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Sep 29, 2023

Your website can now opt out of training Google’s Bard and future AIs

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Large language models are trained on all kinds of data, most of which it seems was collected without anyone’s knowledge or consent. Now you have a choice whether to allow your web content to be used by Google as material to feed its Bard AI and any future models it decides to make.

It’s as simple as disallowing “User-Agent: Google-Extended” in your site’s robots.txt, the document that tells automated web crawlers what content they’re able to access.

Though Google claims to develop its AI in an ethical, inclusive way, the use case of AI training is meaningfully different than indexing the web.

Sep 29, 2023

Ethics key issue for human research in private space travel

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With the growth of the commercial spaceflight business comes new ethical issues about human experimentation.

The expansion of the commercial spaceflight sector opens new avenues for scientific study in the unique environment of space.

However, it also raises ethical concerns about the conduct of scientific experiments and studies involving human volunteers on commercial spaceflights.

Sep 29, 2023

This method recycles 98% of metals from batteries in 20 mins

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The process not only shortens the time required for recycling but also reduces secondary waste streams.

The world is expected to experience a surge in battery demand as it moves to renewable energy sources. And, with the development of sustainable energy technologies, there will be a subsequent increase in the demand for precious metals used in batteries. Many of the materials used in such batteries, like lithium-ion batteries, are not available in abundance, and the best way to meet this need is to recycle old batteries.

To aid in this mission, a team of researchers at Rice University in the United States of America has developed a new recycling process that helps salvage more than 98 percent… More.

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Sep 29, 2023

Researchers find success with stem cell therapy in mice model of Alzheimer’s disease

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In a Stanford Medicine study, scientists transplanted stem cells into mice and found reduction of brain abnormalities typical of Alzheimer’s disease.

Sep 29, 2023

For 1st time, scientists write words in liquid water

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Scientists used a process called ‘diffusioosmosis’ to write words that lingered in liquid water.

Sep 29, 2023

New scooter battery can charge in 5 minutes. Can it transform electric cars?

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Most of today’s EVs use lithium-ion batteries, the same kind you’ll find in your smartphone or laptop. These batteries all have two electrodes (one positive and one negative), and the negative one is usually made of graphite.

While the battery is being charged, the lithium ions flow from the side of the battery with the positive electrode to the side with the negative electrode. If the charging happens too fast, the flow can be disrupted, causing the battery to short circuit.

StoreDot’s EV battery replaces the graphite electrode with one made from nanoparticles based on the chemical element germanium — this allows the ions to flow more smoothly and quickly, enabling a faster charge.

Sep 29, 2023

ChatGPT can now search the internet to answer prompts

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Robert Way/iStock.

ChatGPT was not connected to the internet and was equipped to answer questions related to data it was trained on until September 2021. If you asked ChatGPT who won the FIFA World Cup in 2022, it wouldn’t have been able to answer.

Sep 29, 2023

Fish Oil Supplementation: No Impact On NAD

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Sep 29, 2023

Living on the edge: Supernova bubble expands in new Hubble time-lapse movie

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Though a doomed star exploded some 20,000 years ago, its tattered remnants continue racing into space at breakneck speeds—and NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope has caught the action.

The nebula, called the Cygnus Loop, forms a bubble-like shape that is about 120 light-years in diameter. The distance to its center is approximately 2,600 light-years. The entire nebula has a width of six full moons as seen on the sky.

Astronomers used Hubble to zoom into a very small slice of the leading edge of this expanding supernova bubble, where the supernova blast wave plows into surrounding material in space. Hubble images taken from 2001 to 2020 clearly demonstrate how the remnant’s shock front has expanded over time, and they used the crisp images to clock its speed.

Sep 29, 2023

X CEO Says Platform Will Be Profitable By Early 2024—But Dodges Questions About Musk’s Monthly Fee

Posted by in category: futurism

Linda Yaccarino claimed 90% of X’s top advertisers are back but refused to comment on owner Musk’s plan to charge for access to the social platform.

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