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Jun 8, 2023

The Y Chromosome Is Vanishing. A New Sex Gene Could Be The Future of Men

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The sex of human and other mammal babies is decided by a male-determining gene on the Y chromosome. But the human Y chromosome is degenerating and may disappear in a few million years, leading to our extinction unless we evolve a new sex gene.

The good news is two branches of rodents have already lost their Y chromosome and have lived to tell the tale.

A recent paper in Proceedings of the National Academy of Science shows how the spiny rat has evolved a new male-determining gene.

Jun 8, 2023

First-ever experiment proves light travels in both space and time

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Physicists have achieved a significant milestone in the world of quantum physics by recreating the famous double-slit experiment in time.

Jun 8, 2023

ChatGPT creates mutating malware that evades detection

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A polymorphic defense and a hyperintelligence that could always adapt to rapid malware changes would be need much like sending The Vision from Ironman seemed to counter the ultron threat. Another scenario is that we could have chat gpt defensive anti-virus that could be local like we have today. The dark side to this AI still is a chaos chat gpt where it always changing not just polymorphic but changing in all ways but still an AI cyberdefense would make this threat lower.

Mutating, or polymorphic, malware can be built using the ChatGPT API at runtime to effect advanced attacks that can evade endpoint detections and response (EDR) applications.

Jun 8, 2023

Meet Chaos-GPT: An AI Tool That Seeks to Destroy Humanity

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Basically I have talked about how chaos gpt poses a great threat to current cyberdefenses and it still does but there is great promise of a god like AI that can a powerful force of good. This could also become a greater AI arms race that would need even more security measures like an AI god that can counter state level or country level threats. I do think this threat would come regardless when we try to reach agi but chat gpt also shows much more promising results as it could be used a god like AI with coders using it aswell as AI coders.

Chaos-GPT, an autonomous implementation of ChatGPT, has been unveiled, and its objectives are as terrifying as they are well-structured.

Jun 8, 2023

Google Creates Artificial Intelligence (AI) That Can Act Like God

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Yay 😗😁😘 Year 2021

Google makes AI that is considered to be a threat to mankind.

Jun 8, 2023

A Generative AI Upped Worker Productivity and Satisfaction—and the Lowest-Skilled Benefited Most

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Perhaps not surprisingly, the AI was the most helpful for the least-skilled workers and those who had been with the company for the shortest time. Meanwhile, the highest-skilled and most experienced agents didn’t benefit much from using the AI. This makes sense, since the tool was trained on conversations from these workers; they already know what they’re doing.

“High-skilled workers may have less to gain from AI assistance precisely because AI recommendations capture the knowledge embodied in their own behaviors,” said study author Erik Brynjolfsson, director of the Stanford Digital Economy Lab.

The AI enabled employees with only two months of experience to perform as well as those who’d been in their roles for six months. That’s some serious skill acceleration. But is it “cheating”? Are the employees using the AI skipping over valuable first-hand training, missing out on learning by doing? Would their skills grind to a halt if the AI were taken away, since they’ve been repeating its suggestions rather than thinking through responses on their own?

Jun 8, 2023

AI and humans collaborate on first ChatGPT-designed robot

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Is there anything ChatGPT can’t do? Yes, of course, but the list appears to be getting smaller and smaller. Now, researchers have used the large language model to help them design and construct a tomato-picking robot.

Large language models (LLMs) can process and internalize huge amounts of text data, using this information to answer questions. OpenAI’s ChatGPT is one such LLM.

In a new case study, researchers from the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) enlisted the help of ChatGPT-3 to design and construct a robot, which might seem strange considering that ChatGPT is a language model.

Jun 8, 2023

Quantum simulation of Hawking radiation and curved spacetime with a superconducting on-chip black hole

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Recently, the theory of Hawking radiation of a black hole has been tested in several analogue platforms. Shi et al. report a fermionic-lattice model realization of an analogue black hole using a chain of superconducting transmon qubits with tuneable couplers and show the stimulated Hawking radiation.

Jun 8, 2023

Eat Right And You Could Live Longer

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Eating nutritious food has been shown time and time again to help improve metabolic health and delay aging. But what the appropriate quantities of these dietary macronutrients are has received somewhat varying results.

To investigate what they might be researchers from Waseda University fed isocaloric diets with varying amounts of protein to mice, and their findings are published in GeroScience. According to the researchers, the animals were found to be metabolically healthier when they were fed moderate protein diets, and these findings could provide insight into developing nutritional interventions as well as to improving metabolic health in people.

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Jun 8, 2023

CERN physicists meet in London to plot future collider plans

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Hundreds of physicists met in London this week for the ninth Future Circular Collider (FCC) Conferen.

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