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Jul 3, 2022

Soof Azani and Lir Braverman propose collapsible solar-powered bike for last-mile deliveries

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Soof Azani and Lir Braverman’s proposal for a solar-powered cargo bike that aims to facilitate local deliveries is the latest of 10 visionary transportation projects selected for Dezeen’s Future Mobility Competition powered by Arrival.

Called D50, Azani and Braverman’s concept aims to combine solar power with micro-mobility in a bid to improve the distribution of goods while reducing carbon emissions.

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Jul 3, 2022

How bike parking pods could make US cities better for cyclists

Posted by in category: transportation

Cities won’t encourage more cycling if there’s nowhere to park your bike. This startup wants to change that.

Cities can’t encourage more cycling if there’s nowhere for people to park their bikes. This startup wants to change that.

Jul 3, 2022

IKEA will now sell solar panels

Posted by in categories: government, habitats, solar power, space, sustainability

IKEA, the world’s largest furniture retailer, has announced plans to sell home solar panels in the US — a move that could democratize and demystify access to solar.

Solar hesitancy: The benefits of solar go beyond protecting the environment — solar panels are cheaper than ever, and between the lower energy bills and government subsidies, a home solar system could pay for itself before the panels need to be replaced.

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Jul 3, 2022

Lithocholic Acid: A Gut Bacterial Metabolite That Extends Lifespan

Posted by in categories: genetics, life extension, neuroscience

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Jul 3, 2022

Heisenberg and his views on quantum mechanics

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Werner Heisenberg was a German theoretical physicist who was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1932 for the creation of quantum mechanics. He was only 25 years old when he discovered the uncertainty principle. Although at the time Heisenberg did not understand his own work, so he handed it to his immediate supervisor, Max Born, and went on vacation.

Jul 3, 2022

Weather Control and Geoengineering

Posted by in categories: climatology, engineering, environmental, space

A look at advanced means of altering or controlling the planet’s climate and geography, drawing on concepts proposed for terraforming other planets. We look at existing and proposed ideas of controlling the weather, creating artificial islands or mountain ranges, using orbital mirrors and shades, and many other concepts.

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Jul 3, 2022

Demis Hassabis: DeepMind — AI, Superintelligence & the Future of Humanity

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Jul 3, 2022

AI Run Government

Posted by in categories: government, robotics/AI

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In the future we will rely ever more on Artificial Intelligence to run our civilization, but what role will AI and computers playing in governing?

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Jul 3, 2022

Force Fields

Posted by in categories: media & arts, space

Force fields are a staple of science fiction, but usually regarded as only science fiction, not science fact. Today we’ll examine the notion and see what options we might have inside known science, as well as what alternatives might achieve similar effects.

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Jul 3, 2022

Shields Up! Real Life Energy Shields

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