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Sep 4, 2020

This Upcoming NASA Mission Could Discover How Our Solar System Began

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ASTEROID-HUNTING SPACECRAFT: NASA’s latest mission is heading to the Trojan asteroids to discover the origin of our solar system via Seeker.

Sep 4, 2020

This is Ikea 2.0

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Inside Ikea’s big bet on smart home tech via The Verge.

Sep 4, 2020

11 BILLION YEAR GAP: After mapping the night sky for 20 years, the Sloan Digital Sky Survey has filled an 11 billion year gap in our knowledge of the universe’s history 🤯 Via Seeker

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Sep 4, 2020

How This Lab-Grown Patch Could Repair Your Heart

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This “beating” heart patch could repair broken hearts via Seeker.

Sep 4, 2020

Farming Metal From Plants Could Be the Future of Sustainable Tech

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These plants have evolved to absorb metal from the soil via Seeker.

Sep 4, 2020

This 3D-Printed Bunny Can Infinitely Duplicate, Thanks to DNA

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This 3D-printed bunny could be the future of data storage via Seeker.

Sep 4, 2020

These Contacts Lenses Can Correct Color Blindness

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These contact lenses can help correct color blindness.

Sep 4, 2020

This headset lets you control your TV

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Don’t lift a finger — using only your mind!

Don’t lift a finger — this headset lets you control your TV using only your mind!

Sep 4, 2020

Most massive black hole merger yet puzzles astronomers

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The detectors have sensed dozens of such cataclysms over the past 5 years, but the one on 21 May 2019 was different. Not only was it the most powerful and distant merger ever seen, but the resulting black hole also belongs to a class of long-sought middleweight black holes, members of the LIGO-Virgo collaboration report today in two new studies. Puzzlingly, however, the two black holes that merged are heavier than expected: Their masses fall in a gap in which theorists … See More.

Sep 3, 2020

Fog catching nets could help solve the world’s water crisis

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These fog catching nets could be the answer to the world’s water crisis.