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Jun 11, 2016

Singapore is turning off the internet in drastic plan to bolster cybersecurity

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Wow and just in time for China’s Quantum Satellite launch next month.

News about this “extreme” decision has drawn ire from many Singaporeans who have criticised the government’s decision on social media.

But, in a surprise move, the Singaporean government has resorted to limiting the Internet access for government work stations for over a year for security reasons. The system of “No internet” for public servants should be more clear-cut, experts say.

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Jun 11, 2016

Don’t freak out, but Elon Musk is totally building the Pentagon an Iron Man suit*

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Maybe Musk is building this for himself to take on those killer robots smile

*Or maybe not. We’re not sure. Nobody knows.

Although Barack Obama joked before that DARPA and the Pentagon were working on an Iron Man suit, a recent tweet by billionaire genius Elon Musk has thrown more fuel on the fire.

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Jun 11, 2016

Automakers Don’t Care That People Don’t Trust Self-Driving Cars

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What happens when the consumers you chose to ignore refuses to buy your cars and buys from others who still produce non-autonomous cars.

The survey results are coming in.

We need to be honest with ourselves: the era of autonomous vehicles will soon begin. In fact, it already has. Automakers and major technology companies such as Google and Apple are all heavily investing in the technology, and there’s not going to be any slowdown. According to a new IHS Automotive study, sales of self-driving vehicles are now expected to reach nearly 21 million by 2035, an even higher number than previously predicted.

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Jun 11, 2016

3D Printing Diamonds

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Video claiming they have a 3D printer mass producing synthetic diamonds; still need to investigate further.

If true; is the quality there for QC?

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Jun 11, 2016

Tiny diamonds could enable huge advances in nanotechnology

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The process begins with tiny, nanoscale diamonds that contain a specific type of impurity: a single nitrogen atom where a carbon atom should be, with an empty space right next to it, resulting from a second missing carbon atom. This “nitrogen vacancy” impurity gives each diamond special optical and electromagnetic properties.

By attaching other materials to the diamond grains, such as metal particles or semiconducting materials known as “quantum dots,” the researchers can create a variety of customizable hybrid nanoparticles, including nanoscale semiconductors and magnets with precisely tailored properties.

“If you pair one of these diamonds with silver or gold nanoparticles, the metal can enhance the nanodiamond’s optical properties. If you couple the nanodiamond to a semiconducting quantum dot, the hybrid particle can transfer energy more efficiently,” said Min Ouyang, an associate professor of physics at UMD and senior author on the study.

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Jun 11, 2016

MarsRunner: Video from the Mars Institute showing a running astronaut on Mars, based on Mars gravity simulations on Earth

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A runner’s gait and stride on Mars will be very different from what they are on Earth. Mars spacesuit design based on design in book MISSION: MARS by Pascal Lee (Scholastic). Video created by VisCo. Produced by Mars Institute, Zaptec, & VisCo.

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Jun 11, 2016

Kudo3D releases a new 3D Printer, the Titan 2

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After digesting this for a few days; the beauty of this is not just in human hair replacement; but also animal fur and leather. Could this printer finally resolve a long debate between fur wearing lovers and animal rights?

Ever since its highly successful Kickstarter launch in May 2014, Kudo3D has been working hard to make a difference in the 3D printing industry. Kudo3D’s Titan 1 has been widely used in the Jewelry, dental, academics, gaming and rapid prototyping industries all over the world. Now in June 2016, Kudo3D has just launched its second-generation 3D printer, the Titan 2.

“While staying true to its original Titan 1 base – a patent pending passive self-peeling (PSP) technology, the Titan 2 has new upgrades that provide a more user-friendly experience, including wireless connection and web-based controlling software. We also add a shutter to reduce background exposure to extend resin lifetime and a mask option to make the intensity more uniform. We are always dedicated to improve our 3D printing technology to meet the demands for different applications.” said Tedd Syao, President of Kudo3D.

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Jun 11, 2016

Tech Tuesday: Shell uses 3D printing in Stones deepwater project

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Although this article came out in April; I wanted to share because it highlights even how energy companies are using 3D printers.

Shell is using 3D printing technology to make the design and construction of equipment used in oil and gas production faster and more efficient.

The printing technology allows the oil giant to create accurate scale prototypes in material like plastic, which it tests and uses to improve designs and construction process.

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Jun 11, 2016

BAM launches robo printer

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BAM has teamed up with Universe Architecture to launch a ‘robo printer’ that can create free-form buildings in stone and concrete.

The ‘building machine’ is described as the first to link free-form print technology to automotive industry robotics. It is designed to make free-form architecture possible, as well as enable the creation of complex ornamental exteriors.

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Jun 11, 2016

The Technology That Will Resurrect ISIS-Destroyed Antiquities

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Teams of Syrian and international archaeologists are racing to document and rebuild the country’s cultural heritage.

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