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Sep 25, 2023

Canceling Noise: MIT’s Innovative Way To Boost Quantum Devices

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For years, researchers have tried various ways to coax quantum bits — or qubits, the basic building blocks of quantum computers — to remain in their quantum state for ever-longer times, a key step in creating devices like quantum sensors, gyroscopes, and memories.

A team of physicists from MIT

MIT is an acronym for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It is a prestigious private research university in Cambridge, Massachusetts that was founded in 1861. It is organized into five Schools: architecture and planning; engineering; humanities, arts, and social sciences; management; and science. MIT’s impact includes many scientific breakthroughs and technological advances. Their stated goal is to make a better world through education, research, and innovation.

Sep 25, 2023

Neutrinos & Dark Matter: How Ultra-Pure Cables Can Unlock Secrets of Physics

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Imagine trying to tune a radio to a single station but instead encountering static noise and interfering signals from your own equipment. That is the challenge facing research teams searching for evidence of extremely rare events that could help understand the origin and nature of matter in the universe. It turns out that when you are trying to tune into some of the universe’s weakest signals, it helps to make your instruments very quiet.

Around the world, more than a dozen teams are listening for the pops and electronic sizzle that might mean they have finally tuned into the right channel. These scientists and engineers have gone to extraordinary lengths to shield their experiments from false signals created by cosmic radiation. Most such experiments are found in very inaccessible places—such as a mile underground in a nickel mine in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, or in an abandoned gold mine in Lead, South Dakota—to shield them from naturally radioactive elements on Earth. However, one such source of fake signals comes from natural radioactivity in the very electronics that are designed to record potential signals.

Sep 25, 2023

Alarming Global Cancer Surge: 79% Rise in Cancer Cases Among Those Under 50

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Global cancer cases in those under 50 surged by 79% over the past 30 years, with breast, windpipe, and prostate cancers leading the rise. The findings call for a global strategy emphasizing prevention, early detection, and tailored treatments for younger patients.

There’s been a striking 79% increase in new cases of cancer among the under 50s around the world over the past three decades (1990−2019), finds research published in the open-access journal BMJ Oncology.

Breast cancer accounted for the highest number of ‘early onset’ cases in this age group in 2019. But cancers of the windpipe (nasopharynx) and prostate have risen the fastest since 1990, the analysis reveals. Cancers exacting the heaviest death toll and compromising health the most among younger adults in 2019 were those of the breast, windpipe, lung, bowel, and stomach.

Sep 25, 2023

Elon Musk’s Little Sister Says She Is Overcharged Because People Assume Her Brother Pays For Everything — Despite Being the Richest Man in The World, He Doesn’t

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In an interview this year, Tosca Musk, entrepreneur and sister of Tesla Inc. and SpaceX CEO, Elon Musk, shed light on the unexpected burdens that come with her famous last name. While speaking to the Daily Mail, Tosca discussed the misconceptions and financial pressures she faces because of her sibling’s astronomical wealth. She is the younger sister of the richest man in the world who has a net worth of around $230 billion, according to Forbes.

Tosca, renowned for her role as founder of the streaming service and production company Passionflix, shared a particular incident that highlighted these issues. She revealed that when she sought to secure a location for her ventures, she was initially quoted $5,000 per day. As soon as her identity was recognized, the rate mysteriously skyrocketed to $25,000. Musk expressed her frustration, stating that such assumptions were hardly equitable.

Sep 25, 2023

Elon Musk’s 77-Year-Old Dad Says He’s Asked To Donate His Sperm: ‘Why Go To Elon When They Can Go To The Actual Person Who Created Elon?’

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Sep 25, 2023

Most Americans haven’t used ChatGPT; few think it will have a major impact on their job

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One-in-five U.S. adults who have heard of ChatGPT say they have ever used it for entertainment. A similar share (19%) say they have used it to learn something, while 16% of those who have heard of the tool and are employed say they have used it for tasks at work.

Younger adults are more likely than their older peers to have used ChatGPT for education or amusement. For example, among those who have heard of ChatGPT, three-in-ten adults under 30 have used it for learning, compared with 11% of those 50 and older.

Similarly, 29% of adults who are under 50 and have heard of ChatGPT have used it for entertainment, while 10% of their older counterparts have done the same.

Sep 25, 2023

9 Benefits of Yoga

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If you’ve done your “downward dog” yoga pose today, you’re probably feeling more relaxed. Regardless of your level of yoga expertise, if you’re practicing regularly, you can feel better from head to toe. Yoga offers physical and mental health benefits for people of all ages. And, if you’re going through an illness, recovering from surgery or living with a chronic condition, yoga can become an integral part of your treatment and potentially hasten healing. A yoga therapist can work with patients and put together individualized plans that work together with their medical and surgical therapies. That way, yoga can support the healing process and help the person experience symptoms with more centeredness and less distress.

-Aside from these, Yoga also is beneficial to people dealing with Parkinson’s disease. First off it reduces tremors, and it also improves the steadiness of the gait of people with Parkinson’s.

Learn what a Johns Hopkins expert and yoga researcher knows about the benefits and how to get started simply.

Sep 25, 2023

LLNL and Meta engineers develop 3D-printed material with potential for more lifelike wearables

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Engineers and chemists at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) and Meta have developed a new kind of 3D-printed material capable of replicating characteristics of biological tissue, an advancement that could impact the future of “augmented humanity.”

In a paper recently published in the journal Matter, LLNL and Meta researchers describe a framework for creating a “one-pot” 3D-printable resin in which light is used to pattern smooth gradients in stiffness to approximate gradients found in biology, such as where bone meets muscle.

The framework addresses a key challenge in developing more lifelike wearables: “mechanical mismatch.” Whereas natural tissues are soft, electronic devices are usually made of rigid materials and it can be difficult and time-consuming to assemble such devices using traditional means.

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Sep 25, 2023

Another class of cancer drugs may contribute to curing HIV

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Two drugs from a class new to HIV medicine called BH3 mimetics were unveiled at July’s 12th International AIDS Society Conference on HIV Science (IAS 2023) in Brisbane. They may contribute to a cure for HIV by killing off long-lived cells that contain HIV genes in their DNA. Notably, venetoclax (Venclexta) and obatoclax only killed off cells containing intact DNA, capable of giving rise to new viruses, and did not delete cells containing defective, harmless DNA.

A number of drugs and treatments from the anti-cancer arsenal have been investigated as HIV cure research such as HDAC inhibitors, PD-1 inhibitors and therapeutic vaccines. (And, of course, the six successful cures so far have used the radical cancer therapy of a stem cell (bone marrow) transplant.)

This is not coincidental: cancer and AIDS are both the end result of mutations in the DNA of some of our cells. In the case of cancer they arise in the host DNA and in HIV infection they are introduced by a virus, but both are the result of ‘rogue genes’ (some other viruses, such as HPV, directly cause cancers).

Sep 24, 2023

Controlling Devices with Thought, No Open Brain Surgery Required

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Synchron has developed a Brain-Computer Interface that uses pre-existing technologies such as the stent and catheter to allow insertion into the brain without the need for open brain surgery.

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