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Feb 7, 2017

Microsoft helps science, open sources their cloud-based tool for biological research

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Off to the races again; hope folks are onboard. Quantum Bio will grow in importance; and you were warned.

Microsoft today announced that they have open sourced Bio Model Analyzer, a cloud-based tool which allows for biologists to model cell interaction and communication. This latest move is one of the many Microsoft Research initiatives which aims to help lab experts use computer science to speed up breakthroughs in cancer research and treatment.

According to the post, the Bio Model Analzyer (BMA) allows for researchers and science to compare the normal processes of healthy cells to the abnormal processes that occur when disease infects the body. Set against more traditional methods, when using computers, researchers can quickly explore many more possibilities than were previously possible. Jasmin Fisher, a Senior researcher in the programming principles and tools group in Microsoft’s Cambridge, U.K explains in the post:

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Jan 24, 2017

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative’s AI Acquisition Will Make Science Free for All

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Back in September, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative – the philanthropic company set up by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Dr. Priscilla Chan – set a goal to invest $3 billion to cure, prevent, and manage disease by the end of the century.

The company has taken a huge first step toward the objective by partnering with scientists, doctors, engineers, and other key stakeholders. With the acquisition of Toronto-based company, Meta, the team is moving even closer to their goal by creating tools and technology designed to empower the scientific community.

Meta is a research paper search engine that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver the most relevant results to researchers. Following this acquisition, the Chan Zuckerberg initiative will enhance the service before eventually rolling it out for free.

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Jan 18, 2017

China’s quantum science satellite begins ‘spooky’ and ‘unhackable’ experiments

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Hope folks are realizing this is happening and now real. Not sure what experiments their doing as they have already been experimenting already on hacking.

The world’s first quantum science and communications satellite has been handed over to Chinese scientists for the official start of experiments to test the phenomena of quantum entanglement and ‘unhackable’ quantum communication.

The Quantum Experiments at Space Scale (QUESS) satellite was launched on August 15 last year and soon after began testing its payloads and space-to-ground links.

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Jan 12, 2017

Innovation150 Kick Off at Science World

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Sharing in case anyone is interested in attending.

What do the Walkie-Talkie, IMAX, the egg carton, instant mashed potatoes and the sport of hockey all have in common? They were all Canadian inventions! You can celebrate Canada’s innovative past, present and future for our country’s 150th anniversary when the Innovation150 National Tour launches at Science World next week. Innovation150 Kick Off at Science World The cross-country Innovation150 tour will celebrate Canadian ingenuity and inspire the innovators of tomorrow. Locally, from January 19 to February 3, 2017, Science World and Innovation150 are organizing a city-wide celebration of Canada’s innovative past, present and future for our country’s 150th anniversary. Innovation.

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Jan 12, 2017

Is An Anti-Aging Serum In Your Future? Science-Backed Therapy Targeting Senescent Cells May Be The Answer

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Senolytics to remove senescent cells will deliver the first “repair” based approach to treat the aging process. This is the arrival of true rejuvenation biotechnology in the SENS model of damage repair.

Senescent cell removal with companies such as Unity, entering human clinical trials in the next 18 months will deliver the first true damage repair rejuevenation biotechnology. This will be the first “repair” approach to the aging process and one the SENS Research Foundation has been advocating for over a decade.

#aging #crowdfundthecure

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Jan 8, 2017

Light-activated neurons hold bright promise for brain science

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As I stated earlier, another example where we will see a convergence of tech and bio especially as we emerge QC forward and synbio technology such as gene/ cell circuitry. My guess when we mature these fields along with minerals like diamonds/ gem crystalized formation and their use in QC tech, we will began to wonder why we didn’t figure this out sooner.

When Edward Boyden was helping develop a tool to turn neurons on and off with light at Stanford a decade ago, he had a strong feeling it would spread far and wide. Even so, he’s been surprised by how quickly its fame has come.

“What I hadn’t quite anticipated was how fast it would take off,” said Boyden, who now leads the MIT Media Lab’s synthetic neurobiology research group. “It was almost as if the field was ready for the technology.”

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Jan 5, 2017

Bioquark Inc. Announces Approval of Bioquantine Food Ingredients in Eurasian Customs Union

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Philadelphia, PA, USA / Moscow, Russia — Bioquark, Inc., ( a life sciences company focused on the development of novel bio-products for regeneration, disease reversion, and healthy aging, announced the commercial approval of naturally derived Bioquantine food ingredients in the Eurasian Customs Union (formerly known as the Customs Union of Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Russia). Moscow based, Lakmus LLC, a diversified investment company with business interests in pharmacies, restaurants, and real estate, collaborated with Bioquark Inc. on the regulatory approvals.


“We are very excited about this successful regulatory approval,” said Ira S. Pastor, CEO, Bioquark Inc. “The commercialization of Bioquantine food ingredients, including functional foods, drinks, and dietary supplements, represents another important step in our continued evolution as a company focused on a broad range of products and services in the regenerative healthcare space.”

Throughout the 20th century, natural products formed the basis for a majority of all pharmaceuticals, biologics, and consumer healthcare products used by patients around the globe, generating trillions of dollars of wealth. However, many scientists believe we have only touched the surface with what the natural world, and its range of organisms, which from a health and wellness perspective are much further advanced than human beings, has to teach us.

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Dec 26, 2016

The Science and Engineering of Quantum Dot Lasers

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Since their development in 1960, lasers have become an indispensable tool supporting our modern society, finding use in fields such as medicine, information, and industry. Thanks to their compact size and energy efficiency, semiconductor lasers are now one of the most important classes of laser, making possible a diverse range of applications. However, the threshold current of a typical semiconductor laser—the minimum electrical current required to induce lasing—increases with temperature. This is one of a number of disadvantages that can be overcome by using quantum dot lasers. Professor Yasuhiko Arakawa of the Institute of Industrial Science at the University of Tokyo has been researching quantum dot lasers for about 35 years, from their conception to commercialization.

An electron trapped in a microscopic box

Sunlight is composed of light of various colors. The property that determines the color of light is its wavelength, or in other words, the distance between two successive wave peaks or troughs. The location of the peaks and troughs in the waveform is known as its phase. As a laser emits light waves in a uniform phase at the same wavelength, the light can be transmitted as a beam over long distances at high intensity.

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Dec 24, 2016

Interstellar Human Hibernation –Science of Deep-Space Travel from From ‘Aliens’ to ’Arrival‘

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In “Passengers,” a 2016 science-fiction thriller film two space travelers wake up 90 years too soon from an induced hibernation on board a spaceship bound for a new planet. From “Aliens” to “Interstellar,” Hollywood has long used suspended animation to overcome the difficulties of deep space travel, but the once-fanciful sci-fi staple is becoming scientific fact. The theory is that a hibernating crew could stay alive over vast cosmic distances, requiring little food, hydration or living space, potentially slashing the costs of interstellar missions and eradicating the boredom of space travel.

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Dec 22, 2016

2017 sneak peek: What the new year holds for science

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She forgot one on QC; 2017 marks the year that Google shares with us the worlds 1st quantum device.

Expect researchers to glimpse an event horizon, continue striving for quantum supremacy and brace themselves for a political hangover.

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