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May 13, 2024

KAN: Kolmogorov-Arnold Networks | Ziming Liu

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Chapters 00:00 — Intro + Background 05:06 — From KART to KAN 07:56 — MLP vs KAN 16:05 — Accuracy: Scaling of KANs 26:35 — Interpretability: KAN for Science 38:04 — Q+A Break 57:15 — Strengths and Weaknesses 59:28 — Philosophy 1:08:45 — Anecdotes Behind the Scenes…

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May 13, 2024

Robust superconductivity in magic-angle multilayer graphene family

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😗Year 2022

Superconductivity is reported in magic-angle twisted four-layer and five-layer graphene systems. While they find that all magic-angle graphene systems fit into a unified hierarchy of systems that share a set of flat bands in their electronic band structures, they also report that there is a key distinction between magic-angle twisted bilayer graphene and the other family members, related to the difference in the way the electrons move between the layers in a magnetic field.

May 13, 2024

ChatGPT will be able to talk to you like Scarlett Johansson in Her

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Hopefully it won’t leave you.

May 13, 2024

Earth Day: Advanced battery tech could fuel the clean energy revolution

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This Earth Day, we looked at researchers pursuing safer alternatives to facilitate the implementation of energy storage solutions.

May 13, 2024

SpaceX Starship’s next launch ‘probably 3 to 5 weeks’ away, Elon Musk says

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We’re likely still a month or so away from the next launch of SpaceX’s Starship megarocket.

That was the timeline Elon Musk offered in a post on X over the weekend, saying Starship’s next test flight is “probably 3 to 5 weeks” away. “Objective is for the ship to get past max heating, or at least further than last time,” the billionaire entrepreneur added.

May 13, 2024

Hackers are now targeting the children of corporate executives in elaborate ransomware attacks

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In February, ransomware attackers targeted Chain Healthcare, the payment management arm of healthcare giant UnitedHealth Group, causing backlogs in prescription insurance claims.

Ransomware can be introduced to a company’s databases through even the smallest slip by an employee, like clicking a link in a phishing email. But as companies have gotten better at keeping criminals out, the crooks have gotten more creative, Mandiant CTO Charles Carmakal says.

May 13, 2024

Scientists find sleep may not clear brain toxins

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The brain’s ability to rid itself of toxins may actually be reduced during sleep, contrary to the leading scientific theory.

Over the past decade, the leading explanation for why we sleep has been that it provides the brain with an opportunity to flush out toxins.

However, a new study led by scientists at the UK Dementia Research Institute (UK DRI) at Imperial College London indicates that this may not be true.

May 13, 2024

Opinion: America Needs Apollo Program for AI Race

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(TNS) — The global race for computational power is well underway, fueled by a worldwide boom in artificial intelligence. OpenAI’s Sam Altman is seeking to raise as much as $7 trillion for a chipmaking venture. Tech giants like Microsoft and Amazon are building AI chips of their own. The need for more computing horsepower to train and use AI models—fueling a quest for everything from cutting-edge chips to giant data sets—isn’t just a current source of geopolitical leverage (as with US curbs on chip exports to China). It is also shaping the way nations will grow and compete in the future, with governments from India to the UK developing national strategies and stockpiling Nvidia graphics processing units.

I believe it’s high time for America to have its own national compute strategy: an Apollo program for the age of AI.

In January, under President Biden’s executive order on AI, the National Science Foundation launched a pilot program for the National AI Research Resource (NAIRR), envisioned as a “shared research infrastructure” to provide AI computing power, access to open government and nongovernment data sets, and training resources to students and AI researchers.

May 13, 2024

Amid Crisis, Tesla Has Removed Almost Every Single US Job Listing

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According to its official career page, Tesla has just three job listings in the United States, as layoffs continue.

May 13, 2024

Enhancing Boiling Processes for Lunar and Martian Exploration

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How will liquids boil under reduced gravity, specifically on the Moon and Mars? This is what a recent project hopes to address as a team of researchers led by the Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) and working with Texas A&M University investigated the behavior of boiling liquids under reduced gravity using parabolic flights that are designed to simulate reduced gravity conditions. This project holds the potential to help researchers and future astronauts better understand how to manage boiling liquids during long-term space missions to the Moon and Mars where the gravity is one-sixth and one-third of the Earth’s, respectively.

From left to right: SwRI Research Engineer, Emilio Gordon, Texas A&M University Professor of Aerospace Engineering, Dr. Bonnie Dunbar, and SwRI Research Engineer, Dr. Eugene Hoffman, examine the experimental payload right before its parabolic flight on April 24th, 2024. (Credit: Southwest Research Institute)

“We have so little data about how boiling works in reduced gravity,” said Kevin Supak, who is a program manager at SwRI and the project lead. “Our experiment studies boiling in conditions that simulate lunar and Martian gravity levels using four different surfaces to examine how bubbles initiate and detach.”

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