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Feb 1, 2023

Introducing Bloomberg Originals

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Bloomberg Originals offers bold takes for curious minds on today’s biggest topics. Hosted by experts covering stories you haven’t seen and viewpoints you haven’t heard, you’ll discover cinematic, data-led shows that investigate the intersection of business and culture. Exploring every angle of climate change, technology, finance, sports and beyond, Bloomberg Originals, is business as you’ve never seen it.

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Jan 31, 2023

Has Windows become Spyware?

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Windows 11 vs XP Network Analysis on Wireshark. What websites does your new laptop secretly connect to?
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Jan 31, 2023

What Is Wright’s Law

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Here’s some interesting SpaceX News!

For the last few months, SpaceX has been having trouble launching Starlink satellites, once going almost two months between Starlink launches. The problem wasn’t that SpaceX was launching less often, but that SpaceX had a surge in business. The long-term solution was to go from 61 launches last year to about 100 launches this year. (SpaceX only did 31 launches in 2021, so they are growing rapidly!)

This month was much better for Starlink launches, with 3 this month. The key to squeezing in 3 launches was that SpaceX did 7 launches this month which is a 7 12 = 84 launch rate, definitely higher than last’s years 61 launch rate.

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Jan 31, 2023

ChatGPT And Reimagining Human Intelligence

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By now you have probably heard about ChatGPT (and used it!). Even to those familiar with AI tools, ChatGPT generated a wow moment. Perhaps it is the sheer breadth of possible applications, the accessibility, or the ease of use. In any event, people are scrambling to figure out what it means for them and their businesses. There appear to be three main reactions to date — ignore, ban (with or without detection), or embrace. While completely understandable as short-term reactions, the first two are not intermediate or long-term practical. The technology is too powerful, too easy to use, and too helpful to too many people.

What does ChatGPT mean for how we consider human intelligence? The key to benefiting from these technologies is to better understand what humans are capable of.

Jan 31, 2023

The Generative AI Revolution Is Creating The Next Phase Of Autonomous Enterprise

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According to the Financial Times, investments in generative AI in 2022 exceeded $2 billion. OpenAI’s valuation for a potential sale of some shares was set at an impressive $29 billion by the Wall Street Journal. Clearly, this indicates the enormity of interest from investors and corporations in generative AI technology. As the world continues to embrace technology and automation, businesses are beginning to explore the infinite possibilities of Generative AI. This type of Artificial Intelligence is on the cusp of creating autonomous, self-sustaining digital-only enterprises that can interact with humans without the active need for human interaction.

Generative AI is quickly becoming more widely adopted as enterprises are beginning to utilize it for a variety of tasks, including marketing, customer service, sales, learning and client relationships. This type of AI can create marketing content, generate pitch documents and product ideas and craft sophisticated advertising campaigns – all custom driven to help improve conversion rates and drive more revenue.

Generative AI companies are beginning to see massive success in venture capital, with many raising large sums of money and achieving high valuations. As per TechCrunch, Jasper, a copywriter assistant, recently raised $125 million at a $1.5 billion valuation, while Hugging Face raised $100 million at a $2 billion valuation, and Stability AI raised $101 million at a $1 billion valuation. In addition, Inflection AI raised $225 million at a post-money valuation of $1 billion according to TechCrunch. These successes can be compared to OpenAI, who in 2019, received more than $1 billion from Microsoft in funding with a $25 billion valuation.

Jan 31, 2023

Gmail creator says ChatGPT will destroy Google’s business in two years

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Will it? Only time will tell.

The popularity of ChatGPT, the online chatbot built by OpenAI, has brought many to question the survival of search engines such as Google. Paul Buchheit, the creator of Gmail, has also dropped his opinion on the matter, and he thinks that Google’s business will last a maximum of two years, he tweeted.

Launched in November last year, ChatGPT has become the favorite destination to ask questions among millions of users. Instead of delivering a response to a search result that runs into tens of pages, ChatGPT answers the questions in a conversational style, making it easier for the user to ask follow-up questions, too.

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Jan 30, 2023

ChatGPT Passed Exams From Graduate Business and Law Schools

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ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence tool that has been used in everything from high school essays to a speech on the floor of Congress, has added another accomplishment to its résumé: passing exams from law and business schools.

The AI tool was presented with several tests from both the University of Minnesota’s law school and the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business, passing them all.

That said, the AI didn’t necessarily ace the exams with flying colors. The chatbot answered 95 multiple choice questions and 12 essay prompts across 4 of UM’s law school tests, averaging about a C+ performance overall. The tech did better in Wharton’s business management course exam, scoring between a B to B-.

Jan 30, 2023

The Rise of Automated Robots in the Future of Car Maintenance and Driving

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The automobile business is continuously evolving, and as technology advances, we are seeing a shift toward a future of automated robots in the car maintenance sector. This move is expected to have a number of advantages, including greater accuracy and efficiency in automotive maintenance, as well as the capacity to work on older vehicles that traditional mechanics may be unfamiliar with.

As the owner of an older family truck, I have direct knowledge of the difficulty in finding a mechanic willing to work on their vehicle even if it is well kept up. With the emergence of automated robots, there will be no need to rely on human mechanics, as robots will be capable of doing the required jobs with ease. They will be able to detect faults and undertake routine maintenance, such as replacing belts, radiators, and other parts, without specialist training or knowledge.

The benefits of automated robots in automotive repair go beyond increased productivity. The robots will be built to work on a wide range of automobiles, regardless of age, allowing owners of older vehicles to maintain their vehicles without having to worry about finding a mechanic ready to work on them. Furthermore, automated robots will improve automotive maintenance accuracy since they will be equipped with cutting-edge technology and will be able to complete duties with precision and speed.

Jan 29, 2023

Gootkit Malware Continues to Evolve with New Components and Obfuscations

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The threat actors associated with the Gootkit malware have made “notable changes” to their toolset, adding new components and obfuscations to their infection chains.

Google-owned Mandiant is monitoring the activity cluster under the moniker UNC2565, noting that the usage of the malware is “exclusive to this group.”

Gootkit, also called Gootloader, is spread through compromised websites that victims are tricked into visiting when searching for business-related documents like agreements and contracts via a technique called search engine optimization (SEO) poisoning.

Jan 28, 2023

ChatGPT is on its way to becoming a virtual doctor, lawyer, and business analyst. Here’s a list of advanced exams the AI bot has passed so far

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ChatGPT is becoming more professionally competitive by the day. We rounded up all the exams the bot has passed.

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