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Feb 8, 2023

Google Bard and Generative AI Search Revealed

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The search giant shows a demo of Bard and AI generative search, rivaling OpenAI’s Chat GPT.

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Feb 8, 2023

Another step towards practical quantum computers

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Researchers from the University of Sussex and Universal Quantum have demonstrated for the first time that quantum bits (qubits) can directly transfer between quantum computer microchips and demonstrated this with record-breaking speed and accuracy. This breakthrough resolves a major challenge in building quantum computers large and powerful enough to tackle complex problems that are of critical importance to society.

Today, quantum computers operate on the 100-qubit scale. Experts anticipate millions of qubits are required to solve important problems that are out of reach of today’s most powerful supercomputers. There is a global quantum race to develop quantum computers that can help in many important societal challenges from to making fertilizer production more energy efficient and solving important problems in nearly every industry, ranging from aeronautics to the financial sector.

In the research paper, published today in Nature Communications, the scientists demonstrate how they have used a new and powerful technique, which they dub “UQ Connect,” to use electric field links to enable qubits to move from one quantum computing microchip module to another with unprecedented speed and precision. This allows chips to slot together like a jigsaw puzzle to make a more powerful quantum .

Feb 8, 2023

Former Facebook Exec Says AI Will Soon Simulate the Human Brain

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John Carmack — Doom creator, father of virtual reality, and premier disgruntled Meta employee — believes humanity is on the cusp of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI).

“I think that, almost certainly, the tools that we’ve got from deep learning in this last decade,” the famed programmer told Dallas Innovates, “we’ll be able to ride those to artificial general intelligence.”

Feb 8, 2023

Ask Ethan: What are white holes, and do they really exist?

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In General Relativity, white holes are just as mathematically plausible as black holes. Black holes are real; what about white holes?

Feb 8, 2023

The Deadliest Hard Sci-Fi Weapon You’ve Never Heard Of (Macrons, Dust Guns)

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Spacedock delves into a powerful but lesser known sci-fi space weapon.

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Feb 8, 2023

HAL 9000: “I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that”

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If there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s an uppity machine.

An excerpt from the 1968 film “2001: A Space Odyssey” directed by Stanley Kubrick.

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Feb 8, 2023

Hubble Space Telescope captures chaotic globular cluster near Milky Way’s core

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A stunning Hubble Space Telescope image shows the chaotic and densely packed stars of the globular cluster NGC 6355.

The globular cluster is located around 31,000 light-years from Earth in the inner region of the Milky Way — so deep into our galaxy that it is just 4,600 light-years from our galaxy’s central supermassive black hole, Sagittarius A*.

Feb 8, 2023

Researchers Discover a More Flexible Approach to Machine Learning

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“Liquid” neural nets, based on a worm’s nervous system, can transform their underlying algorithms on the fly, giving them unprecedented speed and adaptability.

Feb 8, 2023

Breaking: Researchers at CERN break “The Speed of Light”

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Scientists said on Thursday they recorded particles travelling faster than light – a finding that could overturn one of Einstein’s fundamental laws of the universe. Antonio Ereditato, spokesman for the international group of researchers, saidthat measurements taken over three years showed neutrinos pumped from CERN near Geneva to Gran Sasso in Italy had arrived 60 nanoseconds quicker than light would have done.

“We have high confidence in our results. We have checked and rechecked for anything that could have distorted our measurements but we found nothing,” he said. “We now want colleagues to check them independently.”

If confirmed, the discovery would undermine Albert Einstein’s 1905 theory of special relativity, which says that the speed of light is a “cosmic constant” and that nothing in the universe can travel faster. That assertion, which has withstood over a century of testing, is one of the key elements of the so-called Standard Model of physics, which attempts to describe the way the universe and everything in it works. The totally unexpected finding emerged from research by a physicists working on an experiment dubbed OPERA run jointly by the CERN particle research center near Geneva and the Gran Sasso Laboratory in central Italy.

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Feb 8, 2023

Microsoft unveils AI-powered Bing model ‘more powerful’ than ChatGPT

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“This is just the first step on the AI front…as [the] AI arms race takes place among Big Tech.”

Right on the heels of Google announcing Artificial Intelligence chatbot Bard, Microsoft has beefed up its search engine Bing with the latest AI sensation, OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

For almost two decades, Google’s search engine market has had a highly successful run, facing almost zero competition from rivals.

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