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Aug 31, 2011

Open letter by a Lifeboat Member to the UN Security Council

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Dear SCUN:

My scientific results force me to be worried.

I feel that I must repeat my kind request to you: Please, endorse judge Niemeier and his Cologne Court’s request for a scientific “safety conference” regarding CERN’s currently running nuclear collisions experiment.

For this experiment is based on outdated scientific knowledge from more than three years ago. The ignored new knowledge (derived from Einstein’s 1907 equivalence principle, Pauli’s quantum mechanics and Poincaré’s chaos theory) implies that the experiment has by now accumulated an approximately 1 percent probability of “earth evaporation” with a 2-cm left-over called a black hole forming in a few years’ time.

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Aug 30, 2011

I am the Scientist Who Proved That CERN Attempts to Kill You

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CERN continues even though the matter is before the UN Security Council.

There is no counterproof to my published and public results. Presently the odds that the planet will be shrunk to 2 cm in perhaps 5 years’ time are 1:70, to be raised to 1:30 in the next two months if CERN continues.

Everyone who loves his child or his life or the planet by a higher factor is my ally. Please, request a response from your mayor and priest and counselor and merchant and newspaper office.

The best advisor in such an unprecedented situation may be your child since children still have a connection to heaven.

But hurry up. Maybe you are even a member of a social network?

Aug 28, 2011

Short Statement Humbly Expected from the United Nations Security Council

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“The SCUN finds no fault with the proposal of a scientific safety conference made by the Cologne Administrative Court regarding the LHC.”

Aug 25, 2011

Open Letter to the Dalai Lama

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No other high-ranking personality on the planet is paying attention to the fact that a scientific proof of danger stays un-refuted for 3 years: That the planet will be shrunken to 2 cm (a black hole) in about 5 years’ time with a probability of 3 percent if the currently running grandiose LHC experiment is not halted immediately.

Since your mind is a unique bridge between the Eastern and the Western world view, you are the only institution on the planet which with authority can demand the necessary scientific safety conference. Even though this particular now and this particular existence is not everything, the sparing of suffering is a holy vocation.

Allow me to convey to you cordial greetings from your friend John S. Bell.

In deep respect

Sincerely yours,

Otto E. Rossler, chaos researcher

Aug 24, 2011

Why Do My Alarmist Results — One Percent Armageddon — Not Cause a Stir?, Says Gandhi

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Answer: the media. They have – much as in an authoritarian society – voluntarily decided to keep a lid on it all. This is fine as soon as one cannot do anything about it anymore. But this “hurrying-on-ahead obedience” has the consequence that the experiment is presently running with a vengeance, raising the danger by a factor of three in the coming ten weeks. Imagine: 3 percent Armageddon.

After 4 years of waiting in vain, I still hope that someone will find a fault in my deductive chain no matter how unlikely. Therefore I still request nothing but the “scientific safety conference” asked-for by the Cologne Administrative Court on January 27, 2011.

Someone outside the big CERN umbrella reading this near-inaudible cry for help ought to be able to sneak through the media curtain to publicize the content of this Samizdat. Anyone who has children anywhere on the planet. Or do you want to see the terror in their eyes in a few years’ time? We all are the horn of Africa.

The request to have a second look at the European Nuclear Experiment is a most decent request – absolutely nonviolent. To deny it is a manifest crime. Even a court is on my side. Why not join the new Gandhi movement since this is what Gandhi would say today?

Aug 22, 2011

How Can I Convince the World That It Is Reasonable to Double Check?

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Despite some nominations I am just a stupid scientist who found evidence that the currently running LHC experiment in Geneva jeopardizes the planet with a probability of 3 percent, with the largest part of this number still avoidable if the LHC is stopped immediately.

No one in science or the media believes me, only a court in Cologne did but they since also have become nonpersons. This appears to be a unique phenomenon in history since not a single scientist has a counter-proof to offer. All I am and ever was asking for is to double-check: a scientific safety conference. The latter has become the best-heeded taboo of history.

