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Jul 22, 2024

Cognitive rejuvenation in old rats by hippocampal OSKM gene therapy

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Several studies have indicated that interrupted epigenetic reprogramming using Yamanaka transcription factors (OSKM) can rejuvenate cells from old laboratory animals and humans. However, the potential of OSKM-induced rejuvenation in brain tissue has been less explored. Here, we aimed to restore cognitive performance in 25.3-month-old female Sprague–Dawley rats using OSKM gene therapy for 39 days. Their progress was then compared with the cognitive performance of untreated 3.5-month-old rats as well as old control rats treated with a placebo adenovector. The Barnes maze test, used to assess cognitive performance, demonstrated enhanced cognitive abilities in old rats treated with OSKM compared to old control animals. In the treated old rats, there was a noticeable trend towards improved spatial memory relative to the old controls.

Jul 22, 2024

Arid Viper Launches Mobile Espionage Campaign with AridSpy Malware

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Arid Viper launches mobile espionage campaign using trojanized Android apps to deliver AridSpy spyware, targeting Middle East users via fake messaging.

Jul 22, 2024

Experts Uncover Chinese Cybercrime Network Behind Gambling and Human Trafficking

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A Chinese organized crime syndicate with links to money laundering and human trafficking across Southeast Asia has been using an advanced “technology suite” that runs the whole cybercrime supply chain spectrum to spearhead its operations.

Infoblox is tracking the proprietor and maintainer under the moniker Vigorish Viper, noting that it’s developed by the Yabo Group (aka Yabo Sports), which has been linked to illegal gambling operations and pig butchering scams in the past. In late 2022, it rebranded as Kaiyun Sports and has since been absorbed into another newly formed entity called Ponymuah.

The suite, marketed in China as “baowang” (“包网,” meaning full package) encompasses several components such as Domain Name System (DNS) configurations, website hosting, payment mechanisms, advertising, and mobile apps. It also hosts thousands of domain names and numerous brands in an infrastructure that’s tied to Hong Kong and China.

Jul 22, 2024

New Linux Variant of Play Ransomware Targeting VMware ESXi Systems

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Play ransomware’s new Linux variant targets VMWare ESXi, expanding its reach. US leads in victims, with manufacturing and services most affected.

Jul 22, 2024

Cybercriminals Exploit CrowdStrike Update Mishap to Distribute Remcos RAT Malware

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CrowdStrike warns of Remcos RAT malware targeting Latin America amid flawed update crisis causing IT disruptions.

Jul 22, 2024

A foundation model for clinical-grade computational pathology and rare cancers detection

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Trained on 1.5 million whole-slide images from 100,000 patients, a pathology foundation model is shown to improve performance of specialized models in detection of rare cancers.

Jul 22, 2024

Discovery of ‘dark oxygen’ from deep-sea metal lumps could trigger rethink of origins of life

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In a global first, scientists working in the Clarion-Clipperton Zone in the North Pacific Ocean have found that metallic nodules on the seafloor produce their own oxygen, dubbed “dark oxygen.”

Jul 22, 2024

AI Model Enhances Heart Scan Analysis

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Experts from the Universities of East Anglia, Sheffield, and Leeds have developed a new groundbreaking AI method that improves the accuracy and efficiency of analyzing MRI heart scans. This innovation could provide a way for faster, more accurate, and non-invasive diagnosis of heart failure and other cardiac conditions, thus saving valuable time and resources for the healthcare sector.

According to Innovation News Network, the research team used data from 814 patients at Sheffield and Leeds Teaching Hospitals to train an AI model, which was then tested using scans and data from 101 patients at Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals to ensure accuracy.

Jul 22, 2024

The Silent Voice: How Generative AI is Giving Speech to the Speechless?

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Mind to speech tech. Remember. Military is using secret tech. Thats not modern stuff… It only looks like.

Introduction to Brain-Computer Interface Technology.

Jul 22, 2024

Breakthroughs in immunotherapy: glycoproteins as predictive biomarkers for therapeutic response

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Serum-based glycoproteins demonstrate success in predicting immune checkpoint inhibitor therapy outcomes.

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