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Dec 11, 2023

LeanDojo: Theorem Proving with Retrieval-Augmented Language Models

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Lean Co-pilot for LLM-human collaboration to write formal mathematical proofs that are 100% accurate.

Top right: LeanDojo extracts proofs in Lean into datasets for training machine learning models. It also enables the trained model to prove theorems by interacting with Lean’s proof environment.

Top left: The proof tree of a Lean theorem ∀n∈N, gcd n n = n, where gcd is the greatest common divisor. When proving the theorem, we start from the original theorem as the initial state (the root) and repeatedly apply tactics (the edges) to decompose states into simpler sub-states, until all states are solved (the leaf nodes). Tactics may rely on premises such as mod_self and gcd_zero_left defined in a large math library. E.g., mod_self is an existing theorem ∀n∈N, n % n = 0 used in the proof to simplify the goal.

Dec 11, 2023

New therapeutic target for rare type of childhood epilepsy identified

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Researchers at the Francis Crick Institute, UCL and MSD have identified a potential treatment target for a genetic type of epilepsy.

Developmental and epileptic encephalopathies are rare types of epilepsy that start in early childhood. One of the most common types of genetic epilepsy, CDKL5 deficiency disorder (CDD), causes seizures and impaired development. Children are currently treated with generic antiepileptic drugs, as there aren’t yet any disease-targeting medications for this disorder.

CDD involves losing the function of a gene producing the CDKL5 enzyme, which phosphorylates proteins, meaning it adds an extra phosphate molecule to alter their function. Until now, researchers have not been sure how in CDKL5 cause CDD.

Dec 11, 2023

This A.I. Subculture’s Motto: Go, Go, Go

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The eccentric pro-tech movement known as “Effective Accelerationism” wants to unshackle powerful A.I., and party along the way.

Dec 11, 2023

Spotify slashes staff to move faster into AI — and Wall Street loves it

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Spotify made a name for itself in the audio-streaming business through its hyper-personalized user experience, thanks to artificial intelligence and a team of 9,800 staffers at the end of 2022.

But after three rounds of layoffs in one year: 590 positions in January, 200 in June, and another 1,500 this week, Spotify’s investments into AI to boost margins for its podcasting and audiobook divisions look like a complete overhaul in strategy that Wall Street seems confident can work.

“Spotify is leveraging AI across its platform, launching AI DJ, simulating a traditional radio experience, in 50 additional markets and rolling out AI Voice Translation for podcasts,” said Justin Patterson, equity research analyst at KeyBanc Capital Markets, in a research note. “Coupled with audiobooks rolling out to Premium Subscribers, we believe Spotify has several opportunities to drive engagement and eventually stronger monetization.”

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Dec 11, 2023

How Accurate Were Our 2023 AI Predictions?

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At the end of last year, we published a list of 10 predictions for the world of artificial intelligence in 2023.

Let’s revisit our 2023 predictions for AI to see how things actually played out.

Dec 11, 2023

Tencent’s futuristic new headquarters is twice the size of Apple’s

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The office is no longer just a cubicle— but it’s also not a children’s playground.

Corporate giants often hold pride in their headquarters, its design, and its acclaim among contemporaries. Chinese tech giant Tencent is set to redefine this corporate landscape with plans for its new headquarters, Tencent Helix.

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Dec 11, 2023

IHMC’s Nadia: A task-ready humanoid robot with a boxing edge

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In the exercise, an engineer equipped with a set of virtual reality (VR) goggles is orchestrating the robot’s actions.

Advanced proposition.

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Dec 11, 2023

Sydney researchers debut new lego-style chip with enhanced bandwidth

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“This architecture means Australia could develop its own sovereign chip manufacturing without exclusively relying on international foundries for the value-add process.”

Researchers at the University of Sydney Nano Institute have introduced a compact silicon semiconductor chip that seamlessly integrates electronics with photonic components. The innovation promises to significantly expand radio-frequency (RF) bandwidth and the ability to accurately control information flowing within the chip.

The chip, built using cutting-edge silicon photonics technology, boasts integration capabilities for diverse systems on semiconductors less than 5 millimeters wide. Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research) Professor Ben Eggleton described the process as akin to assembling Lego building blocks, where new materials are integrated through advanced packaging of electronic ‘chiplets’, in a statement.

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Dec 11, 2023

This smartphone challenges the industry with its focus on sustainability

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Fairphone promises five Android version upgrades and at least eight years of security updates to achieve a total lifespan of a decade. Whether its performance will remain adequate for all users’ needs throughout that time remains to be seen.

What the industry can learn

In a world dominated by disposable electronics, the Fairphone 5 stands out. The Fairphone 5 offers a different excitement – the thrill of a phone built to last. With its modular design, long-term software support, and commitment to sustainability, the Fairphone 5 is a game-changer for anyone who wants a smartphone that’s both good for their pocket and the planet. While the EU is pushing for a removable battery for all smartphones by 2027, making USB-C already a standard, more needs to be done.

Dec 11, 2023

This battery system offers sustainable and long duration energy storage

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Flow battery charges using solar or wind power, converting salt to safe electrolytes, which can be easily reversed for green power when needed.

Norwegian power heavyweight supports Aquabattery, a startup pioneering an innovative long-duration energy system.

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