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Jul 28, 2016

Neutrinos Hint of Matter-Antimatter Rift

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An early sign that neutrinos behave differently than antineutrinos suggests an answer to one of the biggest questions in physics.

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Jul 28, 2016


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Nice paper on QC from the Obama Administration. While reading this paper; I also kept in mind why the US, Europe, Canada, etc. all must accelerate our efforts on QC which is government backed hackers in China, etc. especially since China will have a Quantum Internet and have also accelerated their efforts on QC with their partnership with Australia’s QC efforts which many discoveries on QC has happened.

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Jul 28, 2016

Diving into the Fountain of Youth with Aubrey de Grey

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A new Aubrey de Grey podcast about the work SENS RF is conducting to cure age related diseases.

On today’s episode of Bulletproof Radio Dave and aging expert Aubrey de Grey talk about the 7 aging causes, morbidity & the ethics of immortality. Enjoy!

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Jul 28, 2016

Physicist offers leading theory about mysterious Large Hadron Collider excess

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In December of last year, scientists at the Large Hadron Collider in Europe announced startling results hinting at the existence of an undiscovered subatomic particle—one with a mass six times heavier than the Higgs boson, the particle that made headlines in 2012.

The evidence is still thin, but if more data confirm the finding, it could sharpen humankind’s understanding of the building blocks of the universe.

“This was a very surprising announcement and a puzzle at the same time, because the lifetime and mass of the particle could reveal something else beyond simply one extra particle, if it turns out to be a real signal,” said Kyoungchul “K.C.” Kong, associate professor of physics and astronomy at the University of Kansas. “Yet we do not claim this as a discovery, and we need more data.”

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Jul 28, 2016

A Transhumanist Goes to the Conventions

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My experiences at the Republican and Democratic conventions summed up in a Vice Motherboard article:

The RNC was surprisingly more open to transhumanism than the DNC.

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Jul 28, 2016

Breakthrough solar cell captures carbon dioxide and sunlight, produces burnable fuel

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Researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago have engineered a potentially game-changing solar cell that cheaply and efficiently converts atmospheric carbon dioxide directly into usable hydrocarbon fuel, using only sunlight for energy.

The finding is reported in the July 29 issue of Science and was funded by the National Science Foundation and the U.S. Department of Energy. A provisional patent application has been filed.

Unlike conventional , which convert sunlight into electricity that must be stored in heavy batteries, the new device essentially does the work of plants, converting into fuel, solving two crucial problems at once. A solar farm of such “artificial leaves” could remove significant amounts of carbon from the atmosphere and produce energy-dense fuel efficiently.

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Jul 28, 2016

Russia to Create New Powerful Plasma Rocket Engine

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A Russian rocket engine company, with the assistance of a major research and development institute, will work on a project to create a powerful electrodeless plasma rocket engine, Russia’s Roscosmos space corporation said Wednesday.

The project will be developed by the Kurchatov Institute, Russia’s leading research and development institution in the field of nuclear energy, and the Chemical Automatics Design Bureau (CADB).

“The project involves the development of a new-generation electrodeless plasma engine. It is a high-power engine using fuel in a plasma state. It has a high energy efficiency, an ability to use almost any kind of rocket fuel… and its maximum engine power is limited only by the power supply of a high-frequency generator,” Roscosmos said in a statement.

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Jul 28, 2016

A new, independent review of the Orion spacecraft is pretty damning

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The next president needs to invest the damn money that’s needed to get this entire thing going. No more deferring. No more dithering. If this turns out to be an impossibility, then we should just privatize the entire production and design process, get rid of the red tape, and just get it DONE before we get delay after delay and then, when we finally DO get there, we find the Chinese have already built a damned settlement.

Scientific Method —

A new, independent review of the Orion spacecraft is pretty damning.

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Jul 28, 2016

Tonight, a meteor shower created by a mysterious comet will reach its peak — here’s how to watch

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Right now, we are in the middle of a meteor shower called the Delta Aquarids, which began around July 12. And tonight, the shower will reach its peak.

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Jul 28, 2016

Growing Organs on Apples

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The future of regenerative medicine may be plants.

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