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Oct 21, 2019

The coming end of Christian America

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A new Pew Research report unsparingly explains, the decline of Christianity in the United States “continues at a rapid pace.” A bare 65 percent of Americans now say they’re Christians, down from 78 percent as recently as 2007. The deconverted are mostly moving away from religion altogether, and the ranks of the religiously unaffiliated — the “nones” — have swelled from 16 to 26 percent over the same period. If this rate of change continues, the U.S. will be majority non-Christian by about 2035, with the nones representing well over one third of the population.

What the decline of Christianity will mean for politics in America.

Oct 21, 2019

China Is Striving for the World’s Best, Cheapest Healthcare

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At stake is not just the well-being of millions of Chinese people, but the future of the global healthcare industry. China has set its sights on creating a holy grail healthcare system that satisfies patients’ needs and control costs while still encouraging cutting-edge research—and the world is watching.

Whether it succeeds will affect the future of the global industry.

Oct 21, 2019

Rogue drones to be targeted by new hi-tech ‘detect and destroy’ unit set up by Home Office

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Rogue drones will be brought down by “detect and destroy” technology under plans for a new national counter-drone force to prevent Gatwick-style disruption, ministers have announced.

The new mobile special unit, to be set up by the Home Office, will be available to any police force or law enforcement agency in the UK to counter potential drone threats at major events or malicious attacks such as the chaos at Gatwick airport last Christmas.

The unit is expected to have military-grade cameras, radar and radio frequency scanners to detect rogue drones, similar to those deployed by the Army at Gatwick.

Oct 21, 2019

How frozen atoms could help us learn more from gravitational waves

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Scientists at Stanford University and Fermilab are ready to introduce the world to the 100-meter-tall MAGIS-100 instrument.

Oct 21, 2019

UNDRESSD — Forever Young (Music Video)

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Oct 20, 2019

IMMORTALITY: How close is it?

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Since the dawn of time, humans have been trying to find a way to cheat death. Some researchers now believe they’re closer than ever to beating the ageing process and dramatically extending lives. Is immortality possible?
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Oct 20, 2019

The Spotless Mind: The Possibilities of Memory-Erasing

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“When you have them recall their trauma, the memory goes to an unstable state. The beta blocker is something we use to block the consolidation of the emotional part of the memory being restored, while preserving the conscious part,” says McGill University’s Dr. Karem Nader.

A traumatic memory has the means of replaying itself over and again with such tenacity that it’s almost as if it were on a constant loop. It has the alarming capability of magnifying the most horrific aspects and can run through the minds of its victims with such frequency that many report feeling as if they’re a prisoner of their own mind.

Oct 20, 2019

Creatine powers T cells’ fight against cancer

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H/T Dr. Jason Williams

Creatine, the organic acid that is popularly taken as a supplement by athletes and bodybuilders, serves as a molecular battery for immune cells by storing and distributing energy to power their fight against cancer, according to new UCLA research.

The study, conducted in mice and published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine, is the first to show that creatine uptake is critical to the anti-tumor activities of CD8 T cells, also known as killer T cells, the foot soldiers of the immune system. The researchers also found that creatine supplementation can improve the efficacy of existing immunotherapies.

“Because oral creatine supplements have been broadly utilized by bodybuilders and athletes for the past three decades, existing data suggest they are likely safe when taken at appropriate doses,” said Lili Yang, a member of the Eli and Edythe Broad Center of Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Research at UCLA and the study’s senior author. “This could provide a clear and expedient path forward for the use of creatine supplementation to enhance existing cancer immunotherapies.”

Oct 20, 2019

First bilateral brain implant gives paraplegic a two-handed sense of touch

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Brain-connected machines that capture and translate electrical signals are showing great promise across a number of areas, but one with massive potential is the world of prosthetics. Scientists exploring these possibilities at Johns Hopkins University are now reporting a big breakthrough, demonstrating a system that enables a quadriplegic to control two prosthetics arms at once using only his thoughts, and also feel a sense of touch coming back the other way.

The team at Johns Hopkins University has been making some exciting progress in this area through its Revolutionizing Prosthetics program, which was launched by DARPA in 2006. In 2016, we saw a double amputee use his brain to control two of the team’s Modular Prosthetic Limbs (MPLs), bilateral shoulder-level prosthetics that enabled him to do things like move cups between shelves, a first for this kind of research.

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Oct 20, 2019

For years, scientists assumed mitochondria worked like household batteries: energy from chemical reactions inside a cell

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Researchers now have shown that they are instead made up of many individual bioelectric units generating energy- like a Tesla Battery.…nuqUCir7ik…AZG5eAMbU–\-\DuoKFZH11ht3gbqMTwxduJkRJYCYZr7uE11trWGGCm-ecSp9kMw

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