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Nov 26, 2023

AI-powered program fights homelessness in Los Angeles

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In a bid to combat the ongoing homelessness crisis, Los Angeles County is using artificial intelligence (AI) to identify and support individuals at the highest risk of becoming homeless.

This pioneering pilot program analyzes data from seven county agencies, including medical visits, mental health care, substance abuse diagnoses, arrests, and public benefit sign-ups, to identify those most vulnerable to homelessness.

Dedicated case managers then reach out to these individuals, offering comprehensive support for four to six months, including access to $4,000 to $6,000 in aid to cover essential expenses like rent, utilities, and groceries. This assistance is designed to stabilize not only their housing but also their overall well-being.

Nov 26, 2023

SpaceX targets late-night Monday launch of Falcon 9 rocket on Starlink satellite mission

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Though SpaceX has yet to confirm, navigational warnings indicate a 4½-hour launch window will open from 11 p.m. Monday to 3:31 a.m. EST Tuesday.

Nov 26, 2023

Starquakes Might Solve the Mysteries of Stellar Magnetism

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In their jiggles and shakes, red giant stars encode a record of the magnetic fields near their cores.

Nov 26, 2023

I’m sending my name to Jupiter’s moon Europa on a NASA spacecraft — and here’s why you should, too

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NASA’s Europa Clipper spacecraft is headed to one of Jupiter’s largest moons. It’s bringing along a microchip filled with human names.

Nov 26, 2023

Humanity+ December Newsletter!

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At the most recent H+ Academy discussion and debate on the topic of “anti-transhumanist” writings (video below), several transhumanists suggested that we reclaim “transhumanism” from the obfuscations and misrepresentations of the original meaning of transhumanism as a philosophy and worldview.

How did this happen? Over the years, there have been many “opinions” about what transhumanism is or isn’t. These opinions could be personal interpretations of the philosophy, some of which may or may not be true. While diversity is welcome and new ideas are highly valued, the philosophy of transhumanism does have principles that form the core of its meaning. With a lot of leeway for opinion, interpretations can go in directions that are counter to transhumanism. Some of the more extreme opinions have caused a flood of anti-transhumanist bias and even hate. This is not what we want.

What can we do? We need to make it very clear what transhumanism is and is not. And we need to state this publicly and make it available to everyone.

Nov 26, 2023

AI doesn’t cause harm by itself. We should worry about the people who control it

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The chaos at OpenAI reveals contradictions in the way we think about the technology.

At times it felt less like Succession than Fawlty Towers, not so much Shakespearean tragedy as Laurel and Hardy farce.

Nov 26, 2023

About That Mysterious AI Breakthrough Known As Q* By OpenAI That Allegedly Attains True AI Or Is On The Path Toward Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)

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In today’s column, I am going to walk you through a prominent AI-mystery that has caused quite a stir leading to an incessant buzz across much of social media and garnering outsized headlines in the mass media.

I make use of detective work to try and figure out what the alleged AI breakthrough was at OpenAI and has been claimed to be called Q*, leading supposedly toward AGI.

Nov 26, 2023

ChatGPT is ‘terrible,’ says Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales

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Wikipedia’s founder Jimmy Wales tells Euronews Next about the ‘terrible’ early stage of ChatGPT, the lesson for OpenAI and about his open-source social media platform.

Nov 26, 2023

Deepmind founder says his latest LLM Inflection-2 is the second best in the world

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Inflection claims that its new language model, Inflection-2, outperforms direct competitors such as Google PaLM-2 and Claude 2, and is second only to GPT-4.

The new model is said to be significantly more powerful than its predecessor, Inflection-1, and, according to the startup, demonstrates improved factual knowledge, better style control, and significantly improved reasoning.

Inflection-1 was released in July. It was roughly on par with GPT-3.5 and PaLM-540B. Inflection-2 should now catch up with GPT-4, the company claims.

Nov 26, 2023

Expedition reveals enormous ocean mountain twice as high as Burj Khalifa

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“While there is so much we’ve come to understand, so much remains unknown in our Ocean–and we are thrilled to continue exploring.”

Ocean explorers from the Schmidt Ocean Institute have unveiled a colossal underwater mountain, challenging our perceptions of the ocean’s mysterious depths.

Schmidt Ocean Institute.

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