusive new Model 3 Performance ‘Ludicrous’, which is expected to launch any day.

The new Model 3 Performance, which could be named ‘Ludicrous’ based on the badges seen on some prototypes, has been expected to launch any day for over a month.

It was confirmed that the automaker was planning a new performance version of the Model 3 Highland with new badges showing up in the updated Tesla parts catalog.

Apr 22, 2024

Unlocking the value of connected infrastructure for EVs

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The Automotive in the Software-Driven Era community, part of the DRIVE-A initiative, has identified six key actions crucial for unlocking the full potential of smart road transport infrastructure and, with that, for reaping the potential benefits of the software-defined-vehicle ecosystem. These six actions are based on three principles, collaboration, innovation and efficiency:

Advancing smart infrastructure requires a collaborative effort among involved players. Figure 2, below, provides a collaboration framework and key collaborative areas. Public-private partnerships help build a robust, cohesive and inclusive smart infrastructure network.

Paul Farrell, EVP and Chief Strategy Officer of BorgWarner highlights some of the challenges and importance of such collaborations: “Collaboration around the infrastructure is very complex and multidisciplinary. It involves questions about who owns the data, who supplies the hardware, who installs it and who integrates it into holistic solutions. Yet, it is key to, for example, advance the EV charging infrastructure that the transition to electrification requires.”

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