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Aug 30, 2018

Citi Lists Anti-Aging Medicines in Top 10 Disruptive Technologies

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Citi has produced another of its Disruptive Innovations publications, which takes a look at what it considers to be the top ten disruptive technologies. It is a sign of the changing times that anti-aging medicines are number 2 in its list.

1. All-Solid-State Batteries 2. Anti-Aging Medicines 3. Autonomous Vehicle Networks 4. Big Data & Healthcare 5. Dynamic Spectrum Access 6. eSports 7. 5G Technology 8. Floating Offshore Wind Farms 9. Real Estate Market Disruptors 10. Smart Voice-Activated Assistants.

What was considered fringe science a decade ago is now rapidly becoming a mainstream industry. Our understanding of aging has advanced quickly in the last 10 years, and the tools and innovations seem to come more quickly with each passing year. A variety of therapies that target different aging processes are in development, and some are at fairly advanced stages; if you are interested in their progress, check out the Rejuvenation Roadmap.

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Aug 30, 2018

New tests identify contaminated drinking water in minutes, not weeks

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Speedy, affordable water tests that can be used in on location and even run continuously will help scientists identify disease-causing bacteria in under an hour and potentially reduce the spread of common illnesses such as diarrhoea, which kills an estimated 842,000 people every year.

Hundreds of millions of samples are tested each year to detect harmful bacteria in drinking and environmental water, food and beverages, but tests can take days or, in some cases, even weeks to provide definitive results. By then, many people may have fallen ill from diseases caused by bacteria such as E. coli or legionella.

Shrinking the laboratory to the size of a home printer – and bringing down times to an hour or less – could help to stop outbreaks in their tracks and keep people safe.

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Aug 30, 2018

Kessler Syndrome: How space debris can destroy modern life

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An increasingly likely catastrophe can cause major disruptions in space flight and our daily lives.

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Aug 30, 2018

The International Space Station is leaking air

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NASA is working to contain a small leak onboard the International Space Station.

The issue appears to be contained and the people on board the station do not appear to be under any immediate threat. But it did trigger a real alarm through the floating lab, which sent astronauts scrambling to find the cause of the problem.

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Aug 30, 2018

2018 World Robot Conference in Beijing

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The annual 2018 World Robot Conference in Beijing is a showcase of China’s burgeoning industry ranging from companion robots to those deployed on factory assembly lines and entertainment.

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Aug 30, 2018

Low muscle strength linked to earlier death

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People with low muscle strength are 50% more likely to die earlier, a new study:

People with weaker muscles have a 50 percent greater chance of dying earlier than their stronger peers after adjusting for other factors.

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Aug 29, 2018

Canada has future tech leadership with quantum computers, AI, nanotechnology, fusion and molten salt

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In 2018, Canada is ranked tenth in the world in nominal GDP. It is a rich developed country. Despite having an economy that is 11 times smaller than the USA or 7 times smaller than China, Canada has world competitive or world-leading projects in quantum computing, artificial intelligence, molecular nanotechnology, nuclear fusion and nuclear-molten salt.

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Aug 29, 2018

Detroit to shut off drinking water in schools after lead found

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(Reuters) — Detroit authorities on Wednesday ordered drinking water shut off at all city public schools after elevated levels of lead and copper were found in water at more than a dozen buildings with antiquated plumbing systems.

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Aug 29, 2018

Ancient ‘Monster Galaxy’ Is Forming Stars a Thousand Times Faster Than the Milky Way

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Chile’s Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) has observed a galaxy that looks nothing like what researchers expected. It’s forming stars at an absolutely incredible rate.

The “Monster Galaxy”, also known as COSMOS-AzTEC-1, formed just 2 billion years after the Big Bang, and it turns more than a thousand Suns worth of gas into stars each year. Scientists still don’t understand these early galaxies very well, but now they have some new information that can shed light on why they form stars so blisteringly fast.

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Aug 29, 2018

100,000 homes in Germany now have battery-storage systems connected to the grid

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Germany helped make solar power cheap. As of June this year, it boasts 1 million homes that have installed rooftop solar panels. That means the country produces a lot of renewable energy—sometimes more than it can use.

At such times, German grid operators have had to pay neighboring countries or grids to use the excess electricity. Since the beginning of this year, German grids have accumulated 194 hours (paywall) with negative power prices.

Now Germany is turning to energy storage as a solution to the problem of excess electricity. On Aug. 28, an energy ministry official attended the commissioning (link in German) of the 100,000th home to install a battery-storage system that’s connected to the grid.

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