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Nov 22, 2023

Unlock Your Intuitive Intelligence: 7 Secrets Revealed

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Human consciousness is not confined to the brain and body, but is embedded within non-local fields of information, and trusting intuitive feelings can lead to unexpected and successful outcomes.

Key insights.

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Nov 14, 2023

‘Magic Intelligence in the Sky’: Sam Altman Has a Cute New Name for the Singularity

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OpenAI’s board members, who are definitely not Effective Altruists, will determine when its created artificial general intelligence. It may or may not kill you.

Nov 12, 2023

A Scientist Says the Singularity Will Happen by 2031

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Maybe even sooner. Are you ready?

Nov 11, 2023

What If We Became A Type I Civilization? 15 Predictions

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This video explores what life would be like if we became a Type I Civilization. Watch this next video about the Technological Singularity:
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• The Singularity Is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology (Ray Kurzweil):
• The Future of Humanity (Michio Kaku):

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Oct 28, 2023

Cybernetic Theory: Information Physics, Quantum Cosmology, Simulation Metaphysics

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Building upon the foundational paradigms outlined in The Syntellect Hypothesis: Five Paradigms of the Mind’s Evolution (2020), my latest work titled The Cybernetic Theory of Mind (2022), a Kindle eBook series published last year, serves as an extension and refinement, operating at the intersection of information physics, quantum cosmology, and simulation metaphysics. The objective is not merely to inform but to elucidate through an “explanatory” theory of everything, providing an integrative framework for a deeper understanding of reality.

#CyberneticTheory #InformationPhysics #QuantumCosmology #SimulationMetaphysics #cybernetics #QuantumGravity #SyntellectHypothesis #CyberneticTheoryofMind #TheoryofEverything #consciousness #TechnologicalSingularity #DigitalPhysics #QuantumMechanics #PhilosophyofMind #posthumanism #UniversalMind #CyberneticImmortality

The Cybernetic Theory of Mind is an explanatory TOE at the intersection of information physics, quantum cosmology and simulation metaphysics.

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Oct 19, 2023

The A.I. Dilemma

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We need to ķeep up with china in human enhancement and biotechnology.

Tristan Harris and Aza Raskin discuss how existing A.I. capabilities already pose catastrophic risks to a functional society, how A.I. companies are caught in a race to deploy as quickly as possible without adequate safety measures, and what it would mean to upgrade our institutions to a post-A.I. world.

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Oct 16, 2023

Are We Approaching the Singularity?

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Are humans progressing morally as well as materially? What does it mean to be human in the cosmos? On a new episode of ID the Future, we bring you the second half of a stimulating conversation between Dr. David Berlinski and host Eric Metaxas on the subject of Berlinski’s book Human Nature.

In Human Nature, Berlinski argues that the utopian view that humans are progressing toward evolutionary and technological perfection is wishful thinking. Men are not about to become like gods. “I’m a strong believer in original sin,” quips Berlinski in his discussion with Metaxas. In other words, he believes not only that humans are fundamentally distinct from the rest of the biological world, but also that humans are prone to ignorance and depravity as well as wisdom and nobility. During this second half of their discussion, Berlinski and Metaxas compare and contrast the ideas of thinkers like psychologist Steven Pinker, author Christopher Hitchens, and physicist Steven Weinberg. The pair also spar gracefully over the implications of human uniqueness. Berlinski, though candid and self-critical, is unwilling to be pigeonholed. Metaxas, drawing his own conclusions about the role of mind in the universe, challenges Berlinski into moments of clarity with his usual charm. The result is an honest, probing, and wide-ranging conversation about the nature of science and the human condition. Download the podcast or listen to it here.

This is Part 2 of a two-part interview. If you missed it, listen to Part 1.

Oct 7, 2023

What If AI Becomes Self Aware?

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Have we already gone too far??


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Oct 5, 2023

Ray Kurzweil Wants To Put Nanobots In Our Bloodstream

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Would you want to live forever? On this episode, Neil deGrasse Tyson and author, inventor, and futurist Ray Kurzweil discuss immortality, longevity escape velocity, the singularity, and the future of technology. What will life be like in 10 years?

Could we upload our brain to the cloud? We explore the merger of humans with machines and how we are already doing it. Could nanobots someday flow through our bloodstreams? Learn about the exponential growth of computation and what future computing power will look like.

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Oct 3, 2023

What Constitutes Your Stream of Consciousness?

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It wouldn’t shock me if all the buzz around searching for the ‘locus of consciousness’ merely fine-tunes our grasp of how the brain is linked to consciousness — without actually revealing where consciousness comes from, because it’s not generated in the brain. Similarly, your smartphone doesn’t create the Internet or a cellular network; it just processes them. Networks of minds are a common occurrence throughout the natural world. What sets humans apart is the impending advent of cybernetic connectivity explosion that could soon evolve into a form of synthetic telepathy, eventually leading to the rise of a unified, global consciousness — what could be termed the Syntellect Emergence.

#consciousness #phenomenology #cybernetics #cognition #neuroscience

In summary, the study of consciousness could be conceptualized through a variety of lenses: as a series of digital perceptual snapshots, as a cybernetic system with its feedback processes, as a grand theater; or perhaps even as a VIP section in a cosmological establishment of magnificent complexity. Today’s leading theories of consciousness are largely complementary, not mutually exclusive. These multiple perspectives not only contribute to philosophical discourse but also herald the dawn of new exploratory avenues, equally enthralling and challenging, in our understanding of consciousness.

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