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Jun 29, 2023

Russian Ships Enter Taiwan’s Territory: New Escalation in East Asia? | Vantage with Palki Sharma

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Taiwan was on high alert after two Russian warships entered its waters. Taiwan is used to incursions by China, not Russia. It marks a new flare-up in East Asia. Moscow then doubled down by releasing footage of a military drill in the Sea of Japan. East Asia is becoming a powder keg.

The region already deals with tensions between North Korea, South Korea & Japan. And now the US is trying to send a message to Pyongyang by having its largest nuclear submarine visit South Korea.

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Jun 25, 2023

Japan’s military is testing Elon Musk’s Starlink for potential adoption

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The technology may be acquired by the Ministry of Defense in the next fiscal year.


If all goes well, the organization may adopt the technology next fiscal year.

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Jun 24, 2023

Omega-3 fatty acids linked to lower atrial fibrillation risk in U.S. veterans

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A recent study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition determined whether marine omega-3 fatty acid (FA) consumption increases atrial fibrillation (AF) risk among United States military veterans.

Study: Dietary ω-3 fatty acids and the incidence of atrial fibrillation in the Million Veteran Program. Image Credit: Natali _ Mis /

Jun 23, 2023

Living Inside SpaceX Starship Space Stations Versus Submarines

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There is some debate on how many people could fit inside SpaceX Starships that are converted into Space Stations. We can get a better maximum estimate by looking at the Apollo mission and German and American submarines.

Apollo’s Command Module had a diameter of 12.8 feet (3.9 meters) and a height of 11.4 feet (3.47 meters). Total dry weight was 12,787 pounds (5,800 kg) and its crew cabin volume was 218 cubic feet (6.17 cubic meters). This held three astronauts for about one week. If one were to pack Astronauts with Apollo standards then 400 could fit into the 1,000 cubic meters of the SpaceX Starship. Tripling the space given for each Starship Astronaut would still leave room for 150.

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Jun 21, 2023

Putin vows to deploy world’s most powerful nuke ‘Satan 2’ to ‘combat duty’

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VLADIMIR Putin vowed to deploy his hypersonic “Satan-2” nuclear-capable missiles in a chilling new threat to the West.

The Russian leader said that the new generations of the Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missiles — thought to be the world’s most powerful — would soon be deployed for combat duty.

In a speech to newly graduated soldiers, Putin warned: “In the near future, the first launchers of the Sarmat complex with a new heavy missile will go on combat duty.”

Jun 18, 2023

Flying the F-35 stealth fighter can leave pilots looking ‘like they are 100 years old,’ says test pilot

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F-35 test pilots described how intense it is to fly the aircraft, The Jerusalem Post reported.

“It’s like an 800-pound gorilla sitting on your chest,” a pilot said in a Lockheed Martin webinar.

“After some training, pilots come out looking like they are 100 years old,” another test pilot said.

Jun 17, 2023

First deployment outside Russia since fall of the USSR

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Vladimir Putin confirmed Russia has sent nuclear arms to its ally Belarus, which borders Ukraine. Putin has repeatedly warned that Russia, which has more nuclear weapons than any other country, will use all means to defend itself. Russia has a huge numerical superiority over the united states and the nato military alliance when it comes to tactical nuclear weapons. The united states believe Russia has around 2,000 such working tactical warheads. Reports say, the united states has around 200 tactical nuclear weapons, half of which are at bases in Europe. Remember, Belarus has borders with 3 nato members — Poland, Lithuania & Latvia. The treaty on the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, signed by the soviet union, says no nuclear power can transfer nuclear weapons or tech to a non-nuclear power.

Jun 15, 2023

Pentagon gearing up to launch 1st experimental navigation satellite in 50 years (video)

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Later this year, the Pentagon aims to launch Navigation Technology Satellite-3, which could help make the nation’s vital GPS architecture more robust.

Jun 14, 2023

China’s quantum leap — Made in Germany

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Germany’s oldest university hosts many scientists conducting groundbreaking work. Little did they know how they would become entangled in China’s quantum military strategy. A DW investigation with CORRECTIV.

Jun 11, 2023

Oppenheimer — with Robert J. Sawyer

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Science Fiction author Robert J. Sawyer talks about Oppenheimer and about his Alternate History book: The Oppenheimer Alternative.

Where to find ‘The Oppenheimer Alternative” book?
Robert J. Sawyer’s website:

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