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Feb 18, 2024

Important Implications: New Study Aims To Unlock Secrets of the Human Brain

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Dr. Richard Naud’s research at the University of Ottawa holds important implications for understanding learning and memory theories, and it may pave the way for advancements in artificial intelligence in the future.

The mysteries of the human brain’s internal mechanisms are slowly being uncovered, and a significant new study led by Dr. Richard Naud from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Ottawa is bringing us nearer to solving these profound questions.

The study’s results have important implications for theories of learning and working memory and could potentially help lead to future developments in artificial intelligence (AI) since AI developers and programmers watch the work of Dr. Naud and other leading neuroscientists.

Feb 18, 2024

Femtotech: computing at the femtometer scale using quarks and gluons from Hugo de Garis

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Sept 22 2016.

Kurzweilai – How the properties of quarks and gluons can be used (in principle) to perform computation at the femtometer (10^−15 meter) scale.

An atom is about 10^−10 m in size.

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Feb 18, 2024

Korean researchers triple lithium extraction with plasma technology

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Korea researchers achieved a three-fold increase in lithium extraction efficiency compared to conventional methods in its latest study.

Feb 18, 2024

Is this Rivian’s more affordable R2 electric SUV spotted in the wild?

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As we get closer to the official debut of Rivian’s more affordable R2, we are finally getting a better idea of what to expect. After teasing the model for the first time yesterday, Rivian’s R2 was reportedly spotted filming in downtown LA shortly after.

Rivian opened the R2 website yesterday, teasing the first look at the new EV in an intro video. The new EV will be revealed on March 7 at its new flagship Laguna showroom.

Although Rivian teased the new model leading up to its highly anticipated debut, we have yet to see what it looks like in full, until now. A patent filed by Rivian last month revealed a more compact electric SUV than the R1S with slightly smaller headlights.

Feb 18, 2024

Charging Forward: How Calorimetry Drives EV Battery Innovation

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This article discusses how developers are using calorimetry to inform decision-making surrounding battery design and manufacture, and explores how increasing battery size needs to be supported with larger and more comprehensive testing equipment.

Feb 18, 2024

Research team discovers two-dimensional waveguides

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The U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL), in collaboration with Kansas State University, has discovered slab waveguides based on the two-dimensional material hexagonal boron nitride. This milestone has been reported in the journal Advanced Materials.

Two-dimensional (2D) materials are a class of materials that can be reduced to the monolayer limit by mechanically peeling the layers apart. The weak interlayer attractions (van der Waals attraction) allow the layers to be separated via the so-called “Scotch tape” method.

The most well-known 2D material, graphene, is a semimetallic material consisting of a single layer of carbon atoms. Recently, other 2D materials including semiconducting (TMDs) and insulating hexagonal boron nitride (hBN) have also garnered attention. When reduced near the monolayer limit, 2D materials have unique nanoscale properties that are appealing for creating atomically thin electronic and .

Feb 18, 2024

MIT’s Albumin-based cancer vaccine shows promising results in trials

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MIT’s albumin-based cancer vaccine shows promise in clinical trials, yielding robust immune responses, raising hope for effective cancer treatment.

Feb 18, 2024

Global project to drive lifesaving agreement on appropriate antimicrobial drug use

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University of Melbourne researchers are leading a new push to address the growing harm of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) as more humans and animals become seriously ill or die from infections that medicine once treated easily.

Over-use and misuse of microbe-killing drugs – including antibiotics, antivirals and antifungals – is the main driver accelerating the evolution of resistance to these drugs in bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites around the world.

The World Health Organisation calls AMR a top global public health threat that was directly responsible for 1.27 million deaths and contributed to 4.95 million deaths in 2019.

Feb 18, 2024

Telomere Length Test #12: Correlations With Diet

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Feb 18, 2024

Nestars: Study suggests gravastars akin to nesting doll structure

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Physicists have theorized the existence of new types of celestial objects that they name “nestars.”

These are gravitational condensate stars, or gravastars, nestled among other gravitational condensate stars, like a Russian matryoshka doll, or nesting doll.

This type of doll is distinguished by its hollow, round form and the ability to be split apart to reveal a sequence of increasingly smaller dolls nestled inside.

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