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Feb 3, 2023

Restaurants can’t find workers because they’ve found better jobs

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Robots are coming. And since the workers are already leaving the industry, no one will be harmed and service will be cheaper. Loving it!

Nearly three years since the coronavirus pandemic upended the labor market, restaurants, bars, hotels and casinos remain perpetually short-staffed. But these workers didn’t disappear, they found better jobs.

Feb 3, 2023

Scientists Use Exotic DNA To Help Create “Climate-Proof” Crops

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The incorporation of exotic DNA

DNA, or deoxyribonucleic acid, is a molecule composed of two long strands of nucleotides that coil around each other to form a double helix. It is the hereditary material in humans and almost all other organisms that carries genetic instructions for development, functioning, growth, and reproduction. Nearly every cell in a person’s body has the same DNA. Most DNA is located in the cell nucleus (where it is called nuclear DNA), but a small amount of DNA can also be found in the mitochondria (where it is called mitochondrial DNA or mtDNA).

Feb 3, 2023

Mapping and modeling human brain networks

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Olaf Sporns.
September 15, 2014

Abstract: Recent years have seen a rapid expansion of empirical and theoretical studies in connectomics – the emerging science of structural and functional brain networks. In this talk I will survey some of the recent advances and a few of the challenges for connectomics research, with an emphasis on human brain connectivity. Of particular interest are studies that employ network science methods for analyzing and modeling connectivity patterns. These studies have shown the existence of highly connected hub regions that play crucial roles in brain communication and the integration of information. Future applications of brain modeling and computation for understanding brain function and dysfunction will also be discussed. Overall, the new field of connectomics offers a unique opportunity for building a theoretical understanding of the function of the human brain.

Feb 3, 2023

Technology in 2050

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How do u think the future technology gonna look like?

Comment what u think and subscribe!

Feb 3, 2023

Google CEO Sundar Pichai says users will be able to interact directly with AI features in its search engine ‘very soon’

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He really wants to squash the competition.

AI “is the most profound technology” the company is working on, Pichai said. He first mentioned Google’s plans to become “AI-first” several years ago.

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Feb 3, 2023

New Exoplanet With Potential Signs of Life Discovered; Earth-Sized Habitable World Is 31 Light-years Away

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A new exoplanet could be the next habitable zone that researchers have been looking for, according to a report.

Earth-Sized New Exoplanet Shows Signs of Life

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Feb 3, 2023

The Schrödinger Equation in its Various Forms

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Perhaps no equation in quantum physics is as ubiquitous as the Schrödinger equation. In this article we will explain and relate these various forms.

Feb 3, 2023

Leonard Susskind on Wigner’s friend in Copenhagen vs Everett interpretation

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Copenhagen vs Everett interpretation.

Feb 3, 2023

The AI Singularity Is Already Here… (Artificial Intelligence Singularity) Technological Singularity

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What if the AI Singularity actually happened? Robots are seemingly already smarter than us, in this video we explain the singularity.

Feb 3, 2023

The World Will Be REVOLUTIONIZED by These 18 Rapidly Developing Technologies

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Welcome Back To Future Fuse Technology today is evolving at a rapid pace, enabling faster change and progress, causing an acceleration of the rate of change. However, it is not only technology trends and emerging technologies that are evolving, a lot more has changed this year due to the outbreak of COVID-19 making IT professionals realize that their role will not stay the same in the contactless world tomorrow. And an IT professional in 2023–24 will constantly be learning, unlearning, and relearning (out of necessity if not desire).Artificial intelligence will become more prevalent in 2023 with natural language processing and machine learning advancement. Artificial intelligence can better understand us and perform more complex tasks using this technology. It is estimated that 5G will revolutionize the way we live and work in the future. From the evolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the internet of things (IoT), and 5G network to cloud computing, big data, and analytics, technology has the capacity or potential to transform everything, revolutionizing the future of the world. Already, we see the rapid roll-out of autonomous vehicles (self-driving cars) currently in trial phases for all car companies, and Elon Musk’s Tesla is improving the technology by making it more secure and redefined. Forward-thinking and innovative companies seem not to miss any chance to bring breakthrough innovation to the world…in this video, we are looking into The World Will Be REVOLUTIONIZED by These 18 Rapidly Developing Technologies.

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