Jun 18, 2022

Technology Size Comparison🤯🤯 3D Animation

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How small is a TRANSISTOR exactly? Companies like Intel and AMD talk about transistors being 2 or 3 nanometers large, but is that actually how small they are? In this video, we’re going to zoom in on the smallest devices and technologies that drive our modern world.

If you’re wondering why some devices are out of order in regards to size, here’s the reason. The order of devices shown is primarily organized by decreasing size, however sometimes we prioritize the year in which the technology was commercialized, and then a couple times we order the objects based on the flow of the animation.

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Modeling, Animation & Editing: Mike Radjabov.
Research: Teddy Tablante.
Twitter: @teddytablante.
Sound Design: Luis Huesca & Luis Zuleta.
Sound Design Website:

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