Why is it a sin to see farther? The youngest sailor who can climb the crow’s nest possesses the right and the duty to tell the crew what no one else sees. No one is allowed to shout him down. The same holds true in science: The most reasonable consensus of yesterday is scrap paper in the face of a new finding. My finding bears the name of a young man, Telemach.

The T stands for time, l for length, m for mass and ch for charge (the vowels being for better pronunciation). T,l,m,ch all change by the same factor in gravity, the first two go up, the last two down. Einstein 104 years ago focused on the T but the other three letters are implicit in his later equation. Nevertheless the young man got overlooked for nine decades. Now in the absence of a counter-proof, the specialists are unable to rejoice. Maybe it is because it was not one of them who found the news?

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Aug 20, 2011

Which Country’s Veto in Security Council Enables the Current Planetary Suicide Attempt?

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Germany refused the scientific safety conference asked-for by a Cologne court seven months ago. Now a country with veto power blocks the initiative put before the United Nations Security Council to impose a double-check before it is too late.

The fact that Germany still refuses to take back having declared the scientist now responsible for the warning insane 15 years ago for having withstood police in his lecture hall for months in a row after revealing a new obedience law without knowing it was a secret, may contribute to the lacking world response. I therefore repeat my request for an apology from the part of Germany and for an answer why she illogically refused the safety conference.

Please, dear citizens of the planet: do not let traditional European obedience kill you and your families and unborn descendants. Black holes are not a joke but the worst danger of history. German-led CERN continues its attempt at producing them even though it knows that its machines cannot detect them.
Why refuse having a look at an un-disproved danger? I count on your love, mothers and fathers of all countries: ask the same question.

Aug 19, 2011

The Planet-Saving Implications of Einstein’s “Happiest Thought”

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He always called it so. That in free fall after jumping out of the window (he was feeling sick at the moment) you do not feel the weight of a heavy stomach. The laws of nature then are the same as those valid in free outer space — those of special relativity.

The long overlooked consequence: gravity reduces rest mass energy and charge and increases size along with the clock period T focused on by Einstein. His T-change in gravity is accompanied by an L-, M- and Ch-change (Telemach theorem). Very simple but planet-saving. For it totally alters the properties of black holes. They arise more easily, do not Hawking evaporate, cannot be detected if produced at CERN, and grow exponentially inside earth.

The risk of the planet being shrunk to a 2-cm black hole in a few years’ time is currently being raised at CERN every day by 1/30 of the calculated final risk of 3 percent reached by the end of October. No scientist contradicts this accusation openly.

It is so easy: Interrupt and wait until the vitally needed counterproof has been found. No one will be happier than me and the mothers of the planet. Please, allow them to know about the situation.

Aug 15, 2011

Thankyou, UN Security Council, for Having Taken the Responsibility: Now, Please Act Today

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If you do not act, earth will be shrunk to 2 cm in a few years’ time with a probability of about ten percent as everyone knows.

The reason is that no scientist can disprove that black holes:

1) are never finished,

2) do not evaporate (Hawking is wrong),

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Aug 7, 2011

The German Bomb at Last

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Einstein is still not accepted in Germany – to judge from the fact that there are no academic curricula designed in his footsteps. A new finding implicit in his “happiest thought” as he always called it entails that a currently running German-led experiment will shrink the earth to 2 cm in a few years’ time with a sizable probability. The ostentatious “Albert-Einstein-Institut” refuses to discuss the matter since the German-led LHC experiment must go on at all costs.

The (currently) German-led UN Security Council does not respond to the kind request to endorse the scientific safety conference needed to defuse the bomb alarm. A world-wide press curfew is in charge. Is the world press also German-led?

If Einstein were still alive, he would no doubt cry alarm again. Please, dear Israel: give the warnings of an unworthy son the benefit of the doubt. I hope it is not too late.