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Aug 10, 2017

Immortality: welcome to the transhumanist era

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I’m excited to announce a feature on transhumanism and my governor run in one of Asia’s premier publications, the South China Morning Post. This is in their weekend magazine:

Enter Zoltan Istvan, the wannabe governor of California whose transhumanist agenda has influential fans, including dotcom billionaires hoping to live forever.

By Richard Godwin

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Aug 10, 2017

DeepMind and Blizzard open StarCraft II as an AI research environment

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DeepMind’s scientific mission is to push the boundaries of AI by developing systems that can learn to solve complex problems. To do this, we design agents and test their ability in a wide range of environments from the purpose-built DeepMind Lab to established games, such as Atari and Go.

Testing our agents in games that are not specifically designed for AI research, and where humans play well, is crucial to benchmark agent performance. That is why we, along with our partner Blizzard Entertainment, are excited to announce the release of SC2LE, a set of tools that we hope will accelerate AI research in the real-time strategy game StarCraft II. The SC2LE release includes:

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Aug 10, 2017

Ossia thinks it’s licked the problems with through-the-air charging

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Plenty of companies are working on through-the-air charging for consumer electronics, but they face a lot of problems. One company believes it has licked all of these problems.

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Aug 10, 2017

First CRISPR-ed human embryos reported in US

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The first successful attempt to remove inherited disease by genetically modifying human embryos has reportedly taken place in the US using CRISPR.

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Aug 10, 2017

There’s A Free Stock Waiting For You

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This is the future of personal trading. Just like udacity free collage. This is free trading. No fees for sign up, no fees to buy stocks.

There’s A free stock waiting for you

Shane invited you to Robinhood! Sign up now to find out what free stock you’ll get. It could be a stock like Apple, Ford, or Sprint.

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Aug 10, 2017

Futurist Gray Scott: We Can’t Ignore Our Psychological Future

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Why are we often so wrong about how the future and future technology will reshape society and our personal lives? In this new video from the Galactic Public Archives, Futurist Gray Scott tells us why he thinks it is important to look at all aspects of the future.

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Aug 10, 2017

Paul Spiegel: Beyond retirement, a new social compact for the age of longevity

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LEAF director Paul Spiegel at the recent ILC Sumit in Madrid discusses the society of the near future where people will exponentially increase their life expectancy. Aspects of work, leisure, pensions are discussed and the need for a new social contract.

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Aug 10, 2017

People Who Earn More, Have More Sex, and Vice Versa

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There is an interdependent relationship among making money, having sex, and being physically healthy, according to new research published in the International Journal of Manpower.

The study found that workers who have sex two to three times per week earn an average of 4.5 percent more than coworkers who have sex less often. Based on a behavioral study that surveyed 7,500 individuals, researchers found that” workers with health problems who are sexually active earn 1.5 percent more than those with similar ailments who are not sexually active.”

Dr. Nick Drydakis, who led the study from Anglia Ruskin University, concluded that having a higher income results in leading a more active sex life, and that having more sex supports our efforts at the office:

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Aug 10, 2017

Facebook just announced a YouTube competitor called Watch

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Facebook Watch will let users discover videos outside of their own feed more easily and let them follow favorite content creators.

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Aug 10, 2017

Salmon becomes world’s first genetically-modified animal to enter food supply

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Canadian consumers won’t know if they are buying a fish engineered to grow twice as fast on less food.

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