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Jun 10, 2023

Reversing Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms Using Immune Cells

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Multiple sclerosis (MS) affects roughly 2.5 million people worldwide and is a neurological disease affecting the brain and spinal cord. More specifically, MS is when the immune system attacks the body’s protective layer around nerve fibers known as myelin sheaths. The breakdown of myelin sheath leads to a disconnect between your brain and body. The immune cells responsible for myelin sheath deterioration include CD4+ T cells, or effector cells, which are part of the body’s first line of defense. In MS, the effector cells do not recognize that the myelin sheath is a normal part of the body. Therefore, the effector cells become the dominant cell type, trying to kill and get rid of the myelin sheath. The immune response will generate inflammation which destroys the myelin sheath leading to a disruption of signals along the nerves from the brain to the body.

A group of researchers at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine recently published a therapy that controls the symptoms of MS. The goal of the therapy was to stop effector cells from attacking the myelin sheath and to promote the production of T regulatory cells-or T regs-which have been demonstrated to reduce autoimmune effects.

Dr. Giorgio Raimondi, PhD, MSc, Jordan Green, and others used three therapeutic agents to control MS symptoms. Researchers used microparticles, which are small, bioengineered spheres to deliver the agents. The first agent is a combination of two proteins which include Interleukin-2 (IL2) and an antibody that promotes T reg production. IL2 stimulates T cell expansion, while the antibody blocks specific parts of IL2 to specifically expand T regs compared to effector cells. The second agent includes a molecule that presents a protein specific to myelin so that the immune response will generate T regs specifically designed to protect the myelin sheath. Finally, the third agent is rapamycin, which is an immunosuppressant drug designed to reduce effector T cells.

Jun 10, 2023

Despite Musk’s Critique, Zuckerberg Admires His ‘Actions’ At Twitter

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Jun 10, 2023

The A.I. endgame is that no humans need to work for a living, cognitive scientist says

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Government can give Universal basic income to everyone.…st-says/vi

Ben Goertzel, CEO of decentralized artificial intelligence marketplace SingularityNET, says “there are far more rewarding things for humans beings to do than [scrambling] around to get resources.”

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Jun 10, 2023

Timelapse of Future Technology: Next 1000 Years

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Today, we explore a timelapse of the future, specifically future technology. How will technology look 1,000 years from now? In the world today, many technologies are accelerating exponentially. Humans are discovering things that would mystify scientists even a few decades ago, but our progress resembles a blip in the grand scale of our technological evolution over the next millennium.


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Jun 10, 2023

Transplanted Stem Cells Repair Damaged Heart Muscle in Pigs; Hints at Groundbreaking Cure

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A groundbreaking study conducted by researchers from the Duke-National University of Singapore (Duke-NUS) Medical School has shown promising results in repairing damaged heart muscle by transplanting precursor stem cells into pigs.

The research, which focuses on regenerating heart tissue damaged by a lack of oxygen, could revolutionize the treatment of heart failure in humans, a report shared by NewAtlas tells us.

Jun 10, 2023

Scientists Reveal the Secret to Creating “Living and Breathing” Buildings That Use Less Energy

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The characteristics of the “egress complex” found in termite mounds can be replicated to enhance the optimize interior climate of buildings.

Of the approximately 2,000 recognized termite species.

A species is a group of living organisms that share a set of common characteristics and are able to breed and produce fertile offspring. The concept of a species is important in biology as it is used to classify and organize the diversity of life. There are different ways to define a species, but the most widely accepted one is the biological species concept, which defines a species as a group of organisms that can interbreed and produce viable offspring in nature. This definition is widely used in evolutionary biology and ecology to identify and classify living organisms.

Jun 10, 2023

Polymorphism as a Defense for Automated Attack of Websites

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Year 2014 😗😁

We propose PolyRef, a method for a polymorphic defense to defeat automated attacks on web applications. Many websites are vulnerable to automated attacks. Basic anti-automation countermeasures such as Turing tests provide minimal efficacy and negatively impact the usability and the accessibility of the protected application. Motivated by the observation that many automated attacks rely on interaction with the publicly visible code transmitted to the browser, PolyRef proposes to make critical elements of the underlying webpage code polymorphic, rendering machine automation impractical to implement. We categorize the threats that rely on automation and the available anti-automation approaches. We present two techniques for using polymorphism as an anti-automation defense.

Jun 10, 2023

AI statue designed by Michelangelo on show in Sweden

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A historical dream team of five master sculptors, including Michelangelo, Rodin and Takamura, have trained artificial intelligence (AI) to design a sculpture dubbed “the Impossible Statue”, now on show in a Swedish museum.

“This is a true statue created by five different masters that would never have been able to collaborate in real life,” said Pauliina Lunde, a spokeswoman for Swedish machine engineering group Sandvik that used three AI to create the artwork.

Shaking up traditional conceptions about creativity and art, the stainless steel statue depicts an androgynous person with the lower half of the body covered by a swath of material, holding a bronze globe in one hand.

Jun 10, 2023

‘Dr. Deep’ resurfaces after a record 100 days living underwater in Florida

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KEY LARGO, Fla. — A university professor who spent 100 days living underwater at a Florida Keys lodge for scuba divers resurfaced Friday and raised his face to the sun for the first time since March 1.

Dr. Joseph Dituri set a new record for the longest time living underwater without depressurization during his stay at Jules’ Undersea Lodge, submerged beneath 30 feet of water in a Key Largo lagoon.

The diving explorer and medical researcher shattered the previous mark of 73 days, two hours and 34 minutes set by two Tennessee professors at the same lodge in 2014.

Jun 10, 2023

Tesla 4680 battery cell production ramp kicks into high gear in CA

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Tesla is preparing to ramp up 4,680 battery cell production in Fremont, California. The company recently signed a lease for a new manufacturing facility for essential battery technology that will likely be used for 4,680 cell production.

Sources familiar with the matter told the Business Times that Tesla signed a lease with the industrial real estate investment trust Prologis on a 210,000 sq.ft advanced manufacturing facility. One source shared that the facility would support Tesla’s 4,680 battery cell production.

In Q3 2022, Tesla tripled its 4,680 cell production compared to the previous quarter. Elon Musk and the rest of the Tesla board discussed ramping 4,680 productions at the third quarter earnings call last year.

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