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Apr 22, 2024

Solar cells 20x thinner than hair power long-duration drone flights

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Cutting-edge research introduces ultra-light, flexible solar cells for sustainable, long-term energy independence.

Apr 22, 2024

City to install massive underground thermal energy storage facility: ‘The world is undergoing a huge energy transition’

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Now that we can generate clean, renewable energy from the wind and sun, one of the most pressing questions facing the clean energy transition is how to effectively store that energy for future use. For one city in Finland, the answer is a giant underground cavern.

Vantaan Energia has announced that it will construct a massive underground seasonal thermal energy storage facility for the city of Vantaa, the country’s fourth-most-populous municipality. The facility will be twice the size of Madison Square Garden, New Atlas reported.

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Apr 22, 2024

Researchers see remarkable temperature results after applying ‘cool paint coatings’: ‘A minimally intrusive solution … that has an immediate effect’

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Forget painting the town red. Revelers wanting to escape the heat may be adopting a new turn of phrase following the recently revealed results of a real-world study.

As detailed by, NTU Singapore researchers found that using “cool paint coatings” in urban areas resulted in pedestrians feeling 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit cooler — helping to mitigate the dreaded heat island effect.

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Apr 22, 2024

Liver-Based Signaling Protects Tumors by Restraining Anticancer Immune Cells

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“We want to better understand what causes cancer to resist or respond to immunotherapy to help design more effective strategies for patients,” said senior author Gregory Beatty, MD, PhD, an associate professor of hematology-oncology and the director of clinical and translational research for the Penn Pancreatic Cancer Research Center. “Our findings show that liver cells—with their release of SAA proteins—effectively serve as an immune checkpoint regulating anticancer immunity, making them a promising therapeutic target.”

The study builds on previous research from the team, including co-lead authors Meredith Stone, PhD, a research associate, and Jesse Lee, a graduate student, into liver inflammation in cancer: In a 2019 study, they showed how it promotes pancreatic tumor metastasis to that organ. In 2021, researchers from the Beatty Lab observed that systemic inflammation, involving many of the same molecules implicated in liver metastasis, is associated with worse responses to immunotherapies in pancreatic cancer patients.

The latest study was designed to investigate in more detail how liver inflammation may block the effects of these immune-boosting therapies.

Apr 22, 2024

After AI beat them, professional go players got better and more creative

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From the article:

Were the moves getting better because some players cheated by using the AI?

For many decades, it seemed professional Go players had reached a hard limit on how well it is possible to play. Then AI beat them.

Apr 22, 2024

Scientists Say Something Seems to Have Broken Off the Moon at This Crater

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A team of astronomers believes the near-Earth asteroid Kamo’oalewa, a space rock between 130 and 328 feet in diameter, was once part of the Moon.

More specifically, a research team led by Tsinghua University astronomer Yifei Jiao suggests the rock was gouged from a geological feature on the far side of the Moon called the Giordano Bruno crater, named after a 16th-century Italian cosmological theorist.

“We have explored the processes for impact-induced lunar fragments migrating into Earth co-orbital space and presented support for Kamo’oalewa’s possible origin from the formation of the Giordano Bruno crater a few million years ago,” the researchers write in their paper published in the journal Nature Astronomy last week.

Apr 22, 2024

Meta rolls out new Meta AI website, and it might just bury Microsoft and Google’s AI dreams

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Meta AI has gotten an upgrade and a new web interface, and it just might be the true ChatGPT killer.

Apr 22, 2024

Saudi Arabia is desperately trying to woo bankers to pay for its futuristic desert city

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Saudi Arabia hopes that bankers will shell out cash once they see the progress on its futuristic desert city, Neom, in person.

Apr 22, 2024

Generative AI In The Classroom: Next Edtech Evolution

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Revision bots, design-your-own-course companions, even mock interview coaches: Experts say that edtech is facing disproportionate disruption from generative AI, and interestingly, from older, non-tech learners in India.

Apr 22, 2024

International Space Station crew find ‘drug-resistant bacteria’ and have no idea how it got there

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I found this on NewsBreak:

The crew of the International Space Station has stumbled upon a drug-resistant bacteria on board, leaving them baffled as to how it arrived.

Scientists working in the low orbit lab have confirmed the discovery, which raises concerns about the potential evolution of more robust bacteria that could defy current treatments. The unique microgravity environment of the ISS is suspected to be a factor in the bacteria’s persistence.

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