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Jul 21, 2019

The Futurist New Deal For America

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An introduction to by Johannon Ben Zion candidate for President of the US Transhumanist Party.

US Transhumanist Party candidate for President, Johannon Ben Zion has a futurist new deal for America. This concept stoked my interest when I was listening to the debate between all of the US Transhumanist Party candidates. I wanted more information on this concept and Johannon Ben Zion was kind enough to forward this information to me.

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Jul 21, 2019

Who owns the Moon? | The Economist

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50 years after the first Moon landing, humanity is getting ready to go back. Countries and companies are planning dozens of lunar missions—for research, for resources and even for tourism, which begs the question: who, if anyone, owns the Moon?

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Jul 21, 2019

How an authoritarian regime will intercept all internet traffic inside its country

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How dictators work in the 21st century.

The new president of Kazakhstan is now proving that he will keep the old, oppressive systems alive for the 21st century, using advanced technical tools.

The man in the middle: Beginning last week, Kazakhstan’s government is intercepting all HTTPS traffic inside the country, ZDNet reports. HTTPS is a protocol meant to offer encryption, security, and privacy to users, but now the nation’s internet service providers are forcing all users to install certificates that enable pervasive interception and surveillance.

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Jul 20, 2019

This Cute Robot Uses Sophisticated AI to Help Teach Kids

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Infusions of artificial intelligence (AI) are making robots smart, social, and capable of interacting with people of all ages in a variety of settings.

Jul 20, 2019

This sustainable way of growing rice produces bumper harvests

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African farmers earned 41% more when using this method.

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Jul 20, 2019

Over 8,400 NASA Apollo moon mission photos just landed online, in high-resolution

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Jul 20, 2019

Taking the sting out: Australian gene editing is crossing the pain threshold

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A Sydney team has developed a box jellyfish antidote so simple it can go on as a spray. But it’s only the first step.

Jul 20, 2019

What if you were immune to chronic pain?

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Our current approach to treating chronic pain is drug-based, but a vaccine-based approach can cut addiction out of the equation. In this video, Big Think contributor Lou Reese, co-founder of United Neuroscience, explains how soon we may soon be able to vaccinate people, en masse, against pain!

Jul 20, 2019

How to Build An AntiGravity Engine

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For those interested, I just published “How to Build an AntiGravity Engine” on Gizmodo’s blog.…3639207246

Jul 20, 2019

Future moon missions probably won’t carry astronauts

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Unlike the Apollo missions, the new era of moon exploration might be about mining, tourism or art. The reason we pick to return will define the moon’s future.