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Jun 3, 2023

Colonizing Cislunar Space and the Lagrange Points

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To travel to other planets, we will first have to build up are infrastructure closer to home, in orbit of Earth. The best place to get all the mass for those space stations and rocket fuel depots is from the Moon, and we’ll examine the milestones we’ll need to reach to start lunar resource harvesting and building up space settlements.

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Jun 3, 2023

Satellite Beams Solar Power Down to Earth Using Microwave Transmitter

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Scientists say they’ve successfully transmitted solar energy gathered in orbit down to the Earth’s surface.

Jun 3, 2023

Alzheimer’s: New blood biomarker may predict risk of cognitive decline

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A new study suggests that astrocytes, a type of brain cell, are important for connecting amyloid-β with the early stages of tau pathology, which could change how we define early Alzheimer’s disease.

Jun 3, 2023

Read the poem NASA is sending to Europa next year

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Ada Limón’s new poem connects Earth and the watery world.

Jun 3, 2023

Discovery challenges 30-year-old dogma in associative polymers research

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A University of Virginia-led study about a class of materials called associative polymers appears to challenge a long-held understanding of how the materials, which have unique self-healing and flow properties, function at the molecular level.

Liheng Cai, an assistant professor of materials science and engineering and chemical engineering at UVA, who led the study, said the new discovery has important implications for the countless ways these materials are used every day, from engineering recyclable plastics to human tissue engineering to controlling the consistency of paint so it doesn’t drip.

The discovery, which has been published in the journal Physical Review Letters, was enabled by new associative polymers developed in Cai’s lab at the UVA School of Engineering and Applied Science by his postdoctoral researcher Shifeng Nian and Ph.D. student Myoeum Kim. The breakthrough evolved from a theory Cai had co-developed before arriving at UVA in 2018.

Jun 3, 2023

Engineering the bacteriophage T4 to serve as a vector for molecular repair

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A team of medical scientists at The Catholic University of America, in Washington, D.C., working with a colleague from Purdue University, has developed a way to engineer the bacteriophage T4 to serve as a vector for molecular repair. The study is reported in the journal Nature Communications.

Prior research has shown that many human ailments arise due to : , Down syndrome, and hemophilia are just a few. Logic suggests that correcting such genetic mutations could cure these diseases. So researchers have been working toward developing gene editing tools that will allow for safe editing of genes.

One of the most promising is the CRISPR gene editing system. In this new effort, the research team took a more general approach to solving the problem by working to develop a vector that could be used to carry different kinds of tools to targeted cells and then enter them to allow for healing work to commence.

Jun 3, 2023

‘Hot pixels’ attack steals data through CPU readings

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A team of security researchers at Georgia Tech, the University of Michigan and Ruhr University Bochum in Germany has reported a new form of side-channel attack that capitalizes on power and speed management methods used by graphics processing units and systems on a chip (SoCs).

The researchers demonstrated how they could steal by targeting data released by the Dynamic Voltage and Frequency Scaling (DVFS) mechanisms found on most modern chips.

As manufacturers race to develop thinner and more energy-efficient devices, they must train their sights on constructing SoCs that balance power consumption, heat generation and processing speed.

Jun 3, 2023

‘Almost magical’: chemists can now move single atoms in and out of a molecule’s core

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An explosion of skeletal editing methods to insert, delete or swap individual atoms in molecular backbones could accelerate drug discovery.

Jun 3, 2023

AI Creates Killer Drug

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Researchers in Canada and the United States have used deep learning to derive an antibiotic that can attack a resistant microbe, acinetobacter baumannii, which can infect wounds and cause pneumonia. According to the BBC, a paper in Nature Chemical Biology describes how the researchers used training data that measured known drugs’ action on the tough bacteria. The learning algorithm then projected the effect of 6,680 compounds with no data on their effectiveness against the germ.

In an hour and a half, the program reduced the list to 240 promising candidates. Testing in the lab found that nine of these were effective and that one, now called abaucin, was extremely potent. While doing lab tests on 240 compounds sounds like a lot of work, it is better than testing nearly 6,700.

Interestingly, the new antibiotic seems only to be effective against the target microbe, which is a plus. It isn’t available for people yet and may not be for some time — drug testing being what it is. However, this is still a great example of how machine learning can augment human brainpower, letting scientists and others focus on what’s really important.

Jun 3, 2023

Scientists Discover Time When Our Laws of Physics Didn’t Apply, And We Exist Because of It

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The universe was briefly governed by different physical laws than exist today, according to new research.

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