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Mar 7, 2020

16 deaths from COVID-19 in Washington as officials scramble to contain

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Wuhan Coronavirus Pandemic Washington State.

More deaths and it looks like they’re going to look at previous deaths at the retirement home that is the epicenter to see if some of those previous deaths were caused by Wuhan Coronavirus.

“Killian went on to say that since February 19, Life Care Center reported 26 deaths. Since that date, 11 additional patients died at the facility. They generally have three to seven deaths a month, Killian said. Life Care Center is still waiting back for reports on post-mortem testing and whether 11 of those patients tested positive for coronavirus.”

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Mar 5, 2020

CDC: Get Ready to Stay At Home For a While

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During a Tuesday briefing, the CDC’s director of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases Nancy Messonnier warned that self-imposed quarantines could last weeks.

“You may need to take a break from your normal daily routine for two weeks,” she said, as quoted by The Washington Post.

“Staying home when you are sick is really important,” she added. “Don’t let the illness spread beyond you. Stay away as much as you can from other people.”

Mar 3, 2020

If you want to save bumble bees, plant these flowers in your yard

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Humans are the cause of many problems because humans follow humans with no solutions. Everyone is talking about coronavirus, but not about ending the virus because they are not solutions driven. Just as Wangari Maathai taught the world to plant trees to fix what humans messed up. We need to also teach the world to plant bees #beekeeping to fix what humans messed up. This does not just mean bees, but other species we are making extinct. We need to be the change not just talk about and protest for change.

Researchers have figured out which plant species bumble bees prefer to include in their diets, providing advice to those wishing to help with bee conservation efforts.

During the summer months of 2015 to 2016, authors captured bumble bees on more than 100 plant species across more than 400 plots in the Plumas National Forest in California — a mountainous, meadowy area with wildlife habitats near running water, where bumble bees are abundant.

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Mar 3, 2020

Man develops 120-year-old cat photos he finds in time capsule

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A century before cats dominated YouTube, they were the subject of one very adoring photographer.

Recently, a family member reached out to YouTuber Mathieu Stern with a fun fact: There was possibly a time capsule hidden in his old family home.

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Mar 3, 2020

Firm that makes home thermostats enters the quantum computing race

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Honeywell, the same company that might make your humidifier or home security system, is unveiling a powerful quantum computer that will be available to the public.

Mar 2, 2020

San Jose opens first tiny home community for formerly homeless residents

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Each 80-square-foot structure has a single bed, desk and chair, shelves and air conditioner/heater.

Mar 1, 2020

Health officials: Dozens at Kirkland nursing facility reporting symptoms that might suggest coronavirus

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Wuhan coronavirus pandemic — kirkland, washington.

Cluster of 50 people sick at a single retirement home where 2 have been confirmed to have Wuhan Coronavirus.

KIRKLAND, Wash. — Dozens of residents and staff at Life Care Center of Kirkland, a nursing and rehab facility, are reporting symptoms that might suggest coronavirus, according to a statement from King County Public Health.

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Feb 29, 2020

Airplane Wi-Fi Could Get Massive Upgrade in the Near Future

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If planes were as reliable as in-flight Wi-Fi, we’d never get on a flight again. Fortunately, industry group Seamless Air Alliance is working to change that. The group operates under the mission of bringing “industries and technologies together to make the in-flight internet experience simple to access and delightful to use.” Its idea? To get rid of the toxic brew of current proprietary systems operated by each airline and instead establish a standard for in-flight Wi-Fi that can be flexibly swapped in and out to better allow airlines to respond as technology improves.

“The goal of the Alliance is to deliver high-speed, low-latency 5G quality access inside the plane,” the FAQ section of the group’s website states. “Access to the network will be seamless, meaning any enabled user device will work without any login, sign-on or other activities. The internet experience itself will be as good as, and in many cases better than, the home experience, including low latency, high speed, and a gate-to-gate continuity of service.”

An article for IEEE Spectrum notes that “a plane’s antennas are currently stored in a relatively small hump on the top of the craft, typically about 45 centimeters high. Even though it’s so small, that hump causes tremendous amounts of wasted jet fuel, [Seamless Air Alliance CEO Jack] Mandala says, causing an estimated minimum of an extra $75,000 per aircraft per year in fuel costs.”

Feb 25, 2020

Wuhan residents shout from windows in solidarity

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Residents in Wuhan, China are shouting encouragement and singing songs from their apartment windows to boost morale amidst the coronavirus quarantine.

Feb 25, 2020

High-tech hemp homes: The 3D-printed green building revolution

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A Perth company has revealed plans to roll out high-tech 3D-printed hemp homes, promising to transform residential building as we know it.

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