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Jul 14, 2023

The Neuroscience Of Strategic Thinking And Executive Coaching

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There are various ways to create space and bring the brain into a state that is conducive to strategic thinking:

• Sustain a regular meditation practice.

• Use breathwork to calm down.

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Jul 14, 2023

Scientist protects crafts from space debris in the Earth-Moon region

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A Purdue University engineer is exploring how to spot and track all human-made objects and predict the impact of their potential damage in the Cislunar region.

To protect new craft from being hit by such space waste, Purdue University engineer Carolin Frueh is exploring how to spot and keep track of all human-made objects and predict the impact of their potential damage in this Earth-Moon neighborhood, called the Cislunar region.

Space is crowded. Particularly the region between Earth and the Moon. That part is full of space debris.

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Jul 14, 2023

Venus Stargazer: Hypersonic jet could reach Tokyo from San Francisco in just one hour

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Venus Aerospace.

Planned to travel at Mach 9, the new craft should be able to transport 12 passengers between San Francisco to Tokyo in just one hour. That’s eleven times faster than a typical long-haul flight today.

Jul 14, 2023

New research puts age of universe at 26.7 billion years, nearly twice as old as previously believed

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Our universe could be twice as old as current estimates, according to a new study that challenges the dominant cosmological model and sheds new light on the so-called “impossible early galaxy problem.”

The work is published in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

“Our newly-devised model stretches the galaxy formation time by a several billion years, making the 26.7 billion years old, and not 13.7 as previously estimated,” says author Rajendra Gupta, adjunct professor of physics in the Faculty of Science at the University of Ottawa.

Jul 14, 2023

New time-lapse images show the moon orbiting Earth — from Mars’ point of view

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The minimum distance between Mars and Earth is about 34 million miles, according to NASA.

Jul 13, 2023

Einstein’s theory of relativity reaffirmed, despite doubts from quantum physicists

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One of the most basic assumptions of fundamental physics is that the different properties of mass—weight, inertia and gravitation—always remain the same in relation to each other. Without this equivalence, Einstein’s theory of relativity would be contradicted and our current physics textbooks would have to be rewritten. Although all measurements to date confirm the equivalence principle, quantum theory postulates that there should be a violation.

This inconsistency between Einstein’s gravitational theory and modern is the reason why ever more precise tests of the are particularly important. A team from the Center of Applied Space Technology and Microgravity (ZARM) at University of Bremen, in collaboration with the Institute of Geodesy (IfE) at Leibniz University Hannover, has now succeeded in proving with 100 times greater accuracy that passive gravitational mass and active gravitational mass are always equivalent—regardless of the particular composition of the respective masses.

The research was conducted within the framework of the Cluster of Excellence “QuantumFrontiers.” Today, the team published their findings as a highlights article in Physical Review Letters.

Jul 13, 2023

Study finds probable explanation for unusual planetary nebulae alignment in the Milky Way

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Planetary nebulae are created by the gas “ghost” clouds expelled by the dying stars, finds study.

Back in 2013, Bryan Rees of the University of Manchester discovered the unusual alignment of stars at the galactic center of the Milky Way galaxy.

Rees discovered elongated planetary nebulae in the Milky Way’s center that appear to lay parallel to the plane of the galactic bulge — hinting at undiscovered underlying phenomena.

Jul 13, 2023

A connected robot team could improve our space exploration capabilities

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A team of robots would still be able to complete a mission if one or two of the machines malfunction.

Swiss researchers led by ETH Zurich are exploring the possibility of sending an interconnected team of walking and flying exploration robots to the Moon, a press statement reveals.

In recent tests, the researchers equipped three ANYmal robots with scientific instruments to test whether they would be suitable for lunar exploitation.

Jul 13, 2023

Tesla looking to make about half million EVs annually in India, Times of India reports

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BENGALURU, July 13 (Reuters) — Tesla (TSLA.O) is discussing an investment proposal with the Indian government to set up a factory with an annual capacity to produce about half a million electric vehicles, the Times of India reported on Thursday, citing government sources.

The company, led by billionaire Elon Musk, is also looking at using India as an export base to ship cars to countries in the Indo-Pacific region, the report said.

The starting price for the vehicles will be 2 million rupees ($24,400.66), the report added, which is more than double of India’s cheapest EV, MG Comet, and half a million costlier than Tata Nexon EV, the top-selling electric car in the country.

Jul 13, 2023

Webb Space Telescope reveals moment of stellar birth, dramatic close-up of 50 baby stars

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The Webb Space Telescope is marking one year of cosmic photographs with one of its best yet: the dramatic close-up of dozens of stars at the moment of birth.

NASA unveiled the latest snapshot Wednesday, revealing 50 baby stars in a cloud complex 390 light-years away. A light-year is nearly 6 trillion miles (9.7 trillion kilometers).

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