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Jan 3, 2019

Cancer breath testing moves into large clinical trials

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A clinical trial is launching in the UK to test a new Breath Biopsy technology with the goal of finding molecular biomarkers in breath samples that can be used to diagnose a variety of different cancers.

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Jan 3, 2019

Physicists uncover new competing state of matter in superconducting material

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A team of experimentalists at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Ames Laboratory and theoreticians at University of Alabama Birmingham discovered a remarkably long-lived new state of matter in an iron pnictide superconductor, which reveals a laser-induced formation of collective behaviors that compete with superconductivity.

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Jan 3, 2019

Intriguing new study finds molecular target to slow aging in worm neurons

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Researchers at the University of Michigan have found a molecule that may be a potential target in new treatments to slow aging (Credit: ktsdesign/Depositphotos)

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Jan 3, 2019

OK Google, can I live forever? Secret Calico lab where tech giant’s aim is to conquer death

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Drive an hour north of Google’s headquarters up to Oyster Point, south San Francisco, and you will find the office of Calico Labs. The steel and glass building has none of the showmanship of its sister company, with its colourful, attention-grabbing Googleplex campus.

Its name is an acronym for “California Life Company” but its lifeless exterior makes it easy to imagine it being named after another Calico – an abandoned mining town further down the Pacific Coast. The company, a division of Google’s parent company Alphabet, is now five years old, but its operations remain highly secretive.

Jan 2, 2019

Will Mimicking The Nervous System Advance Artificial Intelligence?

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Frequently reported advances in artificial intelligence make some people curious, and others nervous. While some people picture their next smart appliance purchase being an AI robot, others wonder if an AI robot will take their job. The truth is, neither of those scenarios will be a reality anytime soon.

There’s a misunderstanding about artificial intelligence (AI), and it’s a big deal. True AI doesn’t exist yet, and it’s not a likely near future, either. Despite analysis of science fiction movies and scientific reports that claim otherwise.

People get excited when new breakthroughs in machine learning are publicized, like the CNBC interview with a robot named Sophia. Sophia’s ability to answer the interviewer’s questions and stay on point is jaw-dropping for many. The truth is, Sophia isn’t any closer to true AI than the last robot. She’s programmed to provide better responses, and her lifelike appearance makes her impressive, but even Sophia isn’t demonstrating true AI. She’s not autonomous, and can’t make her own decisions.

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Jan 2, 2019

China lunar rover successfully touches down on far side of the moon, state media announces

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China has become the first nation in history to land a spacecraft on the far side of the moon, state media announced on Thursday.

Thursday’s official televised announcement that the probe had landed came approximately an hour after state media outlets China Daily and China Global Television Network (CGTN) deleted posts on social media proclaiming the mission a success, sparking widespread confusion as to whether the probe had in fact had made touchdown.

No explanation was given as to why the earlier tweets were deleted. On social media, observers speculated as to the cause of the apparent backtracking, with many wondering if the mission had experienced a temporary upset, or whether it was a simple case of state media jumping the gun ahead of the official announcement.

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Jan 2, 2019

New Real Time CGI from Epic Games

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This new real-time CGI technology is unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

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Jan 2, 2019

How to build a brain interface — and why we should connect our minds

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The definitive guide to making the Neural Lace a reality.

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Jan 2, 2019

Controlling neurons with light—but without wires or batteries

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University of Arizona biomedical engineering professor Philipp Gutruf is first author on the paper Fully implantable, optoelectronic systems for battery-free, multimodal operation in neuroscience research, published in Nature Electronics.

Optogenetics is a biological technique that uses light to turn specific neuron groups in the on or off. For example, researchers might use to restore movement in case of paralysis or, in the future, to turn off the areas of the brain or spine that cause pain, eliminating the need for—and the increasing dependence on—opioids and other painkillers.

“We’re making these tools to understand how different parts of the brain work,” Gutruf said. “The advantage with optogenetics is that you have cell specificity: You can target specific groups of neurons and investigate their function and relation in the context of the whole brain.”

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Jan 2, 2019

Nvidia’s fabulous fakes unpack the black box of AI

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Innovating in the technology of “adversarial” neural networks, Nvidia researchers create some amazing fake headshots and also get a better glimpse of the inner workings of AI’s “black box” functions.

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