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Jun 11, 2024

AI Learned to Lie Deliberately (but it’s kinda funny)

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Jun 11, 2024

Former OpenAI Director Warns There Are Bad Things AI Can Do Besides Kill You

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There’s a lot of other ways that AI could really take things in a bad direction.

One of the OpenAI directors who worked to oust CEO Sam Altman is issuing some stark warnings about the future of unchecked artificial intelligence.

In an interview during Axios’ AI+ summit, former OpenAI board member Helen Toner suggested that the risks AI poses to humanity aren’t just worst-case scenarios from science fiction.

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Jun 11, 2024

Scientists unlock secrets of how the third form of life makes energy

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An international scientific team has redefined our understanding of archaea, a microbial ancestor to humans from two billion years ago, by showing how they use hydrogen gas.

Jun 11, 2024

New plasma escape mechanism could protect fusion vessels from excessive heat

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By Rachel Kremen, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory

The furious exhaust heat generated by a fusing plasma in a commercial-scale reactor may not be as damaging to the vessel’s innards as once thought, according to researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL), Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the ITER Organization (ITER).

Jun 11, 2024

Apple Teases Immersive ‘3D’ Photos With visionOS 2, Wider Vision Pro Rollout

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Apple today teased the first update for its mixed-reality headset, visionOS 2, which includes AI-powered spatial photos and videos for the Vision Pro to give them a more immersive feel.

As part of its WWDC presentation, Apple also unveiled a special “spatial” lens for Canon cameras designed to capture moments viewable on the Vision Pro, as well as a partnership with cinema camera company Blackmagic Design.

Jun 11, 2024

A major US offshore wind hub just broke ground in New York City

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Today, the South Brooklyn Marine Terminal (SBMT) broke ground, kicking off the transformation of the historic port into an East Coast offshore wind hub.

SBMT will support Norwegian energy giant Equinor’s first US offshore wind project, Empire Wind 1. Brooklyn’s new offshore wind hub is designed to be a central, scalable hub for the expanding East Coast offshore wind market, and as a port for future offshore wind developments.

When the terminal is complete, it will be one of the largest dedicated offshore wind hubs in the US.

Jun 11, 2024

Algae offer real potential as a renewable electricity source, research shows

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The need to transition away from fossil fuels to more sustainable energy production is critical. That’s why a team of Concordia researchers is looking at a potential power source that not only produces no carbon emissions but removes carbon as it works: algae.

Jun 11, 2024

New technique could help build quantum computers of the future

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Quantum computers have the potential to solve complex problems in human health, drug discovery, and artificial intelligence millions of times faster than some of the world’s fastest supercomputers. A network of quantum computers could advance these discoveries even faster. But before that can happen, the computer industry will need a reliable way to string together billions of qubits—or quantum bits—with atomic precision.

Jun 11, 2024

‘Create a Data Flywheel With AI,’ NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang Tells Attendees at Snowflake Summit

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In a fireside chat with Snowflake’s CEO, Huang described how the two companies will help enterprises process their data with accelerated computing to generate business insights.

Jun 11, 2024

Curvature propulsion and the future of intergalactic space travel

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If you are a fan of reading or watching science fiction, you have definitely encountered the concept of curvature propulsion — one of the most fascinating and speculative frontiers in theoretical physics and advanced space travel.

Rooted in Einstein’s general theory of relativity, it proposes innovative methods to manipulate spacetime itself to achieve faster-than-light travel without violating the laws of physics.

General relativity, formulated by Albert Einstein, provides the theoretical foundation for curvature propulsion. This theory describes gravity as the curvature of spacetime caused by mass and energy.

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