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Sep 2, 2016

162 Future Jobs: Preparing for Jobs that Don’t Yet Exist

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Thomas Frey’s futurist predictions will leave you beyond enlightened. Learn more about the future of jobs by clicking here!

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Sep 2, 2016

This Pen Can Gauge Vitamin Deficiency

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This device lets you know which vitamins your body needs.

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Sep 1, 2016

Regenerative Biology: Scientists Discovered A New Molecule That Regenerates Bone Tissue

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The key to the researcher’s discovery is in the use of adenosine. This naturally occurring molecule can be injected into bone tissue to coax human pluripotent stem cells (which are capable of becoming any type of cell in the body), to regenerate. In the experiment, this method helped fix cranial bone defects in mice, without causing infections or tumors.

Pluripotent cells can become any type of cell (muscle, heart, skin or bone) through differentiation; but prompting the process and directing stem cell differentiation is very complicated and can be very expensive. The method has also been known to cause the development of teratomas (tumors that contain multiple tissues taken from various organs upon transplantation.).

But, by simply adding adenosine to human pluripotent stem cells, the research team managed to effectively and safely direct stem cell differentiation. Right now, the team is focused on understanding how this single molecule is signaling bone formation.

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Sep 1, 2016

Morgan — IBM Creates First Movie Trailer by AI

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Utilizing experimental Watson APIs and machine learning techniques, scientists at IBM Research have collaborated with 20th Century Fox to create the first-ever cognitive movie trailer.

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Sep 1, 2016

Report: Russia to build two nuclear power plants in Iran

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Russia and iran nuclear power plant partnership.

TEHRAN, Sept. 1 (Xinhua) — Iran and Russia have agreed to build two nuclear power plants in Iran’s southern city of Bushehr shortly, Press TV reported on Thursday.

“Operations to build two new nuclear power plants in Bushehr will start on Sept. 10,” Press TV quoted Ali Akbar Salehi, the head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI), as saying.

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Sep 1, 2016

Russia, China Collaborate On New eCommerce Site

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This one makes me to want to dig more into the reason especially since just last week Russia announced its distrust of Chinese tech being used to hack into Russia’s governmental systems, etc. And, one thing about Russia and China is their protection and involvement in commerce and financials.

New trade routes are expanding between Russia and China. That’s according to Russia’s Far East Development Fund, which said an agreement has been made with Chinese technology company LeEco to develop an eCommerce platform focused on increasing food exportation to China.

LeLive, the name of the new platform, will broaden and increase sales of Russian agricultural items and products in the Chinese market. Facilitated by LeEco’s online platform — called “Le Ecosystem,” which has a monthly connection with more than 800 million users — the goal of the platform is to meet Chinese customers’ needs. Russian goods that will be available through the platform range from basics, like flour, butter and honey, to assorted beverages, sweets, canned meats and nuts.

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Sep 1, 2016

Why US tech companies struggle in China but thrive in India

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China has never had the intention for US Tech to walk away with the profits taken from their consumers. And, why should they? China (especially the Chinese Government) has invested heavily in their people in multiple ways. Any country where the government has owned many areas such as financials, tech, etc. plus invested in their people’s social services is not going to simply allow a company from the west to walk in set up shop and pocket huge profits from their citizens especially when they have brilliant people and money to develop their own SV.

The success of US tech companies in India boils down to 3 factors: consumers, the local competition, and the government.

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Sep 1, 2016

Baidu offers brainy solutions

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Hoping Google/ Alphabet, Microsoft are paying attention.

Robin Li (right), chief executive officer of Baidu Inc at the launch of” Baidu Brain” on Sept 1, 2016 in Beijing. (Photo/China Daily)

Chinese tech giant reveals its latest bid to gain the upper hand in the field of artificial intelligence

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Sep 1, 2016

The West and the New, Tech-Savvy China

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Luv the Kuo.

This interview was previously published on the Young China Watchers’ blog and is reprinted here with kind permission. Young China Watchers is a global network of China-focused young professionals across nine chapter cities, engaging with the most pressing issues emerging from China today.

Kaiser Kuo is the co-host of the Sinica Podcast and the former director of international communications for Baidu. He was previously a technology reporter in China and Oglivy & Mather’s director of digital strategy in Beijing. Kaiser is also considered the godfather of heavy metal music in China and founded the rock band Tang Dynasty. Recently, he spoke with Young China Watchers’ Jordyn Dahl about China’s tech scene and bridging the gap between China and the West.

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Sep 1, 2016

China’s electric-car start-ups face wipeout

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Stricter standards could wipe out as many as 90% of the industry’s 200-plus fledgling manufacturers.

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