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Jun 27, 2019

Are mushrooms from outer space?

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By Scott Mechura EBS Food Columnist

It isn’t a fruit or vegetable, it isn’t a fiber, and it certainly isn’t a protein. Then what is a mushroom?

Other than the mouthwatering anticipation with which chefs and foragers harvest morels or golden chanterelles from the Gallatin Valley each year, or prized truffles from France or Italy, most of us don’t often give the mushroom the same attention as local beef, trout, or fresh produce.

Jun 27, 2019

NASA Identifies What Kind of Fungi Could Grow in a Mars Habitat

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Wherever there are people, the party is sure to follow. Well, a party of microbes, at least. That is what scientists at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory have found after a 30-day microbial observation of the inflatable lunar/Mars analog habitat (IMAH).

What is an “analog habitat?” For NASA, analogs are experiments and processes that are developed and tested on the ground in the confines of special laboratories on Earth. Because of the danger, distance, and expense of space flight, it makes good sense to test out conditions that space travelers will face — before they ever launch.

For NASA, there are five different space stresses evaluated in analog missions. These stresses are the subject of analog missions that often make use of a carefully designed habitat to replicate space conditions. These five challenges are:

Jun 27, 2019

Chaga mushrooms: Benefits, tips, and risks

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What are chaga mushrooms and what are their potential health benefits? How are chaga mushrooms used and what are the possible risks?

Jun 27, 2019

Pig-Pen effect: Mixing skin oil and ozone can produce a personal pollution cloud

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When ozone and skin oils meet, the resulting reaction may help remove ozone from an indoor environment, but it can also produce a personal cloud of pollutants that affects indoor air quality, according to a team of researchers.

In a computer model of indoor environments, the researchers show that a range of volatile and semi-volatile gases and substances are produced when , a form of oxygen that can be toxic, reacts with skin oils carried by soiled clothes, a reaction that some researchers have likened to the less-than-tidy Peanuts comic strip character.

“When the ozone is depleted through , we become the generator of the primary products, which can cause sensory irritations,” said Donghyun Rim, assistant professor of architectural engineering and an Institute for CyberScience associate, Penn State. “Some people call this higher concentration of pollutants around the human body the personal cloud, or we call it the ”Pig-Pen Effect.””.

Jun 27, 2019

Scientists stumbled upon a plastic-eating bacterium—then accidentally made it stronger

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We’re slowly suffocating a lot of natural ecologies with our trash. Fish, birds, and other animals all unwittingly consume the five trillion tons of plastic (and counting) strewn about the ocean, and doing so can kill them.

Jun 27, 2019

The Immortal Jellyfish

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Society has long misunderstood these spineless swimmers. Now they could unlock the keys to regeneration.

Jun 27, 2019

Man’s Emotional Support Alligator Loves To Give Hugs

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He’s a rescue and his name is Wally.

Jun 27, 2019

US generates more electricity from renewables than coal for first time ever

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In April, clean energy provided 23% of America’s electricity compared to coal’s 20% – the first time coal has been surpassed by renewable sources.

Jun 27, 2019

Global Cold Plasma Market Analysis 2019 Miller’s Total Comfort, Atmospheric plasma technology, Air Oasis, Lenntech, ECOAIR, GPS

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The “Cold Plasma” market report offers a thought with perspective by the improved information related to Cold Plasma market. The Cold Plasma market report gives a broad platform offering different gateways for different associations, firms, collaborations, and new startups. This Cold Plasma report also incorporates approved estimations to build up a superior comprehension of the associations. The Cold Plasma market reports give the point to point data about the definitively settled Cold Plasma market players Miller’s Total Comfort, Atmospheric plasma technology, Air Oasis, Lenntech, ECOAIR, GPS, Primozone, Terraplasma, Plasma Air, Plasma Technology Systems near to the present relationship in the market concerning the business, open market momentum, products, services, and the organization.

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The Cold Plasma market report examines the market division {Cold Plasma air purification equipment, Cold Plasma Water purification equipment, Others}; {Air purification, Water purification, Others} concerning the product and association type, end-customer applications, and market plans. The Cold Plasma market report gives the real headway segments and separate territories that strikingly sway the market improvement outlined out information about the diverse conditions of the Cold Plasma market altogether. The Cold Plasma market report besides unites an assessed effect of government’s principles and plans over the market. The Cold Plasma market report includes different demonstrative philosophies, for example, SWOT examination to get the data with respect to the estimates budget vulnerabilities identified with the surge of the market, which relies upon the present information.

Jun 27, 2019

A Breakthrough in the Mystery of Why Women Get So Many Autoimmune Diseases

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Evolution might have played a trick on women’s immune systems.