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Nov 16, 2019

Polio Vaccine May Stall The End Of Polio

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CDC Sends Surge Staffers To Stop Vaccine-Derived Polio Outbreaks In Africa : Goats and Soda Health officials have long known that virus from the oral vaccine can contaminate water supplies; they underestimated how big a problem this would be.

Nov 16, 2019

Discovered: the brain’s map pins

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New finding sheds new light on how the brain processes spatial memory.

Nov 16, 2019

A Family-Owned German Satellite Company Wants to Launch Rockets as Well

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OHB, which started as a ship-maintenance business, doesn’t want to rely on the aerospace giants anymore.

Nov 16, 2019

Building An AI (Neural Networks | What Is Deep Learning | Deep Learning Basics)

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In the last video in this series, we discussed the biologically inspired structure of deep leaning neural networks and built up an abstracted model based on that. We then went through the basics of how this model is able to form representations from input data.

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Nov 16, 2019

Why Mercedes’s Self-Driving Trucks Are Set to Overtake Its Robotaxis

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Safety and cost concerns have led Mercedes-maker Daimler to predict revenues from autonomous trucks before self-driving cars become a thing.

Nov 16, 2019

From ‘Jeopardy’ to poker to reading comprehension, robots have managed to beat humans in all of these contests in the past decade

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Kind of a recap of the big highlights of AI in the 2010’s.

Thanks to leaps and bounds in the field of artificial intelligence in the past decade, robots are increasingly beating humans at our own games.

Nov 16, 2019

‘Transhumanist’ eternal life? No thanks, I’d rather learn not to fear death

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While the transhumanism movement is making progress, it isn’t without its skeptics. Some don’t think it will ever work the way we want it to, because it asks science to turn back a natural process of aging that has an uncountable number of manifestations. Critics of anti-aging research envision any number of dystopian futures, in which we defeat many of the causes of death before very old age, leaving only the most ghastly and intractable — but not directly lethal — maladies.

Lest you think this concept is limited to snake-oil salesmen and science-fiction writers, the idea that aging is not inevitable is now in the mainstream of modern medical research at major institutions around the world. The journal Nature dubbed research from the University of California at Los Angeles a “hint that the body’s ‘biological age’ can be reversed.” According to reporting by Scientific American on research at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies: “Aging Is Reversible — at Least in Human Cells and Live Mice.”

Nov 16, 2019

You’ve heard of CRISPR, now meet its newer, savvier cousin CRISPR Prime

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CRISPR, the revolutionary ability to snip out and alter genes with scissor-like precision, has exploded in popularity over the last few years and is generally seen as the standalone wizard of modern gene-editing. However, it’s not a perfect system, sometimes cutting at the wrong place, not working as intended and leaving scientists scratching their heads. Well, now there’s a new, more exacting upgrade to CRISPR called Prime, with the ability to, in theory, snip out more than 90% of all genetic diseases.

Just what is this new method and how does it work? We turned to IEEE fellow, biomedical researcher and dean of graduate education at Tuft University’s school of engineering Karen Panetta for an explanation.

Nov 16, 2019

Link between inflammation and mental sluggishness shown

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Summary: Inflammation appears to have a negative impact on attention and cognition. Source: University of BirminghamScientists at the University of Birmingham in collaboration with the Universi.

Nov 16, 2019

A Revolution in the Creation of Scientific Workplaces

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So-called “convergence” research brings many disciplines together to solve problems—and the right lab design can make that much quicker and easier.