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Oct 9, 2019

Racing Australia’s FASTEST FPV DRONE PILOT — Pilot Showcase

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FPV pilot showcase with Australia’s fastest racer –Thomas from BMSWEB. Asking Thomas 5 questions about the hobby and then smashing some batteries with him and trying to keep up. Had an Amazing day and it was so much fun to meet the guys, Check out BMSWEB’s channel —

Let me know if you like this video and is something you guys might be interested in in the future.

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Oct 9, 2019

Flight of an aeroplane with solid-state propulsion

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Circa 2018

Since the first aeroplane flight more than 100 years ago, aeroplanes have been propelled using moving surfaces such as propellers and turbines. Most have been powered by fossil-fuel combustion. Electroaerodynamics, in which electrical forces accelerate ions in a fluid1,2, has been proposed as an alternative method of propelling aeroplanes—without moving parts, nearly silently and without combustion emissions3,4,5,6. However, no aeroplane with such a solid-state propulsion system has yet flown. Here we demonstrate that a solid-state propulsion system can sustain powered flight, by designing and flying an electroaerodynamically propelled heavier-than-air aeroplane. We flew a fixed-wing aeroplane with a five-metre wingspan ten times and showed that it achieved steady-level flight. All batteries and power systems, including a specifically developed ultralight high-voltage (40-kilovolt) power converter, were carried on-board. We show that conventionally accepted limitations in thrust-to-power ratio and thrust density4,6,7, which were previously thought to make electroaerodynamics unfeasible as a method of aeroplane propulsion, are surmountable. We provide a proof of concept for electroaerodynamic aeroplane propulsion, opening up possibilities for aircraft and aerodynamic devices that are quieter, mechanically simpler and do not emit combustion emissions.

Oct 9, 2019

Laser could be used to make rain on demand

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Circa 2010

Ultra-fast pulses from a powerful laser can create droplets of water out of thin air, according to a new study. With the right conditions and large enough droplets, the researchers say, the technique could be used to make rain on demand.

Rain forms when water condenses around tiny particles in the atmosphere. Most of the time, dust or pollen do the job, but humans have long attempted to speed the process by seeding clouds with chemicals like silver iodide. Those chemicals provide the so-called “condensation nuclei” that trigger the consolidation of water into raindrops.

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Oct 9, 2019

Arrma Limitless 151mph 6s pass ‚Ripple killer cap packs

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Alright guys doing some lipo testing and hit a new PB on 6s! 151mph! As always thanks to all my subscribers, and supporters and Horizon hobby. #HorizonHobby #ArrmaLimitless #RippleKiller #ArrmaHof #Fastrc #blessed #Builtnotbought #Worldsfastest #Arrmarc #Topless Arrma Limitless, New PB, Horizon Hobby.

Oct 9, 2019

Fastest rc Turbine Model Jet in Action 727KMH 451MPH Flight Training World Record Training Part 2

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Model: RC Speeder “Inferno” full GFK
Engine: Turbine Behotec 180
Fuel: Kerosene
Take-off weight: 7.5Kg
Max Speed: 750 Kmh / 466 Mph…raft-(rc)/

More videos from this jet you can see my playlist:

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Oct 9, 2019

After 5 Years Of Trials, Doctors Create Human Liver From Scratch

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Doctors at the Pittsburgh Liver Research Center have made a significant breakthrough in creating a human liver for trials.

Oct 9, 2019

Forever LED Light

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The first and only full line of energy saving LED lights with a lifetime guarantee. Never change a light bulb again! | Check out ‘Forever LED Light’ on Indiegogo.

Oct 9, 2019

Residents across CA report seeing bright light in sky from Sacramento to San Diego

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Reports surfaced on Twitter of a large bright light in the sky resembling a meteor, which was seen from Sacramento, Lynwood and San Diego.

Oct 9, 2019

Advanced Extraterrestrials as an Approximation to God

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Our first encounter with E.T. technology could be as baffling to us as a smartphone would have been to a Neandertal.

Oct 9, 2019

Extending Your “Lifespan” with Dr. David Sinclair

Posted by in category: life extension Dr. David Sinclair Join Dr. Mercola to discuss longevity and his new book “Lifespan”.

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