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Apr 23, 2024

The big quantum chill: Scientists modify common lab refrigerator to cool faster with less energy

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By modifying a refrigerator commonly used in both research and industry, researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have drastically reduced the time and energy required to cool materials to within a few degrees above absolute zero.

Apr 23, 2024

Record electron temperatures for a small-scale, sheared-flow-stabilized Z-pinch fusion device achieved

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In the nine decades since humans first produced fusion reactions, only a few fusion technologies have demonstrated the ability to make a thermal fusion plasma with electron temperatures hotter than 10 million degrees Celsius, roughly the temperature of the core of the sun. Zap Energy’s unique approach, known as a sheared-flow-stabilized Z pinch, has now joined those rarefied ranks, far exceeding this plasma temperature milestone in a device that is a fraction of the scale of other fusion systems.

Apr 23, 2024

Novel method could explore gluon saturation at the future electron-ion collider

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The U.S. nuclear physics community is preparing to build the electron–ion collider (EIC), a flagship facility for probing the properties of matter and the strong nuclear force that holds matter together. The EIC will allow scientists to study how nucleons (protons and neutrons) arise from the complex interactions of quarks and gluons.

Apr 23, 2024

Oxford shuts down institute run by Elon Musk-backed philosopher

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Meanwhile, Bostrom’s email from the 1990s resurfaced last year and resulted in him issuing a statement repudiating his racist remarks and clarifying his views on subjects such as eugenics. Some of his answers – “Do I support eugenics? No, not as the term is commonly understood” – led to further criticism from fellow academics that he was being evasive.

The university launched an investigation into Bostrom’s conduct following the discovery of his racist email, while other major effective altruism groups distanced themselves from him.

“We unequivocally condemn Nick Bostrom’s recklessly flawed and reprehensible words,” the Centre for Effective Altruism, which was founded by fellow Oxford philosophers and financially backed by Bankman-Fried, said in a statement at the time.

Apr 23, 2024

A Multimodal Automated Interpretability Agent

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From MIT A Multimodal Automated Interpretability Agent This paper describes MAIA, a Multimodal Automated Interpretability Agent.

Join the discussion on this paper page.

Apr 23, 2024

Brain neurons re-entering the cell cycle age quickly and shift to senescence, particularly in neurodegenerative disease

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Post-mitotic neurons in the brain that re-enter the cell cycle quickly succumb to senescence, and this re-entry is more common in Alzheimer’s disease, according to a new study published April 9 in the open-access journal PLOS Biology by Kim Hai-Man Chow and colleagues at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

The phenomenon may provide an opportunity to learn more about the neurodegeneration process, and the technique used to make this discovery is readily applicable to other inquiries about unique populations of cells in the brain.

Most neurons in the brain are post-mitotic, meaning they have ceased to divide. For many years, it had been assumed that this post-mitotic state was permanent. Recent discoveries have shown that a small proportion of neurons re-enter the cell cycle, but little is known about their fate after they do.

Apr 23, 2024

Meta wants to be the Microsoft of headsets

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It’s like PC versus the Mac all over again.

Apr 23, 2024

Amazon ends California drone deliveries

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Amazon confirmed it is ending Prime Air drone delivery operations in Lockeford, California. The Central California town of 3,500 was the company’s second U.S. drone delivery site, after College Station, Texas. Operations were announced in June 2022.

The retail giant is not offering details around the setback, only noting, “We’ll offer all current employees opportunities at other sites, and will continue to serve customers in Lockeford with other delivery methods. We want to thank the community for all their support and feedback over the past few years.”

College Station deliveries will continue, along with a forthcoming site in Tolleson, Arizona set to kick off deliveries later this year. Tolleson, a city of just over 7,000, is located in Maricopa County, in the western portion of the Phoenix metropolitan area.

Apr 23, 2024

Navigating The Generative AI Divide: Open-Source Vs. Closed-Source Solutions

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If you’re considering how your organization can use this revolutionary technology, one of the choices that have to be made is whether to go with open-source or closed-source (proprietary) tools, models and algorithms.

Why is this decision important? Well, each option offers advantages and disadvantages when it comes to customization, scalability, support and security.

In this article, we’ll explore the key differences as well as the pros and cons of each approach, as well as explain the factors that need to be considered when deciding which is right for your organization.

Apr 23, 2024

Japan’s mini space-based solar power plant to beam energy home by 2025

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The mission is part of a project called OHISAMA (Japanese for Sun), which is on track for launch in 2025.

Japan is gearing up to test its space-based solar power station next year.

An adviser from Japan Space Systems, Koichi Ijichi, shared details about the plans of the mini space-based solar power plant.

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