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Jul 1, 2019

Sochy od

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Jul 1, 2019

We Can Now Harvest Electricity From Earth’s Heat Using Quantum Tunnelling

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Researchers have come up with a way we could harvest energy from Earth by turning excess infrared radiation and waste heat into electricity we can use.

The concept involves the strange physics of quantum tunnelling, and key to the idea is a specially designed antenna that can detect waste or infrared heat as high-frequency electromagnetic waves, transforming these quadrillionth-of-a-second wave signals into a direct charge.

There’s actually a lot of energy going to waste here on Earth – most sunlight that hits the planet gets sucked up by surfaces, the oceans, and our atmosphere.

Jul 1, 2019

Harvesting energy from electromagnetic waves

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Circa 2015

For our modern, technologically-advanced society, in which technology has become the solution to a myriad of challenges, energy is critical not only for growth but also, more importantly, survival. The sun is an abundant and practically infinite source of energy, so researchers around the world are racing to create novel approaches to “harvest” clean energy from the sun or transfer that energy to other sources.

This week in the journal Applied Physics Letters, from AIP Publishing, researchers from the University of Waterloo in Canada report a novel design for harvesting based on the “full absorption concept.” This involves the use of metamaterials that can be tailored to produce media that neither reflects nor transmits any power—enabling full absorption of incident waves at a specific range of frequencies and polarizations.

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Jul 1, 2019

You can win this Tesla-powered old-school VW Bug

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One of the coolest electric conversions we have ever seen, an old-school VW Bug powered by Tesla batteries, is being given away for a good cause.

Zelectric, a California-based company specializing in electric conversion, has equipped a 1958 VW Bug with their conversion kit, including an electric motor and Tesla battery modules.

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Jul 1, 2019

Focus: Electric Power from the Earth’s Magnetic Field

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A loophole in a result from classical electromagnetism could allow a simple device on the Earth’s surface to generate a tiny electric current from the planet’s magnetic field.

It might seem that classical electromagnetic theory would hold few surprises, but two researchers argue that one aspect of received wisdom is wrong. They show theoretically that a device, sitting passively on the Earth’s surface, can generate an electric current through its interaction with the Earth’s magnetic field. The power from the proposed device would be measured in nanowatts, but might, in principle, be scaled up.

A century-old experiment showed that if any electromagnet with cylindrical symmetry (the symmetry of a bar magnet) rotates about its long axis, its magnetic field does not rotate [1]. There is a component of the Earth’s magnetic field that is symmetric around the rotation axis (which is not aligned with the magnetic poles), so according to this old principle, the axisymmetric component does not rotate. Any stationary object on the Earth’s surface sweeps through this component of the field, which is constant at any given latitude.

Jul 1, 2019

Nikola Tesla U.S. Patent 512,340

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Jul 1, 2019

Generating electricity from the earth

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A system for generating electricity from the geomagnetic field and rotation of the earth is presented. The earth rotates through the geomagnetic field to form a potential difference between first and second terrestrial charged bodies. The first and second charged bodies are spaced apart in a direction substantially normal to the earth’s surface. The system comprises an electrical load, a first current path, and a second current path. The electrical load has a supply input and a ground output. The first current path is coupled to the first charged body and to the supply input of the electrical load, for supplying the potential difference to the electrical load. The second current path is coupled to the ground output of the electrical load and to the second charged body. As a result of this arrangement, an electric current related to the potential difference is generated in the electrical load.

Jul 1, 2019

Tesla’s Fuelless Generator

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Entitled “The Problem of Increasing Human Energy — With Special References to The Harnessing of The Sun’s Energy”, it was published by his friend Robert Johnson in The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine for June 1900 soon after Tesla returned from Colorado Springs where he had carried out an intensive series of experiments from June 1899 until January of 1900.

The exact title of the chapter where he discusses this device is worth giving in its entirety:

Jul 1, 2019

Astronomers Have Analysed Claims ‘Oumuamua’s an Alien Ship, And It’s Not Looking Good

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Interstellar object ‘Oumuamua — that strange, cigar-shaped chunk of rock from somewhere a vast distance beyond the Solar System — is, new research has concluded, absolutely, positively not an alien spaceship.

OK, well, probably not. We can’t tell for sure without closely examining the thing, and it’s passed beyond our reach now. But, after carefully reviewing all our observations of the object, the international team of ‘Oumuamua scientists has concluded that everything we know about it is consistent with a natural origin.

We already mostly knew this. But a paper last year from Harvard astrophysics enfant terrible Avi Loeb briefly suggested the possibility that the rock was an alien probe. It was like a spark to dry tinder, honestly, and other scientists have been running around with buckets ever since.

Jul 1, 2019

World’s First “Quantum Drone” for Impenetrable Air-to-Ground Data Links Takes Off

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Chinese researchers are developing an airborne quantum communications network with drones as nodes.