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Mar 28, 2023

Exploring a massive supercomplex in mitochondria comprising all four respiratory complexes

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Eukaryotes generate the energy for survival through cellular respiration in mitochondria by a process known as the oxidative phosphorylation. In this process, nutrients and oxygen are converted into a chemical form of energy: ATP. This is achieved with a proton gradient built up by the electron transport chain inside mitochondria.

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Mar 28, 2023

Anti-aging, anti-inflammatory potential found in an invasive weed

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A study finds that fruit from the cocklebur plant, an invasive weed, may have anti-aging and anti-inflammatory capabilities and could potentially be used in skin care.

Mar 28, 2023

Study investigates diffuse emission from the Cigar Galaxy

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Using NASA’s Chandra spacecraft, an international team of astronomers has performed X-ray observations of the Cigar Galaxy. Results of the observational campaign, presented March 16 on the pre-print repository arXiv, deliver crucial information regarding diffuse emission from this galaxy.

Discovered in 1,774, Cigar Galaxy (Messier 82, or M82) is a located some 11.73 million away in the constellation Ursa Major. It has a size of about 40,800 light years and is one of the closest starburst to Earth.

Observations of the Cigar Galaxy have found that it experiences a large-scale galactic wind at various wavelengths, for instance, in hard X-rays above a few keV. This superwind appears to be concentrated in the galaxy’s two high surface brightness regions or clumps, and is fueled by energy released by supernovae within the clumps that occur at a rate of about one every ten years. Previous Chandra studies of this galaxy have detected bright X-ray binaries that dominate the hard X-ray band and revealed that there is residual diffuse emission surrounding the starburst disk.

Mar 28, 2023

How to Run a ChatGPT-like AI on Your Own PC

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Chatbots are all the rage right now, and everyone wants a piece of the action. Google has Bard, Microsoft has Bing Chat, and OpenAI’s ChatGPT is practically synonymous with AI at this point. But what if you don’t want to rely on a cloud service for your chatbot? We’ve got a ChatGPT-like AI you can download — an Alpaca.

Mar 28, 2023

AI-generated videos have arrived, and they’re evolving fast

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AI can now generate videos simply from your description of what you want to see. It’s like Dall-E or Stable Diffusion for video.

Mar 28, 2023

The Jobs Most Exposed to ChatGPT

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A new study finds that AI tools could more quickly handle at least half of the tasks that auditors, interpreters and writers do now.

Mar 28, 2023

How to Grow Cerebral Organoids from Human Pluripotent Stem Cells

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Follow our step-by-step video guide for growing cerebral organoids, or brain organoids, from human pluripotent stem cells (hPSCs). We’ll walk you through embryoid body formation, induction, expansion, and organoid maturation.

0:35 — Embryoid Body Formation.
2:57 — Induction.
4:07 — Expansion.
6:42 — Organoid Maturation.

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Mar 28, 2023

Quantum Computing Stocks Offer Life-Changing Wealth Potential for Long-Term Investors

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Editor’s note: “Quantum Computing Stocks Offer Life-Changing Wealth Potential for Long-Term Investors” was previously published in January 2023. It has since been updated to include the most relevant information available.

As a long-term investor during periods of market volatility like we’re seeing today, there’s one thing I always do.

Mar 28, 2023

Chinese Scientists Discover Water Reservoir on the Moon

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Due to its potential for in-situ resource utilization by future lunar exploration missions and other space missions, lunar surface water has attracted significant attention.

Now, a research group led by Prof. Sen Hu from the Institute of Geology and Geophysics (IGG) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) has found that impact glass beads in Chang’e-5 (CE5) lunar soils contain some water.

Detailed studies show that these glass beads are likely a new water reservoir on the Moon, recording the dynamic ingress and egress of solar wind-derived water and acting as a buffer for the lunar surface water cycle.

Mar 28, 2023

Seaweed project wins million dollar XPRIZE for carbon removal

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Year 2022 😗😁

The Climate Foundation’s SeaForestation project has won a Milestone XPRIZE for carbon removal, from Elon Musk’s foundation.

According to the prize’s official site, the competition “is aimed at tackling the biggest threat facing humanity — fighting climate change and rebalancing Earth’s carbon cycle”.

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