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Apr 19, 2024

The scoop on UAE’s artificial rain: Did cloud seeding drown Dubai?

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Since this news was published, users have taken to social media to share images and videos of the flooding and placed the blame on the seeding exercises.

While it is easy to correlate the two incidents and blame the flooding on the seeding exercises, a deeper look at the reality tells a different story.

Cloud seeding isn’t new to Dubai. The Bloomberg report states that the technique has been used since 2002 and has never shown such disastrous outcomes in the previous two decades. One can be certain that the seeding experiments have not gone wrong on this occasion since Dubai conducts about 300 such operations every year. The NCM also clarified that it did not do any cloud seeding on the day the storm struck.

Apr 19, 2024

Quantum Barkhausen noise detected for the first time

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Quantum Barkhausen noise, which arises from the cooperative quantum tunnelling of a huge number of magnetic spins, has been observed for the first time and may be the largest macroscopic quantum phenomena ever seen.

Researchers in the US and Canada have detected an effect known as quantum Barkhausen noise for the first time. The effect, which comes about thanks to the cooperative quantum tunnelling of a huge number of magnetic spins, may be the largest macroscopic quantum phenomena yet observed in the laboratory.

In the presence of a magnetic field, electron spins (or magnetic moments) in a ferromagnetic material all line up in the same direction – but not all at once. Instead, alignment occurs piecemeal, with different regions, or domains, falling into line at different times. These domains influence each other in a way that can be likened to an avalanche. Just as one clump of snow pushes on neighbouring clumps until the entire mass comes tumbling down, so does alignment spread through the domains until all spins point in the same direction.

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Apr 19, 2024

Paper page — Reuse Your Rewards: Reward Model Transfer for Zero-Shot Cross-Lingual Alignment

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Google presents Reuse Your Rewards.

Reward model transfer for zero-shot cross-lingual alignment.

Aligning language models (LMs) based on human-annotated preference data is a crucial step in obtaining practical and performant LM-based systems.

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Apr 19, 2024

Based Solar Power May be One Step Closer to Reality, Thanks to This Key Test (Video)

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Unlike solar panels on Earth, a solar power plant in space would provide a constant power supply 24/7.

Apr 19, 2024

Intel unveils largest-ever AI ‘neuromorphic computer’ that mimics the human brain

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Intel’s Hala Point neuromorphic computer is powered by more than 1,000 new AI chips and performs 50 times faster than equivalent conventional computing systems.

Apr 19, 2024

Daniel Dennett (1942−2024)

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Saddened by the news of Prof. Daniel Dennett’s passing. a brilliant philosopher with with such great influence in cognitive science. It’s such a great loss.

Daniel Dennett, professor emeritus of philosophy at Tufts University, well-known for his work in philosophy of mind and a wide range of other philosophical areas, has died.

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Apr 19, 2024

Scientists are one step closer to knowing the mass of ghostly neutrinos — possibly paving the way to new physics

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By precisely measuring the mass of neutrinos — ghostly particles that stream through your body by the billions each second — physicists could find some glaring holes in the Standard Model of particle physics. A new experiment has taken them one step closer.

Apr 19, 2024

Spider-like robot could crawl into Mars’ congested caves to hunt life

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ReachBot is inspired by the movement of the Harvestman spider, also known as a daddy-long-legs. The current model boasts a small body and long, extendable legs equipped with grippers. Moreover, the booms will allow the robot to move ahead.

These appendages allow ReachBot to navigate through the narrow passages of Martian caves to hunt for signs of life and other key resources, like water. The multiple extendable boom limbs have a three-finger gripper that clutches onto the rocks and uses them as anchor points.

Apr 19, 2024

Skyrmions move at record speeds: A step towards the computing of the future

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An international research team led by scientists from the CNRS has discovered that the magnetic nanobubbles known as skyrmions can be moved by electrical currents, attaining record speeds up to 900 m/s.

Apr 19, 2024

Intel Completes Assembly of World’s First High-NA Lithography Machine

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The company says it’s now calibrating the device so it can begin cranking out wafers.

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