Jul 31, 2019

The MKULTRA subproject on “Human Telecontrol” “Techniques for Activating the Human Organism by Remote Electronic Means €

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As mentioned by H. Girard in the article at the link…w2jb-y0arw, in 1960, the CIA approved a proposal for a very sophisticated electroencephalography instrument that could be used to interpret brain activity, decipher thought content and obtain information whether a person would wish to disclose it or not. They also added to this a bibliography search with five objectives, the fifth termed €œTechniques for Activating the Human Organism by Remote Electronic Means €. This study became known later as MKULTRA subproject 119, with MKULTRA being the CIA €™s mind control program.

Documents that are related to MKULTRA were obtained by a FOIA request by John Marks who conducted research for his book “The Search For The Manchurian Candidate — The CIA and Mind Control, The Secret History of the Behavioral Sciences” (1979) published by W. Norton — paperback 1991, ISBN 0−393−30794−8. The author donated the documents to the National Security Archive of the George Washington University (http//

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